Sooooo excited!

Last Update: April 14, 2020

Hey everyone, I hope you're all having a fantastically productive day!

As the title says, I'M SOOOOOO EXCITED! I just had my first business meeting for my online business.

I applied to this company to join their affiliate programme - it's a perfect fit to both of my websites and a really exciting product range and affiliate model. They reviewed my sites, which I was a little worried about because they are not content rich yet but I'm very happy with the traffic building at the moment and I love the way they look and I'm working until stupid o'clock researching and writing to plump them up.

So a short while after my application went in they emailed to say they had reviewed my sites and would like a Zoom meeting this afternoon to discuss a plan. I've heard so much about Zoom but have never used it - I've always had to use Skype for business.

I had a shower, did my hair and make up so that I looked presentable and downloaded Zoom and waited eagerly in front of my Mac for the meeting to start. The guy was going to be calling from Los Angeles.

The time came and I logged on and I heard a voice in my ear - IT WAS AUDIO ONLY!!! Oh well, at least I look presentable to go to the local shop in a bit LOL!! How stupid did I feel? The guy had no idea what an effort I had made....

As I haven't actually had to discuss an affiliate program with anybody before because usually it seems to all be done on-line I was even more excited because it means they are serious about their company and their affiliates, but as I said, I was also a little anxious that I wouldn't be accepted.

Well what a nice guy. We spoke for 45 minutes - I explained my vision for my sites and my planned approach to get them to where I want them to be and he told me all about their programme and how they work with their affiliates to support whenever it's needed.

Then he welcomed me to the programme!! I'm in!!

And he gave me 80% discount on the full kit so that I can try it out fully and told me if I buy it through my own affiliate link I will actually make money because their affiliate commission is 40%.

I doubt if any of you are buzzing off this right now LOL but I am on cloud 9!

I can't wait to write the content for both sites and I'm going to launch onto FB and Pinterest using their Video links and social media creatives. I just want to crack on with it but my son keeps pestering me for his bike ride so unfortunately it will have to wait until this evening again.

As you know, my family and other half don't get this whole online business "thing" as they call it so my excitement meant nothing to them - in fact the words of my other half via text was "Great" LOL! It will never change!

So I had to shout about it on here because only you lovely people will get it! Only you guys will understand how happy I am with how it went.

I hope everybody is keeping safe and well and that you're all having a great day too!

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Helen123 Premium Plus
hahaha that would be me Alex!... getting ready for the zoom.. in fact, I went and combed my hair and put some make-up on (first time in 4 weeks) to speak to the bank manager, we are taking a mortgage holiday, only for that to be audio only... 😂

But what is amazing is that we can continue to make headway. I am so pleased with your affiliate program! Thats fantastic and rightly so you are excited !

Im still waiting for the breakthrough with my latest website but I know it will come... 😁

Have a great bike ride and enjoy this evening !
AlexandraT11 Premium
Lol! Thanks Helen that’s made me feel a bit better - it’s not just me then!!

Of course your breakthrough will come, it’s little steps all the way for all of us but each small step is worth celebrating because it means we’re getting there - we’re following that yellow brick road!!

Thanks do much for your lovely comment. Keep safe and well x
CordeliaN Premium
Absolutely wonderful news....👏👏👏👏
Well done, for them to have the confidence in your fledgling website attributes more to your belief, confidence and desire.

It is no wonder you are “pumped” and so you should be. A job well done lady...

AlexandraT11 Premium
Thank you so much for your kind words Cordelia - that’s very sweet of you 😁
RamiSociable Premium
Congratulations Alexandra!!

Its at a very decent commission rate I have joined two sites which I I am not happy with and their commission rates although not derisory are not healthy either. Don't understand you paying anything but I'm sure you have it all in hand!!

Congratulations again and well done!!


PS Like you say when in nightie and slippers they will probably come on through videa link...ha ha :)
AlexandraT11 Premium
Thanks Rami - I have to say I was shocked at the 40% - the average sale is between £200-£300 so not bad at all. Need to carry on burning the midnight oil and get cracking.
Jules73 Premium
That is brilliant news Alexandra, truly delighted for you, it all sounds very exciting and nothing like a bit of focus to get the juices flowing...

Investigating other affiliate avenues is on my to-do list, your find certainly sounds like it could prove to be a great fit for you both, congrats again!!

Hope all is well in your world and stay well, Jules
AlexandraT11 Premium
Thanks Jules, it’s def a great step forward.

Hope you’re keeping safe and well too x
Dave07 Premium
Woohoo! I'm excited for you too!
Congratulations on getting accepted into the affiliate program and I hope it's a great success for you.
With your current work output - it's bound to be!!

I'm still chuckling at you getting all dressed up with full make-up, only to find out it was just an audio call that you could have done in PJs and slippers!

Zoom is a cool app and I have used it for both audio and video calls. In fact we are using it for a family group call later!

I'm sure the staff at the shop will appreciate the effort you have made for them anyway

Congrats again!
AlexandraT11 Premium
LOL I thought that might make you of all people chuckle! Thanks for that.

I did feel a bit of a fool but thankfully he didn't know! I thought Zoom was just a visual tool - another lesson learned. Next time I'll sit there in my PJs and it will be video LOL!

Thanks Dave for your on-going encouragement and for always making me chuckle LOL!
Dave07 Premium
Now I'm chuckling even more at the thought of you sitting there in PJs and suddenly realising its a video call! Lol

Imagine the look on the interviewer's face!

lol - best laugh of the day!
AlexandraT11 Premium
🤣🤣🤣 I think I’d dive to the floor and slam the lid of the laptop down!!