Part of my Tesla goal accomplished today with affiliate commissions!

Last Update: April 01, 2016

Today I got one step closer to one of my goals - Tesla Model 3!

When I started with Wealthy Affiliate one of my goals was to buy an electric car from Tesla with earnings from my affiliate sites. With the preregistration of the Model 3 today I can say I have partly accomplished that goal and it feels great!

I recently got a $2500 check from Amazon Associates, and about $1000 was spent on the preregistration deposit.

As you might know, the Tesla Model 3 will not be ready to buy until late 2017 or in 2018. Actually, when I write this, no one even knows what it will look like...


Now it is time to up the game and continue working on my goal! It is time to work even harder and be able to pay for the whole car when it is available in a couple of years - with money I've earned through affiliate commissions thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

Good luck with your own goals - It's refreshing to be part of a community where people work hard and accomplish their goals all the time.



(picture under: a blurry picture of my visit to the Tesla store at Skøyen in Norway this morning. I was number 64 in line.)

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Icemocha Premium
Congrats! Look at your goal everyday and keep making things happen.
MisterWailor Premium
I would like to have a Tesla too.
richrivera Premium
Way to go Andreas. I'm happy for you. There's no stopping you now. Cheers.
albinchero Premium
Congratulations, this is wonderful you are about to accomplish it, I wish you all the best.
DJ-Yogi Premium
Your a man of good taste. I want a Tesla too. Here in Austria you can charge it everywhere for free.
AndreasS Premium
There is a good chance I will drive on lots of roadtrips in Europe from Norway where I live. :) Love that free (or included) charging idea.