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December 28, 2020
There are many chicken & egg situations in life and I seem to be up against one now and for the past few months - it's contributing to me not doing anything on my site - which in turn is completely halting any progress that I made previously, in fact, I'm very much going in reverse.I'm sure I can't be the only one that's coming up against this problem but I'm also sure there are many of you wonderful WA-ers out there who have valuable advice to help any of us through this glitch.Let me expl
June 20, 2020
I lost sight of a very important learning....I'm not sure how this happened and I feel a little foolish - I wrote a post at the beginning of the year which some of you may remember called Huge Squeezy Ball post was all about how WA is my squeezy ball when it comes to stress or troubles in my life. I realised at the time, I had a lot going on and the only break from everything going on in my head occurred whenever I was either on
How can it be?I was notified today that I have officially been a Premium member for six months today! I can't believe how quickly that's gone.In the six months I've learned so much, from knowing absolutely nothing. I have two websites up and running, which I love and am hugely proud of (needing way more content, but I'm working on it!). I have my business accounts set up on Twitter and Pinterest (finally running well!) and am picking up interest daily.I have e-met the most incredible people
April 30, 2020
Out With The Old, In With The NewI'm not sure, maybe it's just people my age and older that this will affect - I'm not sure what they teach in schools these days? But it will affect some of us I'm sure and I'm not entirely sure I can break the habit?I'm not good at breaking habits - there are several habits I wish I could break but over the years I've tried and sometimes I have to just admit defeat and concede that the habit just needs to remain. But this one is so automatic, I don't even thi
April 14, 2020
Hey everyone, I hope you're all having a fantastically productive day!As the title says, I'M SOOOOOO EXCITED! I just had my first business meeting for my online business.I applied to this company to join their affiliate programme - it's a perfect fit to both of my websites and a really exciting product range and affiliate model. They reviewed my sites, which I was a little worried about because they are not content rich yet but I'm very happy with the traffic building at the moment and I love
April 12, 2020
I know...... it's the wrong calendar event for today but I played a trick on our friend Mr Google and I thought this headline would get your attention - and it worked, you're here LOL!I wasn't going to post this but I am so shocked to the extent that it worked I feel I must tell you all.Some of you may know that I've had a bit of a rant about the one post on my niche site which wasn't indexed (well, more of a mentioning here and there). It's an article that's been written for a while and it's a
So today has been a very strange day... juggling working from home and home schooling is no easy feat. In fact I now value school teachers more than ever before. My son can't seem to get in his head that it's like being in class. He does the set tasks on his iPad, uploads them to the teacher and if he gets stuck he is supposed to message the teacher and ask for help, just as he would verbally in a classroom. Can my son get the hang of this? That's a big fat NO! He obviously gets his commonsens
March 11, 2020
Happy Wednesday to all WA-ers.I will start by apologising as I am hoping you will allow me the luxury of a good ol' rant! Actually it's not even a rant, it's a good old fashioned moan! I dislike moaners, they are my pet hate as I'm a true believer that instead of moaning do something about it - but today is a sorry day..... I've joined them - it's a one-off - just a temporary blip I promise!I'm fed up about something completely out of my control, out of anybody's control and what's making me
March 05, 2020
Yay, it's happened at last!I have finally won the affections of Mr Google! And he is showing his love!I had 5 posts indexed yesterday! Some of them I have been waiting a few weeks for! All of them came through at the same time!I was starting to feel unloved, unwanted, left behind, doubting my ability...... he really was starting to give me a complex! But true love always finds a way and I should never have doubted.So, the lesson learnt is..... stop being so impatient. Mr Google is very bu
February 27, 2020
Hey everyone! I hope you're all having a fab evening/day - yay it's nearly Friday again!Just a quick one from me..... I wrote a post on my website a few weeks ago and it wasn't indexed until just over a week ago. It hasn't been showing up in the rankings anywhere but tonight it is on Page 1, position 4! I'm so made up! Although it's only on Yahoo and not even showing anywhere on Bing or Google - in fact most of my posts are ranked on Yahoo or Bing (or both) but none of them on Google - shou