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Last Update: August 17, 2016

Hi guys! Today I just wanted to very quickly share something with you that I think is both amazing and fantastic. It's the Wealthy Affiliate community! If you are new to Wealthy Affiliate and you haven't yet taken the time to get involved with the people here, then I highly recommend that you do so.

I have worked online as an affiliate marketer for quite a few years, but I have only been a member of WA for a short time in comparison. What I see here is nothing short of fantastic for those people who want to learn the truth about making an income online.

What makes this membership special all starts with the excellent training provided by knowledgeable individuals. But what really takes this place to the next level are the active people within this community.

Today I just referred a new member from a place called Laos. I'll be honest with you, I had never heard of that place before. Turns out that Laos is pretty massive, bordering Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam! If you are like me and have never seen Laos before then I recommend that you take a look. What a beautiful place!

My point here is that Wealthy Affiliate has so much reach, all around the world. Without Wealthy Affiliate I would never have been able to reach out to so many like-minded people from all over the world. I for one am truly grateful for this!

There are so many people within Wealthy Affiliate that have so much to share. If you are following the training here without getting involved with the community, then you are missing out on a whole world of opportunities and education.

Have a great day!


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benandnili Premium
absolutely true! I love the community we have here at WA!
Loubelle Premium
Thanks Andrew all the best
PMindra Premium
Great Post, Andrew.
Thank you for sharing and spreading the 'Wealth' found only here.


Andrew-74 Premium
My pleasure, thanks Paul!
amethystmoon Premium
you are right the WA community is the best
JudeP Premium
It is a great community Andrew :)
Andrew-74 Premium
Yes it really is!