Ranked Number 1 in Google! How did I do it?

Last Update: Mar 10, 2017


Hi everyone,

Today is a happy day! I just noticed that my latest post was ranking on the number 1 spot in Google!

That means I ranked better than Yahoo answers and than my main competitors who have a high Page and Domain Authority.

It comes a little bit like a surprise because lately I struggled to rank at all with a 5000 word post that I worked on for a whole week.

How did I do it?

1. Find a Long Tail Keyword in Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is still my Number 1 Keyword Tool. I have tried Long Tail Pro lately because I thought that maybe I could have better results with another keyword tool than Jaaxy.

My mistake!

LTP is a good Keyword Tool but for me it's too complicated. There is so much data to consider that you end up spending hours finding THE right keyword.

It's great that it analyzes your competition but Jaaxy does it too and I am already using the Moz Toolbar to do so.

2. SEO

I am using Yoast. I am not saying that All in One SEO is bad. Certainly not! It's a matter of preferences and results.

3. Write +1000 words posts

The more words in your post, the better you will rank. Google loves long blogposts. The longer the better.

4. No Affiliate links

I didn't put any affiliate links in that post because I am focusing on growing my email list. This post is a trigger to make people subscribe. My plan is to create a sales funnel with that particular keyword.

5. Outbound links to High Authority websites

It's aways good to have a few outbound links to other authority websites.

6. Ask the competition to share

In my post I mentioned someone who has a high authority site in the same niche and linked to his website.

I sent him an email to tell him that I like his website and post and that I felt free to mention him. I didn't ask him to share but I try to create a relationship to get high authority backlinks in the future.

7. Social Media

I use Hootsuite to manage my social media accounts. When I publish a post, I make sure to post it at least twice the first day and 1 time every next day.

8. Small Boost on FB

When I publish a post I always boost it on FB for a small amount of $5 during 3 days. This way I can see who is interested and I can retarget the people who showed interest later.

9. Send a broadcast to my subscribers

Just after I published the post, I send a broadcast to my subscribers to inform them about my latest post. I am using Aweber as autoresponder.

10. Internal linking

I forgot to mention this the first time I published. Thanks for reminding me I-Pedro-I. I linked my new post to other posts on my website.


- Create a Youtube video that links to the post.

- Create similar sub-posts to drive people to that particular post and make them subscribe to my list

- Create a sales funnel for my email subscribers and start making money from that post.

- Retargeting on FB ( still learning about that)

- Get more traffic and links by writing comments on high authority websites, specialized forums,...


I am very pleased withe the results because I can imagine how this 1 blog post can lead to awesome results in the future.

I think the main key is to write Long Tail Keyword posts. It's no secret at all in fact. Long tail keyword are much more easy to rank for, especially when your site in still in its infancy stage.

Isn't it better to have little traffic than no traffic at all? If you are consistent in writing long tail keywords, you will get traffic over time.

Also, Google isn't the only way to get traffic. There are many other ways to get traffic but being on the number 1 spot of Google is definitely a good start.

I hope this post can help people that are still struggling to get ranked.

Don't hesitate to use the comment box below if you have questions!

Have a wonderful day!



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Great job and information! Thank you, keep going your great work. Are I´m rude if I ask you about the link to your website, I´m curious?

Not at all! This is a link to my website https://children-of-the-electronic-revolution.com/

Thanks for the link & tips. This might be the 2nd time I came here to thank you. :D I noticed copyrights are lagging 2016), but otherwise all is good!

Aw, thanks! I haven't noticed. I will change it ;)

Great job Angelique, and thanks for the detail, you're using some very smart strategies :-)

Thank you, Gaylene :)

Really informative post, I will apply some of your strategies to get ranked on Google. My blog is only a few days old.

I am glad this helps. I am not saying that these strategies are the best and I am still learning as well, but it's a good start to get ranked :)

Well done Angel, that's the way to do it!

Don't forget internal linking from other posts to that one, using the keyword you want to rank with so you stay on google top place ;)

This is very important because when google crawls your website as a whole, it will give more relevancy to the posts/pages that have more internal links landing at.

Google will understand that if posts A, B, C, D, E, have in their content the same keyword (with a link to post Z) then POST Z is important.

Post Z will be getting JUICE

Keep up the good work ;)


I forgot to mention this. I just edited it my post, thanks Pedro!
Internal linking is indeed an important factor in rankings.

Sounds like a great layout.

Thanks Shane

There is a lot of stuff here that I haven't seen in the courses yet!
This makes me more excited to complete the courses.

Thanks Angélique!

The system works :) A lot to learn but it's so exciting when you see some results from what you learn

An article of inspiration definately.

Thanks Amit :)

great article! well written and easy to read and understand even for a newbie like me. :)Thanks for sharing. I am currently working on Long Tail Keywords for my website (it is only 6 days old - lol).


Thanks Carl!
Long Tail Keywords are definitely the way to go if you want your blog post to rank, especially if your site is new.
There is no point in trying to rank against high authority websites with high competitive keywords at first.
One you gained enough authority it will be easier to rank for more competitive keywords.

Excellent summary, Angelique. I am doing the same thing right now and will try to follow your example here.

Watch this space!


Good luck Terry! Keep us updated

I certainly will when I have something interesting to offer.


Thank you Angelique .. this is a super awesome post! It is a great model and I really thank you for the detail. Cheers, William.

Thanks William. I am glad you liked it :)

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