What are you focusing on?

Last Update: December 09, 2013

I’d like to expand on this well-known quote, for I think many people do not fully get what it means, and some may not have seen or heard of it before.

I have noticed many negative comments in people’s blogs and posts about their lack of success, their ‘failures’, etc. some people have worked hard with little progress as yet, some are impatient and expecting too much in a short time.

To these people I want to say, that if you continue to focus on your disappointments and failures, you will attract more of them. Seriously, is that what you want?

Similarly, if you focus on your successes, being grateful and appreciative of what you have achieved, you will attract more success. Isn’t that preferable? (This is the same concept as 'Counting your Blessings.)

Although you may not realize it, you can control your mind. You have a choice as to which aspects of your life you focus on. You can choose your attitude towards the events in your life (see my previous blog if interested - https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/animate/blog/choose-an-attitude ).

Just know that you can’t live a Positive Life with a Negative Mind.

Here is a good example of ‘focus’ ….. You may have heard this statement many times before (usually said very cynically and knowingly) – “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

What does that mean? Are the rich stealing from the poor, are the rich corrupt ? Or, could it be perhaps that the rich constantly focus on and manage their wealth, and that the poor constantly focus on and complain about their poverty, and how they can’t make ends meet? Think about it - Where do their predominant thoughts lie – constantly?

The ‘energy that flows’ comes as a result of your focus. If you focus on the negative, you will always be looking for confirmation that you are right (eg. life sucks!), whereas if you focus on the positive, bells will ring, horns toot and doors will spring open for you - you will be alert to opportunities which have been around you all the time, except that you did not see them

May I also suggest that you focus your energy on the new road ahead of you, NOT the old stuff of the past.

Happy Travels!

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JoeFlow267 Premium
I believe in the law of attraction. Just hope my positive thoughts don't bring the inevitable forward too soon - quit my day job! hehehe,
Animate Premium
The Universe will deliver in good time, when you are ready for it! Good Luck!
BIS Premium
You're right Mariette - it's important for all of us to channel our thoughts in a positive direction.
Animate Premium
Hi Beverley, Absolutely, the more positive we become, the happier and more productive we become. I just wish more people knew that!
Damien Lane Premium
Great words here Mariette, nice use of imagery as well. I imagine all but the most enlightened of us need a reminder every now and then to straighten up & fly right. I certainly do even after I think I've spent enough time on a particular life lesson. Cheers for the share Mariette. Kind regards, Damien.
Animate Premium
Thanks Damien. The more we are reminded, the less reminding we will eventually need. It is amazing how you can train your mind once you become aware of what is going on up there in your skull ;o)
findingemo Premium
I couldn't agree with you more, I'm a huge believer in positive thoughts and energy.

- Patty :)
Animate Premium
Good on you, Patty! More people should, but unfortunately we are not taught this in school and our parents don't know.
Please check out my website, it is about changing the way we think in order to change the way we live our lives - http://yourwonderfulmind.com/
SpiritRocker Premium
Right you are!