FAIL! Or How I Lost New WA Sales.

Last Update: March 18, 2016

So for the past few months I've been getting a steady amount of traffic to my site (and my WA review) as well as a steady amount of clicks on my affiliate links hence a steady amount of new WA referrals.

However, I noticed that for the past 2 weeks my number of referrals dropped significantly. I couldn't understand why this was happening as my traffic was the same.

After digging around I decided to look inside Google Webmaster's tools and saw that Google sees 79 errors on my site (404 - page not found). Hmmm.... interesting.

This is when it hit me. About 2 weeks ago I did some custom redirections between domains (you shouldn't worry about that as you shouldn't be playing with that) and I somehow managed to mess up my affiliate links.

My review was still there, hundred of people per day were seeing that review. Many were clicking on my affiliate links and they were all taken to the nasty: "Sorry, this page does not exist!" page.

I guess this more of a rant than anything else, but maybe it'll serve as a reminder to some of you ;) Track your stuff. Track your traffic, conversions, websites. Double check everything when you make changes. Try not to mess with code or backend of your sites (and FTP) ;)

Have a great day WA!

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AriefWibowo Premium
Good you caught the problem early.
Loes Premium
Glad you've set things right:)
MarionBlack Premium
At least you found the problem and were able to fix it.
AlexSol Premium
Lesson learned :)
Tchelow Premium
Yeah, we have to always be careful when changing backend code or site structure. It's very easy to lose everything you did.
nudge1969 Premium
Cheers Alex.