My First Sale! Yahoo! Here's to Many More!

Last Update: Sep 12, 2023

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Since 2017

I've been here at Wealthy Affiliate since 2017. I've loved being with like-minded people who are very supportive. I love reading about other's successes! I have always been curious about Wealthy Affiliate commissions that people were earning.

One of my initial reasons for being here was for the web hosting. I was diligent about putting affiliate links to WA on my various websites but I know deep down I wasn't giving it my all. That is until Kyle's PPC (pay-per-click) course began this spring!


I have jumped into Google Ads and Microsoft Ads all the way. I've learned so much. I've spent way more than planned, but I've fine-tuned the process each month.

I was over the moon at the beginning when I got two starter referrals. Then some days it increased to five to seven per day.

I've automated my welcome response. I follow each of my referrals. I have sent a couple more messages regarding goals and questions. I've enjoyed seeing my total referral numbers continue to climb to over 300!

And then today, it happened! I got my first premium upgrade! Talk about exciting! What a rush! I am so excited to keep going with my process. I'm going to be adding some YouTube videos as my outreach grows. I am updating my website from my Bootcamp days and my PPC website too with more relevant content.

I've watched others, including all the top dogs here at WA and I know I can do it too!


My goal is for more and more sales. It will take more work, but it's fun and not what I call work. I love sharing my experiences with WA that all started because I wanted to save on my hosting. Remember Weebly?

I upgraded during a Black Friday weekend and know others will consider doing the same! I have enjoyed tremendous savings!

Let's Celebrate!

Fast forward to today to celebrate my first sale! Here's to many, many more! Go Wealthy Affiliate!

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Congrats! I started a year ago and just renewed my subscription for another year. First year was interesting and wrote 220 articles. Must like or love your niche as they say. Still would like to make commissions but understand it takes time. I'm determined to have my site doing well and I'm not in a hurry.

Nice job! 220 articles is excellent! keep up the good work!

Good morning Anne,

Congratulations on your first premium sale, Anne, that's great to hear! I hope that many more sales will follow. There is so much training on the platform, however, it looks like you are utilising the training well, especially with paid ads!

I also agree with you regarding being around like-minded people and hearing success stories, it's fantastic! I remember when I first started out online, I was literally alone, I didn't have a single person I could call upon or even trust! Wealthy Affiliate takes all the guesswork out of online marketing!

Wishing you a great day and more sales.


Thank you Roy! Training never ends which is key to this biz! I appreciate your nice comments. Anne

It's a pleasure, Anne!

I couldn't agree more, there is lots of training here, I wonder if anyone has actually gone through all the training? Probably not!

Have a great week.


Hi there Anne.

Thank you for sharing your amazing Wealthy affiliate journey and especially all of your successes. You go girl! Was this a misprint? Did you say "I've enjoyed seeing my total referral numbers continue to climb to over 300!" Holy mackerel, Anne!

Fantastic! You just 10x'd my hopefulness and made a true believer out of me. I'm sure you can inspire others with your story as well.

Whatever your secret sauce is, it obviously works. What tips or strategies have you implemented that has helped propel you to such heights? I would love to hear more about it! Can you DM me whenever you have some spare time?

I am so excited for what the future holds in store for you as a successful Wealthy Affiliate member. Keep up the amazing work, Anne!

Your Wealthy Affiliate Friend.

Thanks Rachele! I will DM you in the am! I’m happy to share! Anne

Congratulations :)

Thank you very much!

You're awesomely welcome :)

Wow, Anne, you have better results than me. PPC ads scared me. As you said, you spent so much. I have no luxury to do because of a very tight budget but I am very happy for you. This is encouraging news. Congratulations! Keep moving forward.

I am now spending way less and doing better . I am still a believer and becoming more active in WA again and reviewing some of the older training I’ve done before. I need another 24 hrs in a day! The PPC ads in Microsoft have started to kick in- just waiting for the wave of sales! :) thank you!

It’s understandable. For me, I lost $80 because I didn't know what I was doing, and that put a significant damper on my food budget and my living expenses. I learned this lesson the hard way. Vitaliy is a great coach. He encouraged me to focus on blogging for now and use SEO to build organic traffic, so I am doing that. Suppose I do not have the budget for it, then it's best not to until I can afford to lose money because when I start, I will spend more; that is what hurts me. I need to have a budget to manage and not 😱 panic. First, build up my blogs that seem to work for me. I love writing! Thanks so much for sharing. MS Ads appear more straightforward. It was Google that freaked me out; different platforms were hard to figure out Google.

Congrats Anne,
That's great, keep going.

Thanks friend!

That’s fantastic, Anne! Congrats and here’s to many more.


Thanks Susan!

Congratulations, Anne.
I wish you lots more!


Thanks Maxine!

My pleasure, Anne.

Maxine :)

Congratulations, Anne! 🎉 🎊 🥳


Thanks Tim!

Very well done, Anne! Here is to many more for you!

Jeff 🍻

Thanks Jeff!

You're very welcome, Anne!

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