Amazing Tool to Find Hidden Keywords in Google

Last Update: March 11, 2015

Have you heard of Ubersuggest? It's an amazing tool that will find hidden keywords in Google, including many that you may never find using our keyword tools.

I just discovered it tonight for myself.

Then I searched within WA and found a training resource from 2012 that shows how to use it.

Alphabet Soup Technique

Kyle teaches us how to use the "alphabet soup" technique in Google to find keywords. Ubersuggest performs half of that technique quickly and easily by adding every letter of the alphabet plus numbers 0-9 to the end of the keyword you enter.

Essentially, it "scrapes" Google to find all keywords that have been entered into Google with that combination. It then displays all the keywords it finds and allows you to copy a complete list of them if you so desire.

View the WA Training

The training resource can be found at It appears to be still accurate.

NOTE 1: There is one key point that is not listed on page 2 of the training. After you enter your keyword, you must also enter the CAPTCHA code before clicking on "Suggest". If you don't, you will get an error.

NOTE 2: Recognize that this tool gives you keyword ideas but it does not provide monthly searches or competition information.

Try It!

Give it a try. You'll be flooded with keyword ideas. Once you have the keywords you can use Jaaxy or the WA keyword tool to determine the monthly searches and competition numbers.

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AZechinato Premium
Nice resource! Thank you for sharing.
gadifi Premium
Thanks Allyn I will try that tomorrow am after I read the training
HelenpDoyle Premium
Thanks Allyn. I have saved this for future use.
rosieM Premium
Thank you for the reminder! I had completely forgotten about this!
sparkplug Premium
This was very helpful. Thank you!