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We give it what we've got (and then some)We draw inspiration to continue from many sources. We have our heroes, whether they be real, living or dead, or fictional.I am not much into using a modern soap character with doubtful moral ideals and susceptibility to scandal and intrigue as my role model. Give me a reliable cartoon character, with defined edges and predictable results.Todays's problems are solved today. Tomorrow still produces a pristine hero, ready for action again. My choice ~ this
August 27, 2017
I'm BackIt might be a mere three months since I was commenting on excessive frittering of time, of time off for medical and other reasons, and general slippage to goals, but it has happened again.More time off, with little to show for it.I seem to have a record of declaring myself fit and well on several occasions this year, only to have the floor meet my nose in disagreement. I am sure Mr Murphy has a law to suit each occasion. So if my string of life has become wound up in a tight ball, I hav
July 03, 2017
Happy Independence DayTo all the citizens of the the United States of America.on this Fourth of July.. Happily I join your celebrations with my relatives and friends.I appreciate your welcome in allowing me to make this country my home.Larry
After a couple of months of lung and bronchial problems, my attendance to daily routine and forward progress has been, to say the least, blah. I would work when I was comfortable for as long as I could. Results were becoming less than stellar.Last evening, with a glimmer of inspiration and in search of a non medicinal potion, I did a boil up of lemon slices, ginger, tumeric powder with a little black pepper. I expected this to be my night cap. Not so.While drinking the brew, I sat at my compute
May 30, 2017
A daily application of negatives soon adds to a mountain of hindrance. From once that seems just like yesterday, in reality has taken over two months of justifiable "frittering" - wheels spinning , with little to show in way of results. Barely a finger in contact with earlier expectations.Wife ill, then myself with breathing problems that have extended beyond my personal allowance of down time: reaching feelings of lethargy, "why bother? Another day off."My "PopEye" stage has been reached. "I c
March 29, 2017
Life can change rapidly, especially for those of us of older years.Christie managed to spend a lot of last week in ICU, Heart and Lung Unit. She is now sporting a permanent pacemaker after her heart beat developed a decidedly irregular pattern, and she became distressed with difficult breathing. She is now home and recovering well.Now paced at a sedate sixty beats and prevented from gardening, house work, her work as a massage therapist, and driving duties, she is adapting well to her,self appo
March 19, 2017
March 17 broke with bright sunshine and temperatures that got to the 70s, snow still very much on the mountains - a great day to get to the city to pay my bills. What comes in seems to go out just as fast.Acknowledging St Patrick's Day, and celebrating my parents' 73rd wedding anniversary (they haven't been around for quite a few years but celebrations appear still to be in order), I chose my green and celebratory costume, and set out.I enjoyed the TRAX trip to town with a carriage of special n
Around the corner from the Pony Express Office (no longer there with its horses and hurrying riders ensuring swift mail delivery prior to the transcontinental rail link up a few miles away at The Golden Spike, at Promontory Point), in Salt Lake City, Utah is one of several walkway tributes to Samuel Clemens, better known by his pen name, Mark Twain.Mark Twain was here, on several occasions, and he put pen to paper describing the beauty and strength of this area as well as its potential as a pro
February 23, 2017
Video had long remained a mystery to me. Over decades I had played with it, distracting myself more than anything, and surprising family members occasionally.Now I am at a time where video productions might be the means of prospering my on-line business. Keep them short and to the point, with enough variety to entertain and inform prospective buyers.Video clips, stills, transitions, audio tracks, practice with video editors; all within my reach and capability - a whole new world.https://youtu.b
February 14, 2017
And now we can turn to love and romance. In fact we can give a day to it - St Valentine's Day. According to media, we can throw money at it as well, to appease our conscience. Cards, flowers, dinner invites, lingerie, even proposals seem to fit the bill.When a partner offhandedly might remark "You don't need to get me anything", trust me, they are lying. They want recognition - or else.We can spare a day for love, each year. The Koreans are a little more sensitive; they can find a day, each mon