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Hi WA Fam!I recently jumped into yet another niche and starting building a website. If you've been following WA training you probably know that you need to research your niche before jumping into it. You need to know who your audience is and what they want.Whenever I talk to my fellow marketers I always tell them that they need to describe their perfect customer. The more you know about your target audience the easier it is to create content for them. Let's put it this way. If you are promoting
February 20, 2017
As many of you already know I've been hosting the Extra Paycheck Podcast since 2015.It's been an awesome experience since I get to chat with successful entrepreneurs from different industries. Many of them share great stories, tips and strategies. Well this week I have reached a milestone, episode #100. This means that I have released a new podcast episodes, consistently, every single Monday for the past 100 weeks. To celebrate this special episode I've decided to reach out to my role model in
Hey folks!Many of you have seen the 2016 Wealthy Affiliate Conference video and many of you have been asking for the 2017 video. Well that day is today. The video is finally out and ready to be seen ;)Here it is on Youtube:!Alex
February 11, 2017
This must be the most common question that I get asked here on WA, by email and pretty much every other place where I hang out.How Long Does It Take To See Success?I'll give you the answer that you don't want to hear: it depends. How long does a new restaurant take to become profitable? How long does it take for a new car dealership to become profitable? How long does it take for a new corner shop to make a profit?The answer is always the same: it depends. There are simply too many variables to
Part 1Before stumbling upon Wealthy Affiliate I lost quite a bit of money to scams. This isn't news for those who know my story.I hated my job and was desperate to find another way of making money. So naturally I was very excited when I started searching the web and came across amazing promises:"Make $1,395 by tomorrow with our system!", "Earn $10,000 per week with just 3 clicks"... you know how those scams go. After spending a lot of money on these I came across WA. This is when WA did not hav
What if I told you I made $70 in Amazon commissions (and probably another 70-100$ coming) without having a website, without having an email list, without paying for ads and all that with only 5 minutes of work?Sounds like a typical scam, doesn't it?However, that's exactly what I did this weekend and you could have done it as well. I'll spill out all the details but first let me say this:I love how online marketing opened my eyes to the world of opportunity!For many years I was a regular custome
As some of you already know, my girlfriend and I started a little side project business by making and selling beard oil. (doesn't matter if you don't know what it is)As of last week out product is being sold at Urban Outfitters in the USA which is completely crazy. I never imagined that some day I'll create my own physical product that would retail at a huge store chain! At this point though I started reflecting on the whole process which made me realize why some people get these kind of result
So for the past few months I've been getting a steady amount of traffic to my site (and my WA review) as well as a steady amount of clicks on my affiliate links hence a steady amount of new WA referrals.However, I noticed that for the past 2 weeks my number of referrals dropped significantly. I couldn't understand why this was happening as my traffic was the same.After digging around I decided to look inside Google Webmaster's tools and saw that Google sees 79 errors on my site (404 - page not
Hey WA.As some of you know I am spending 4 months traveling this year. The adventure began 2 days after I returned to Montreal from the epic Las Vegas Wealthy Affiliate Super Conference. I love traveling and discovering new places. The "laptop lifestyle" allows m to do so. Thank You Kyle, Carson, WA, many members here and I thank myself for the effort I put into the online business to achieve this (btw, traveling smart is really not expensive, I probably spend less than I normally do at home).I
I have promoted WA on and off since 2007 for different reasons. Those of you who know my "online story" know that I've been up and down, failed and got back up and took every failure as a lesson.Anyway, today I wanted to share something of a realization or motivation which YOU should take very seriously. When I first joined WA in 2007 I managed to get a few referrals into WA. I was super happy with the $14 commission ($22.50 these days). I get extremely excited about these 14$ commissions for