Why, oh why is this happening to me?

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I'm struggling at the moment.

I know I'm not the only one, and I wish there was a solution.... but so far no one has been able to offer any remedies.

Google has not been indexing my posts!

I now have 22 posts, half of them product reviews, that are not indexed.

The earliest of them date back 3 months ago.

Yes, they have been submitted for indexing, (multiple times), and yes they are indexed immediately on bing and often rank on page one on bing within a day.

So, there is nothing wrong with the quality of the posts.... they follow the same format as my previous 140 posts that were indexed without a problem, within a day or two on Google!

My stats show my traffic going down and down for the last 4 months, and my affiliate sales have nearly all but dried up......

So.... how much longer do I continue to write content that is not going to be indexed with Google????? (and please I don't need to hear that I should just hang in there..... remember it's been 3 months of hanging in there already!)

Is there anyone out there with some actual experience of this, and with some real solutions?

I would really appreciate your input,

Wishing you all a great day,


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Andrew, in case you didn't see this part of the conversation, over at Prince Partha's, please catch this: "@Jesusfan Hey Lynn,

Yep, you've got it.

Plus, I'll show the stats in Part 2, so you'll be able to see that month-after-month I'm ranking for more-and-more keywords.

The point being that if you find a true longtail keyword, which has very little competition, you'll rank quite quickly for the initial seed keyword/question/phrase.

This is almost like a positive signal to Google, "I've ranked this article at number one, so it must be pretty decent, so let's see if the article satisfies other searcher's queries as well."

Realistically, if you can consistently find these underserved topics to write about you'll rank fairly quickly (yes, I know in the first year of a website it's a little hit or miss how quickly you rank).

For this article, I'm not 100% sure, but based on the traffic stats I'm guessing that I ranked more or less immediately for the main keyword.

This is typically what starts to happen once your site ages and has a lot of content on it.

Basically, I like to see how a website is performing in 3-month blocks.

Am I getting more traffic over the last 3 months than I was for the previous 3-month period?

If so, then I'm moving in the right direction.

As I say, the first year to 18 months can be a real grind, but if you can remain consistent it will eventually click.

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Andrew. attitude (the direction and pointing of the nose of an airplane, determines what? Altitude. Have a wonderful day!
Oh, and recheck that Partha post, like all of them it grows and grows as more people "get" in on the fun. Get yours!

Another great post by P. Partha.
I look forward to the next installment.

My nose is up and pointing in the direction I want to be heading.
Thanks for sharing your spirit :-)

I wish you all the best,
Big hug,

Hug back, friend, and bet you can feel it,
one energy healer to another! Have a blessed day, stay connected to Creator; and just observe negative energies but do not partake of them.
Tell them silently, I have nothing to say to that, and keep moving toward your destination, and away from energy that is not yours, and usually generated by people who want to ensnare you into misery, they like stupidly being a center of attention, sick form albeit.

It is like the story of the crab climbing out of the pot of heating up water. Others want to give you their misery and drag you back in
the boiling pot with them.
This world is like an insane asylum. If you can see that, Andrew, you can rise above the masses, and choose others who truly will put in the effort to not just get off the pot but get out of it also.

This will make your intent in writing energy focused, +++.
Why? If inside yourself, you always choose peace over chaos, pleasant over pain. You are the magnet for good in your life, it comes out your fingertips on a keyboard. Etc.

Have a loving yourself, centered in Source, see life with new eyes to avoid people-pit falls, kind of a day! (Guard up against negative energy transfers, this includes demons that crawl, and spirits of the air, so be clean).
I like my way, I never need to physically touch, but can sync with someone's heart energy, if they have a heart- do not laugh-stay away from that kind! You know I touched your heart! And you have a little of mine

Yes, this world is an insane asylum, and it certainly doesn't benefit us to be normal in a profoundly sick world!
"Have a loving yourself, centered in Source, see life with new eyes to avoid people-pit falls, kind of a day!" Great advice and something I do my best to live by each and every day......

Thanks for the heart energy :-)

Hi - unfortunately, this is happening to a lot of people, and is due in part to Google becoming pickier as to what it indexes. There is no guarantee that everything on your site will be indexed.

Obviously, this is soul-destroying when you have spent ages crafting a great post and knowing it will never be read.

Product reviews in particular are a problem, with 2 new algorithms being introduced by Google last year. If you are not meeting their guidelines, then you may struggle with indexing and ranking.

I ran your site through the Ubersuggest tool and it shows you are currently ranking for 884 organic keywords. However, the number of keywords on page 1 of Google has dropped from 34 in September to 25 by the end of last year.

Thank you for the information.
I had no idea that you could check this kind of stats.
We are fortunate that there are members like yourself with the skills and knowledge to do it, and can teach us.

I appreciate your kind assistance.

Andrew, Google recently updated their requirements for a product review blog here is ParthaB’s take on it: If you read his blog, he explains what you need to do. I’m not too surprised to see you experience this with Google indexing your product review, if you don’t meet the requirements as ParthaB blog stated, you won’t get anywhere. You might need to revise your articles to match Google’s rules. If you follow Google’s E.A.T. and the product review update expectation, maybe it will happen. I suspect too many sites are doing it and too many to index and crawl to get on the SERPs. Maybe consult a SEO expert, Jay is it.

Hi Brenda.
Thanks for sharing Partha's post. it was really useful, as usual.

My site has 170 posts and only 20 of them are product reviews. 8 of which have been written in the last month. So there was only a small percentage of reviews when my indexing problem began.

I also feel that after reading what Partha suggested in his post, my articles will still be "friendly" for Google's algorithm.
I'm not in the MMO niche (fortunately)
Thanks for sharing

Dang! I remember when product reviews were the best money makers. Just when you’ve got a method, Google rips the rug from out of your feet.



Do not give in. do not give up! Let me add, stop stressing, you know what you have to do to invite your blessing.
Frequency change, help is on the WAy
*After Jay's winter Hot Seat, which was January 8th, Jay did a series on re-vitalizing Jan. 14, Jay, Niche Brainstorming Process New and Existing sites, Jan 21, Jay Researching Keywords Within a Niche.Jan 28, the 3 types of keywords for your niche,(80% Informational and Educational with no commercial intent (intent to sell) Why- increase your rank with Big G, build trust with website visitors and that is what Big G wants too. --go view replay, 1 hour of your time, may just Blow Your Mind!
10% Buying guide10% Product Reviews.80+10+10=100%
Blow your mind in the right direction, and the landing lights will turn on!
Suzay will now shut up after the last reminder,
Again, I say read this:

Hi, Darlene. Instead of thinking that Google “rip the rug from our feet” (your quote) there is another way. ParthaB post today sheds a better light. Turn a product review into an informational post. Like Suzay stated, about Jay’s training. These methods work better and can rank for it.

Many thanks :-)
I will check out those resources...
Yeah, and I will never stop with my blog... because the truth is that I am the one who benefits the most from it.... so much learning and so interesting to be involved in.

Thanks for the wise words, once again.... frequency change is what it's all about :-)

Have a wonderful day,

Thank you, Andrew, Blessings to you, Good things are coming your way, WAy. You have self-correction to light the path anywhere that you want to go. You know in Hawaii the active volcano Kilauea, well anyways, go with the flow, not against it. And Mr. Google has changed, and searchers are more savvy, go with the flow.
Goodnight my friend, sleep deep healing sleep,

Google, sadly can be a fickle beast, my friend! I'm sure it will sort itself out--hopefully sooner rather than later!


I hope you are right.....
But I feel I have been patient for long enough already.....

What's the next step????
Walk away from a 3-year-old site that was climbing in the rankings and making money 6 months ago, or....... ?

I wouldn't necessarily walk away, but ride the storm out! Keep putting a little more quality content in it to keep things moving along, but you might also explore other opportunities that you might have had in the back of your mind or something! I know when something of mine isn't working out or catches a lull, I have many other things that I can do to change the pace and still make money!

Ultimately, of course, that is completely your decision, my friend!

I wish you the best result either way!


Wise words.
Thanks for sharing :-)

You're very welcome, Andrew!


I think Suzay has a good suggestion.

At first, my posts all got indexed by Google. Then they stopped notifying me. I think they were still doing the indexing but just not letting me know. Anyway, haven't worried about it and it does not seem to have made any difference in anything...just my experience...

I’ve had the same thing happen to me, too. I think you make a good point.


I have written 169 posts and when I go to site:mysite, only 136 are currently listed with Google.
Also within Google Search Console, The coverage data is showing 149 "valid" and 20 "excluded".... (17 "discovered, currently not indexed" and 3 "crawled, currently not indexed.")
And some of those posts have been "discovered" for more than 2 months already.... still not indexed!

Thanks for sharing :-)

Wow! Wish I could explain...would like to know what's going on my own self.

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