I Require Your Assistance on a SA!

Last Update: January 09, 2014

I've just posted my second article at SA. It was approved two minutes after I published it. So I'm quite chuffed, aka pleased to my USA friends.

I wasn't going to post here about it. However, I needed an excuse for a blog to test out whether Chrome and blog/comments windows were working ok. Seems blogging works but I can't upload any pictures.

Please advise of typos, whether you fell asleep half way through it (joking), whatever, here at WA. I got carried away with the flow of writing at the time. I challenged myself with the way I wrote. It may be somewhat controversial. Which is a good sign for me and I do hope good news for anyone reading it!

If you think it is worthy, then a like at SA is most welcome. I'm happy to give others a hand too.


Many thanks


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msdj8163 Premium
That is a great article. Very informative. I suffered for years with panic attacks so bad I was taken to ER four times. Of course they found nothing. I was advised to see a neurologist and said I suffered from anxiety attacks. Yes put on medication and became addicted in such that if I did not have my medications I felt I could not function. I found a book while on vacation and read if front to back several times. It really opened my eyes what the issue was that I was suffering and then how to deal with the issue when it arises. It takes a while to train your brain but ever since I have not suffered from anxiety attacks. You do need to address the root issue. Sorry for my lengthy response. Thanks for sharing. Debbie
AnnieB Premium
Thanks for taking a look Debbie. It's great to get feedback from someone else who can relate to it. I don't think I had it as bad as you and yes the meds are good, but not long term. It really is in the mind and has got to be dug out somehow. I'm really pleased that you are over it now. And thank your for speaking out about it.
posinfo Premium
A panic attack is a terrifying experience. What was the book that you read?
Hudson Premium
This article was very good. For me it gave a concise background and then brought us up to date very well and quickly. It wasn't overly long and there was no extraneous material to distract me - so well done.
judebanks Premium
Good article, Annie. I have left a comment. I hope Chrome is continuing to be nice to you. ~ Jude
AnnieB Premium
Thank you Judy I appreciate you viewing my article. Let me know when I can do the same for you. As for Chrome, take a look in the WA platform discussions if you dare. Actually it's not all bad.
mundy22 Premium
Annie I have read your article its good and I posted it on Facebook cause its worth reading.
AnnieB Premium
Cheers Andrew, and let me know when I can return the favour of viewing yours. BTW just amended two items as per BIS suggestions.
BIS Premium
Hi Annie.

Some Fact About Anxiety and Panic Medications (Need an s on facts)
The Times - They are a Changing! (Get rid of the a - though it's still grammatically slightly strange)

I know this is a topic that you're passionate about and have a lot of knowledge about it - but I always have a concern when someone uses the words "facts' but doesn't quote a source for them. It calls into question credibility, particularly when it involves something 'medical'. If they are just your views - that's fine but you need to say so (and you don't at that point of the article) I also would have been a little more specific on the types of medication (not necessarily the names) that are used such as anti-depressants.

I don't think the article was in the least bit controversial!

AnnieB Premium
Changed the word fact to information. I originally did write the drug name BIS in my draft and then obviously deleted it. I understand your point on the type of medication, but I'm happy to leave it as is for the moment. Thanks for you time and taking a look at it.