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As someone that has not 'worked' for over two decades, this is going to be something of one hell of a learning curve! I am





You have reached your comment limit.?

You have reached your comment limit.?

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WHY, when 'welcoming' new members into WA, do I get a message telling me that my comment limit has been reached, and I am prevented from sending any more? I have only sent abou

Hi.Matelot. Well, as you know everything is based on a system. That happen to everyone. Sometime I can welcome 10 or more and sometimes less. It is nothing wrong when you reach your limit you can always do it again later let's say 30 min. I do it twice a day morning and night.

Yes, do check out what Loes suggests...Carson covered this quite well...

Here is the explanation of Carson

Thank you Loes, it is very useful to have this explanation. It is also unfortunate that as a 'relatively newbie' to this, that there is no mention of this particular article.

Having said all of that, I now feel so much better in myself!!

Thanks again for taking the time and sharing this information, I feel that other people could benefit from this also.

The most relevant platform news is to find on the blog spaces of Kyle and Carson. Here is some info about WA, in case you like to know more

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