How You Can Be An Expert in Any Niche

Last Update: Apr 4, 2019

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Many new members, when first getting started with selecting a niche, express concerns that although they are interested in a particular topic, they are afraid to choose it because they are not an “expert”.

Today, you will learn my foolproof secret for how you can become an expert in any niche.

It all begins with a fella by the name of Frank Abagnale. For those of you who may have never heard of Frank, he is legendary con-man and the real-life inspiration behind the Academy Award-nominated feature film, Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Abagnale, as well as Tom Hanks as the FBI agent chasing him. Before his capture and ultimate imprisonment, Abagnale is said to have posed as an airline pilot, a doctor, and even a Harvard educated attorney among other things.

Now, I am most certainly NOT advocating that you con people. Far from it. You should always handle your business with honor and the utmost integrity. However, that is not to say that we can’t learn something from his experience.

In his autobiographical book of the same title, one of the first things that stood out to me was his assertion that self-confidence was the primary factor for his success as a criminal. In short, people believed he was all of those characters because, well, Frank believed it; he legitimately believed he was a pilot, doctor, etc. He oozed such confidence in himself that none of his peers even questioned it. It was the ultimate form of fake-it-until-you-make-it.

Abagnale also tells the story of how he posed as a sociology professor at Brigham Young University. After his capture, the authorities inquired as to how he was able to do that since he knew absolutely nothing about sociology. His answer? “I only had to stay one chapter ahead of the students.”

These two lessons are useful for you if you are struggling with the idea that you are no expert.

First, be confident in yourself. I am sure that all of us that have succeeded had friends or family members that didn’t believe in what we were doing. How many times have you been told to just give up this crazy affiliate marketing nonsense? That no one actually makes money from a website? That you should just quit and get a “real” job?

The truth is, that no one will ever believe in you if you don’t first believe in yourself.

The second lesson is also key to you being an expert. You only have to stay one step ahead of your audience. As long as you are farther along the path than they are, you are the expert. I am a mere novice when compared to Kyle. But many of you consider me an expert.

And you know what? As soon as you have completed a single lesson, or read a single blog post, read a single book, or watched a single YouTube video on your niche topic, to a complete beginner, YOU are the expert.

So, stop letting fear and uncertainty get in the way of your success. Believe in yourself, do a little homework, and then share what you know with others who might not even know that much. Be the expert I know you can be.

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Thanks so much for those words of inspiration, we must first believe in our self in order to accomplish our dreams.

Thank you. And I agree. Our dreams start with us.

It's a natural fear.

I think the relevance here is to stay ahead of your first year students and stay that way until graduation - so to speak.

The fear stems from lecturing new students and being worried that there is some expert in the audience who will show you up for what you are or simply ridicule you.

I've seen websites where the content is obviously written by someone with inferior knowledge and I certainly wouldn't buy from them - but then I'm probably not their ideal client.

It was a great movie - I would like to read the book and have made a note of it.

Yes, that is a common fear. As a professional speaker, I have learned that any time I run into someone in the audience that knows more than me, I will elicit their help. By offering to make them a "partner", they generally get the recognition they are looking for (and often are just happy that you pointed it out and will leave you be.)

As far as those that are just there to ridicule, in my experience that is simply a form of low self-esteem. Again, by partnering with them, they have the opportunity to show their stuff. When it's time to put-up-or-shut-up, as they say, the problem usually takes care of itself. :-)

Great post! Confidence is key. Thank you for sharing this reminder, even to those who aren't considered "newbies" anymore!

Best wishes,
Karin :)

Shhhhh... don't tell anyone, but we're all still newbies compared to someone else. But we are most definitely the experts to those we help :-)

Awesome post....that changed my thinking! Love the line "You only have to stay one step ahead of your audience.". I never thought about it that way. Thank you and keep up the great writing!!

Thank you. I'm glad I was able to provide a little food for thought :-)

You're Welcome!

And I am an expert on you. Just kidding.

But you right, if you think you can then you can. If you think you cannot then you cannot. Either way both people are right.

Hahaha... yes you are :-)

And I agree wholeheartedly. It all starts with belief.

I have enjoyed reading your awesome positive post you're so right to point out, we must believe in ourselves, no one can trust you if you don't believe in yourself first, and obviously work hard to meet your goals.

Absolutely. It took me a long time to believe in myself; but once I did, I started experiencing success like never before.

Very inspirational and true words AJ!

As my grandfather once told me: "Everything is going to be a heck of a lot easier if the first thing you do is believe in yourself".

Many thanks to him, (and mentors such as yourself), that I've had the privilege of crossing my path to success!

Thanks. And your grandfather was right :-)

This is an awesome post AJ and really encouraging to us all - thank you for your inspiration!

Thank you. I'm glad you found it inspiring.

Thank you once again, AJ for another brilliant post.
You have a way of inspiring and motivating with your words.

Thank you!

Thank you. I do what I can :-)

Super post, AJ!

I always believe that if you have the ability to learn, you have the potential to become an expert.

Thank you. Learning is definitely a key trait of all "experts".

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