More Jan sales than all of last year!

Last Update: Jan 12, 2014


And we are only 12 days in!

I can see that just one little thing I learned here is going to pay for my annual membership! Let me explain.

In my profile when I went Premium at the beginning of December, I said that I was making some money online but that blogging had become exhausting. I now know that I was working hard but not working smart. I was blogging, blogging, blogging and relying on sidebar banner ads to attract people to Amazon and adsense.

Then I read a discussion somewhere here and one of the longer time members mentioned that text link ads converted better than banner ads. So I took one of my most popular articles and did text link ads. The very next morning I had 2 Amazon sales from that article and those links.

I have now gone through that whole blog and done that to each article and now I'm getting used to waking up each day to multiple Amazon sales instead of a couple here and there.

So far, 12 days in, my January Amazon sales have been more than all of 2013! And I have only done this to one blog! I am starting on the next one today. (It's a tedious job, but clearly worthwhile!)

So there's my golden nugget, thank you to whoever said that, I wish I could remember where the discussion was, but no matter, probably everyone knew that except for me!

I have also decided that I am going to reduce my workload and focus on 3 sites. I have 6 sites that I was trying to maintain with fresh content and I also work 40-50 hours a week at an accounting job. Not sustainable!

Excited for 2014!

Recent Comments


Wow! Once I get my site up and going I will jump on this. Thanks.

Very happy to hear good news coming from you with your new business ;) Keep it up!

Great to hear of your success. That's really good. Onwards and upwards to many more sales. :) Beverley

This is interesting. I wouldn't have thought that, but I will definitely try it out. Thanks!

Way to go Anita, very encouraging for newbies.

Congrats! Best Wishes to You!

Do you ever sleep?

here and there! :-)

That's great Anita! You found the key so keep turning it ;-)

What are text link ads? Thanks for sharing

If you check out Steve's training, the principles are fully explained there. :) Rich.

That's exactly what I originally said! Rich has provided some training below.

Aw, congrats. Anita, I'm a big fan of textual affiliate linking, Steve's seminal Amazon piece which covers this is definitely worth a read: :) Rich.

Thankyou Rich, I'm going to read that right now! I know I have more to learn!

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