My sadest blog!

Last Update: May 16, 2019

To all my dear friends and fellow members here at W.A.

It is with some sadness and regret that I have to inform you that I will be leaving Wealthy Affiliate at the end of May. I hav been really struggling to make real progress in developing my online business since March last year.

I have re-done the O.N.C training tutorials ( but still unable to complete all tasks successfully) and tried to engage with all the social media platforms available, that is Face-Book,Twitter, Pinterest.Instagram with out really gaining an understanding of how to manage my accounts successfully.

I know that many of you have become and will become successful by following the training which I know is possible here. I have no doubt that by following all that is available here at Wealthy Affiliate, and committing to work hard with patience,persistance and perseverance, it is possible to create a very successful on-line business, in spite of all the competition.

However, in my case this just has not happened and I am finding it seriously difficult to manage and continue here and see and expect positive results. I would like to thank all my followers and fellow members for all their wonderful care and support over the past year and wish you every success in all you do.

Although, I have managed to create my first website and develop many skills along the way, I have not been able to attract any substantial traffic or income so far.

. I beleive that I may have chosen a wrong niche but also continue to struggle with much of the technical skills needed to build a successful website and interact well with social media platforms.

In conclusion, I may decide to return to Wealthy Affiliate in the not- to- distant future as I still beleive that this training can lead to successful outcome if you apply yourself with the right mindset and are prepared to work hard to acheive it.

I beleive that I need to have a complete" clean break" and review this again in a few months time. Thanks once again for all your kindness and support.

If you would like to make comments/feedback/positive suggestions, please leave them below.However, I fully understand, given the subject matter if you would rather not.

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AlanJE Premium Plus
Hi Alan, I hope you think through your options and see a way to recommit soon, Alan
JagR Premium
Sorry to see you go.

I did that exact same thing. Left for a few years and then came back with a different mindset.

Hoping the same for you.
KC1953 Premium
I want to encourage you to stay but it sounds like you've got your mind made up. I'm kind of sort of in the same boat but I know what the problem is on this end...ME. I have a 5th degree black belt in procrastination and I'm a certified excuse fabricator...I'm just to stubborn to pack it in. I figure I'm not beaten until I give up and quit.

I learn a bit more everyday and eventually I'll figure out how to make this work. The odds are in my favor as long as I keep pluggin'. lol

To be honest, though, I really haven't given it my all and really haven't been fully committed to making a success and that's why I bees where I bees. No ones fault but mine.

I don't think you should leave but that's just me. You know what's best for you. I personally just like to being part of this community and learning bit and bobs every time I come here. I don't have to be a rip roarin' success to make this worth my time. WA keeps my grey matter energized.

Best of luck, Alan, in whatever you end up doing.
EandS2018 Premium
You are so funny , black belt, you bees where you
So glad you are here for the long haul !
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Hi Alan

For a blog like this we need a sad face not a like button.

I see the glimmer of light in your article too, I see that you know this does work but that you just need a break. So, it's not goodbye but rather, have a good rest and we will see you again when you're good and ready to tackle the online world again.

The one suggestion I would like to make is this, before you go, write some messages to the people who are succeeding and ask them to look at your site and give you some input. My experience when reaching out for help has been very positive. There is so much knowledge and expertise here, I am certain that you will receive what you need to turn things around.

Once you have that, go have a rest (no too long) 😊 Look forward to seeing you back here.

CalChrisH Premium
Sorry to see you go Alan, maybe the break will do you good....clear your mind for a couple of months and come back to WA with a new focus!