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Last Update: July 03, 2017

I'm very excited right now. If you are an Amazon Associates affiliate I guess you got the same email as I did!

The awesome news is that they open up for linking your accounts in US, Canada and UK so it is even easier to earn money with them! They call it OneLink.

I have always thought that it was difficult to choose whether I should pick an affiliate link from or I concentrated my sales on the US marked, but hey... what if a person from UK stopped by? They probably wouldn't buy from the American store.

I ended up with having 95% of my links pointing to and 5% I get a few sales from the United Kingdom as well, but not as many of course.

Link the accounts

Now you can link all the accounts so if a UK customer enters Amazon through a US link, you still get a commission if they buy products from "their local store". You can even link up Canada! I didn't have a membership there before, but I signed up just now.

So now I get commissions even if the customer buys from US, Canada or UK. Perfect!

This is how they explain it themselves:

"Q1. What is OneLink and how will it benefit me?
OneLink is a script based solution that allows you to monetize your international traffic from United Kingdom (UK) and Canada. When visitors click on a text link to buy a product on Amazon, they prefer to buy via their “local” Amazon marketplace, as this is where they have an account, can see pricing in their local currency and have reasonable, if not free shipping costs. OneLink allows for the best user experience by creating a seamless redirect for your UK and Canada visitors, allowing them the ability to complete their purchases within their local Amazon store. This leads to a better shopping experience for your customers, and better conversion rates for you. "

Another plus

It is time to go through old blog posts and update and clean it up. You don't need links to all the stores anymore... Just one link to your main Amazon account. Remember Google likes few affiliate links on your sites.

Go Amazon! OneLink is a huge step forward.

I just hope they make Amazon PayPal ready soon... Those checks are old fashioned, expensive and slow. I... want.... PaypPal.... (or wire transfer).

Andreas :)

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PMbaluka Premium
I don't have the email yet but your information makes a lot of sense to me.
ElroyFrench Premium
This is good to know, thank you.
AHohaia Premium
Hi Andreas, I haven't received the email from Amazon yet but that sounds awesome. I am using the Bestazon plugin at the moment to redirect my visitors from the UK to their local UK store.
As for payments from Amazon, I highly recommend to sign up with Payoneer. It is a great service and they charge only 1%. They have an affiliate program as well. If someone uses your link, you and the person who signs up get US$25 each. Everyone wins.
If you are keen, I can pm my referral link.
All the best from Anke
AndreasS Premium
Thanks for the advice. I actually think 1% is a quite big a piece of larger checks.

In my Norwegian bank, they take around $45 to raise a check, but it is a one time fee for each check. So I tend to "save" up and get larger checks and don't bother with small ones.

But, I will look into it one more time.

VanessaN Premium
Yep, it's pretty cool.
MKearns Premium
Thank you. I'm saving this!