Reinvent Yourself and Find the Chutzpah

Last Update: December 29, 2014

Find the "Chutzpah"!

Don't know what it means? Google it!

A really basic definition of chutzpah would be "someone who is particularly audacious, confident".

In approaching your daily routine to build your wealthy affiliate business, I would encourage all to be bold and self-confident - even if you aren't sure what you are doing or what the outcome of taking action will be. Make a solid effort to break away from any recent restricting circumstances that may be obstructing your progress.

The training we are following is a proven blueprint for success and I personally need a daily reminder to just have the guts and see it through to the finish of each course no matter go with the flow and take another step into the unknown.

So, step outside your comfort zone.

Reinvent yourself and find the chutzpah.

Later on you will more than glad you did!

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lindasea Premium
Fun way to look at that necessary "go get um" attitude.
AndyJ Premium
Nice take away!
StubearBlack Premium
Thanks Andy I needed this!
Larry_T Premium
Like what you said Andy. Also like how Kyle answered. Thanks for the words of Windom
AndyJ Premium
I know Larry, as large as WA is... it's amazing how they find and dedicate the time to watch over the flock!
Kyle Premium Plus
Love this Andy, when you can find a certain level of confidence, you can move forward in the business world at a much quicker pace. When you are not "scared" of what you are doing and realize that mistakes can and will happen, progress tends to happen much quicker.
AndyJ Premium
Thanks for taking the time to respond Kyle.
danbarth87 Premium
Very cool!
I've used that word many times, just didn't know how it was spelled.
AndyJ Premium
Yeah Man!!!