Results of an all-nighter

Last Update: June 07, 2017

After a couple of months of lung and bronchial problems, my attendance to daily routine and forward progress has been, to say the least, blah. I would work when I was comfortable for as long as I could. Results were becoming less than stellar.

Last evening, with a glimmer of inspiration and in search of a non medicinal potion, I did a boil up of lemon slices, ginger, tumeric powder with a little black pepper. I expected this to be my night cap. Not so.

While drinking the brew, I sat at my computer reading my WA correspondence. Then I noticed that I had actually made a reply, then another... A fire had been lit. I was back in the game. Morning light and still no weariness, and no chest pain. Perhaps time to call myself well again.


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WaynePro Premium
Welcome back, Larry. Hope you are feeling better. As an asthmatic, I understand your issues.

paulgoodwin Premium
Way to go Larry!!!!
GlenPalo Premium
Good news, Larry!
matelot Premium
Well done Larry, keep lighting those fires!
drjec Premium
Sounds good. I hope you keep feeling better.