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Hi, my name is AJ. I have an MBA and have been in management and leadership roles in one form or another for the past 30+ years.

I am passionate about business, particularly analysis and project management. I also really enjoy teaching and writing, as well as video editing as a hobby. I look forward to connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs inside the WA community.

I currently live in Tennessee with my family, but we will soon be relocating to Oregon.

My goal is to transition into retirement as an online business instructor/trainer and travel the world with my lovely wife.
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EdwinBernard Premium
Thanks for the follow. I found your profile very interesting. I also was a project manager but in Engineering. Fortunately my job involved travelling to many countries. My wife came with me on some that enabled us to have a company subsidized vacation!

Sadly I suffered financial losses in the Great Depression followed by Binary Option scammers. Although our retirement enables us to live a comfortable life we would like to do more traveling. WA is one path towards that goal. We do have much in common. Oh, and we live in LA.

Congratulations on your brisk progress in WA. All the best in your ventures.
sirdavid156 Premium
Hello I'm David and I wanted to make sure that you said to me in live chat a little be ago, that I will not be infringing on anther URL by changing My URL that says and means the same thing but looks different. Allow me to have ownership. Thank you.
AJTrimble1 Premium
You need to research it and take it slow. If you are just moving around standard keywords you're probably okay. But if you are using a brand name or something similarly trademarked you will be setting yourself up for a lawsuit.

For example, if I have a domain called "BestBaseballTips.com", and you decide to make "BestBaseballTechniques.com", you're probably fine as those are common usage words.

On the other hand, if you create a domain called, "AwesomeJeepReviews.com" or "HowToBeatGoogle.com", that would not be okay since those are trademarked names.

It's the difference between, say, the word "football" and the term "Superbowl". One is generic, the other is a brand.

Make sense?

If you need more guidance and would like input, feel free to PM me with your idea(s) and I'll throw in my .02 cents.
NWTDennis Premium
Hello AJ ... thank you for the follow. I get the sense you've also done some training in you career. Your video editing experience should come in handy as you go forward.

I love C&W music. Are you very far from Nashville?

I wish you the best on your WA journey.
AJTrimble1 Premium
We live about 25 minutes outside of Nashville, but we'll be moving back to Oregon this Summer.

And, yes, I've had a "bit" of business training... I started out as a direct marketing copywriter back in the 90s, and at this point I've got more degrees than a thermometer. lol

Fat lot of good it does me, though. The big problem with having all that is that no matter how high I rise in an organization, I'm still chained to a boss and a job. That's why I'm here now. I'm looking to develop a string of passive income affiliate sites so I can retire and spend the rest of my days traveling with my lovely wife. :-)
NWTDennis Premium
I love your logic, I love your plan, I love Oregon. Have lived in northern California most of my life, and frankly I now realize it's way too dry for my comfort.

It didn't used to be, but I wont go there. We're not suppose to get political if you know what I mean. It's one of the NO NOs.
AJTrimble1 Premium
Gotcha. lol.

Yeah, I was born in California. It's beautiful, but I don't think I'd want to live there these days just because of the cost of living.

To put it into context, we have people that are selling 2-bedroom houses out there, moving to Nashville, and are now basically living in a mansion. That's crazy!
sminman7 Premium
Hi AJ.
I hope you are enjoying WA and learning a lot! My brother has lived in Oregon, it is a great place to live. We were just in Nashville for Christmas. We have a son who teaches at Ole Miss, they have four of our five grandchildren. We were together in Nashville and had a Grand Ole Opry Christmas!
Michael Inman
AJTrimble1 Premium
Awesome. The Opry is one cool place. I'm sorry I missed you :-)

Yes, Oregon is great. My wife and I actually grew up there (after her parents moved her over from England), so in essence, we're really just going "home".

If you have any questions or need anything, please don't hesitate to ask. We have a great community and we're all here to help.

Loes Premium
Hello AJ,♫Welcome! I am so pleased you found WA. Nice to meet you ツ I wish you a lot of learning pleasure and fun at WA. Thank you for adding me to your network.

From the start, I have written training on every issue I had problems with myself. And I share all my interesting findings on my blog space. I have listed them on a blog for you. When you type in “Blogs top rated by Loes” into the search bar on top, you'll find my goodies under Training. I hope to help you with those.
until the 2nd of January 2019

Success building your business in 2019. See you around, Greetings Loes
JonLake Premium
Thanks for the follow AJ. It’s nice to meet you and feel free to connect with us further on the social networks shown at the bottom right of our profile

We look forward to reading your success as well as sharing additional marketing tips and strategies. If you need any help please feel free to ask

Jon and Debbie :)
qrwizard Premium
Hi, AJ, and thanks for the follow!
I'm also looking for like minded people to JV here in WA.
We all have different skills and resources. If we share common goals, it makes sense to join and multiply our possibilities of achieving these goals.
I can do analysis and project management, but I can't focus enough on them because I don't have the passion. On the other hand, I can think outside the box and find creative ways to do things.
My goal is to push my limits while am down here, bend some rules if necessary, enjoy the ride and help others to do the same.

CLandi Premium
Welcome to WA. Thank you for following me. I'm following you, too.

I'm originally from Boston and lived in a city named Medford. I believe that's how you got Medford, Oregon.

Have you ever been to Northeastern US? New England area? Much more charm than Pacific Northwest, lol.
Portland area much like my home state.


PS. I lived in the Memphis area for seven years. Tennessee is a beautiful state.
dpanic63 Premium
Hellos AJ from Canada

Looks to me like you already have your Niche locked down.

Awesome, some of the largest markets online are in the Making money online niches and Leadership.

So you would have a lot of value to bring to the marketplace

Great to meet you and thanks for adding me to your network have done the same.

Welcome to the WA Community and platform and will look forward to your success


Never get stuck in the mud, if you do reach out for help its all about keeping up with the momentum.


possumlane Premium
Hi AJ, Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate platform.. I am sure you will enjoy your journey here with us. The education and training is second to none and the walk through videos that Kyle presents are clear and concise. There is also a live webinar every Friday night (canadian time) with out trainer in Jay Neill (rank 3) and there are questions and answers that come in from the community and Jay himself answers questions at the end of the 1 hour session. If there is anything I can do to help you please feel free to contact me and I will do all I can to assist you to achieve your goals. Just an aside - that is a drastic move - Tennessee to Oregon - where in Oregon are you moving to... I lived in Tide River for a couple of months - right near a river - was simply beautiful
Carol from Australia
Shannonkamal Premium
You’re bio screams IM GOING TO BE GREAT @ online entrepreneurship!

Best wishes and thank you for the follow as I follow you back would love to pick your brain as I run a local business and find it fun but am nowhere near as efficient as I should be.

See ya soon
Shannon kamal
AJTrimble1 Premium
Wow! Thank you so much for the compliment.

Even with my background, I still have my doubts because I've never really been too tech-savvy. All of my business knowlege comes from the old brick-and-mortar days back when dinosaurs roamed the earth (lol), so I'm still trying to wrap my head around the online world. The training here has been wonderful so far.

I truly appreciate your vote of confindence; it means a lot. :-)
Wayne66 Premium
Hi, AJ, nice to meet you and thanks for adding me to your network. I'm happy to add you to mine as well.

I also want to extend a BIG WELCOME TO WA and I hope you are enjoying all that is offered here. You're in the right place to make your goals come true.

All the best as you continue this journey and I look forward to connecting from time to time.

Moving Forward,

P.S. Oregon, that's only a few hours south of where I live. Hope your move goes well.
AJTrimble1 Premium
Thanks. We likely won't be going until May or June. I grew up just south of Portland, but spent most of my military days up in the Seattle-Bremerton area (I was stationed at the submarine base in Bangor), so we haven't really decided quite where we want to end up yet. We're considering various cities along I-5, and maybe even crossing over into Washington a bit, like Vancouver area, but who knows. :-)
Wayne66 Premium
Well, wherever you end up we will almost be neighbours. You have lots of time to prepare and Hope it all goes well.

I mentioned being neighbours. I live n the Southwest corner of British Columbia, Canada.
RoseAnn1234 Premium
Hello and welcome to Premium. This website is full of wonderful helpers and I have learnt to always use the search tab at the top of the desktop, the answer is usually in someone's free training. Type in topic, rather than long question.
There is an answer to just about every question, all you need to do is ask..
Aside from the Certification and Bootcamp courses, there is heaps of extra training. Check out the training classrooms as well as the live events. There are current as well as past events in here. You can find both these tabs on the left-hand side
Start playing with tabs and boxes on your dashboard, there is so much hidden information, just keep looking for it.
Enjoy Wealthy Affiliate. There are lots of people here only to happy to help you along the way with encouragement and helpful tips. Wealthy Affiliate is about training, but that is just a small part of this wonderful community. If you participate as well as train, you will gain so much more.
thelungdoc Premium
Welcome to WA and Premium;

You will find at WA a huge amount of information that it is almost overwhelming. Sometimes the first impression is to think, "I can't do this!"

But you can! The great thing about this site is there is step-by-step information about how to go from zero to having a wonderful website which you can monetize into a wealth-producing asset you could sell or pass on to your kids.

There is also a wonderful community here that can help you to really accomplish great things.

We are not in competition here either so there are always great people ready, willing, and able to help if you get stuck.

Many other "opportunities" and certainly scams out there would have everybody promoting the same thing so you are in competition with everyone else! - Not nice.

I am hopeful you will seriously give this a serious try and I am sure you will be pleased with the results.

kpercival55 Premium
Hi AJ and welcome!
Thanks for the follow, I’ve returned the favor.
This is a wonderful community of people who help each other achieve success.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions, you will always get the answer you need.
Good luck with your move.
All the best,
PMindra Premium
Hi, AJ.
Paul Mindra here from Ontario, Canada.

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your network. I graciously accept by following you back.

Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

I am very pleased to make your acquaintance and look forward
to learning, sharing, serving and earning alongside with you as we all move forward here.

Kindest regards from Canada.

PaulREvans57 Premium
Hi, AJ.

Thanks for following me and joining my network; I've returned the compliment and followed you back.

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. WA is a great community. In addition to the online discussions and articles that member's post, the official training is fantastic. There is so much to learn. I am here most days. I learn something new every day.

I've been a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate over 18 months now, and I don't regret one day!

I'm a business analyst myself, in my day JOB.

Keep moving ahead. However your day may be, take a little step forward. Some days you'll make significant strikes, other days you will not, but do something every day, however small in building your business.

You will read many stories of WA members succeeding with their online goals. Some have achieved this in a few months, for others, it has taken a couple of years. The common theme for those that have reached their goals is taking action. Everyone who has succeeded has taken small steps every day. Do something, however tiny, every day, and you will reach your goal.

Pace yourself and enjoy your journey.

Best wishes,
Be Happy!
LCEndahl Premium
Hello and welcome to WA Premium!! You will not regret your decision to go Premium!! The information available here is never ending!! And the training is incredible, and you won’t find anything like it, anywhere else!! Take it ALL in!!

Follow the training! I cannot stress this enough. Do not skip around. Do the lessons in the order in which they are. As well as the tasks that follow each of those lessons. I often jumped ahead in training, on my own, to only later really regret it. Take my word for it, it’s not worth it.

Go at your pace. Slow and steady is my new rule. You'll find you can't wait to learn more in the following days. You’ll want to learn more!! It ignites a new passion within you. It did me! Gave me back my purpose for living! There were a few lessons that I had to watch twice. If that's what you have to do, do it!

And soon you will have yourself an awesome website. Amazing direction, and the tools that you need to succeed in whatever it is you want to do!

You CAN do this!!

Be awesome! Be amazing!! And be successful!!!
Ray619 Premium
My Name Is Ray gbu and you're family and welcome to the team I pray that you take advantage of the great opportunity that is offered here at WA, and remember it is totally up to you to make this work for you and you're family. Fact is they offer some great training here at WA and you get to put it into practice while learning it. Well best blessing to you and you're family.
AJTrimble1 Premium
Just a quick update...

I just completed my first article, not including the About Me page, of course. I would love to get everyone's opinion on the new site and my first article (link on the right below).

When I did the keyword research, my QSR was a tad high over what is recommended, coming in at 136, but I went ahead with it anyway because the AVG was extremely high at 9369, and more importantly, I felt a "What is..." article simply made the most sense for what I am trying to accomplish.

BTW, I'm still in the building phase, so I already know I don't have an opt-in--haven't reached that lesson yet. :-)


smartketeer Premium
Hi AJ,

Thanks for following :)

If you need some help or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!

And if you are interested in a particular topic, just type "Posts and training by smartketeer" into the search bar to access the categorized & daily updated "register" of all my blogs and training materials.

To YOUR success!

Robert-A Premium
Hello AJ and Welcome To Wealthy Affiliate.

Since you joined you may well have come to the conclusion that internet marketing is a steep learning curve.

You must keep referring to the training (it does get updated from time to time).

If you get really stuck on anything then can I suggest you browse some of the 460 blogs I have published within WA.

Feel free to send me a message anytime you get stuck and I will endeavour to point you in the right direction.

You have decided to follow me and I will follow you as well.
Have a great day.
rickdware Premium
Welcome to WA PREMIUM
You've made a life-changing decision. If you stick with it, over time your greatest dreams will come true. Can you imagine what it was like when the first owners of telephones placed them? They were cash machines. You purchased a cash machine when you chose to go premium. You have proven to be a true entrepreneur and a goal setting winner. Please don't forget to FOLLOW BACK AND LIKE OFTEN. In fact, thank you in advance for the follow back and the like! Your ranking will improve when you comment and like just like in the real world when people follow and like your site will move higher in the search engine. So, again, thank you in advance for the following. Enjoy and take it easy.
McWord Premium
Thanks for the follow and welcome to the WA Community! You'll find the community has tons of help for anyone who needs it, so don't hesitate to reach out. We are interested in our mutual success and there are plenty of people willing and able to assist!

All the best,

McWord Premium
Congratulations on becoming a Premium Member! This is one of the best decisions you can make to put your business on a firm footing in the WA Community!!

All the best to you,

bella2018 Premium
Thanks for the following AJ!
Calvinator63 Premium
Hello AJ,

I think you are going to find out quickly that WA will hope teach you everything you need to know to achieve your goals you have mapped out for yourself on your profile page. The only thing left is for you to take action LOL. I’d like to be one of the many members here at WA to congratulate you, on making what I believe to be an excellent choice toward a sustainable profitable website for securing your financial freedom in the near future, and that was upgrading to premium here on the WA platform.

I hope your stay here is long and very lucrative. I believe in leading by example although my back ground is not affiliate marketing directly, I have been involved in organic SEO marketing (that’s what is taught here) for over 15 years. So, if you ever need any additional help please don’t hesitate to ask I will be more than happy to answer any questions through PM’s that you may have.

I think you are going to see there is plenty of training on this platform rest assured it can seem overwhelming at times, but just work at your own pace, and go through it one step at a time: you’ll do just fine. Here are some locations that you can find addition training besides the two training modules:

1. Straight above in the black WA tool bar (the gray box just right of the WA icon) is a “Search Box” that has a cornucopia of information anything A-Z about online entrepreneurship, website design, and other aspects relevant to your new online business. You can find all that information and so much more hidden in that gem.

2. “Live Events” tab on the left – here you will find Jay’s weekly Webinar advanced training they are held on Friday evening 8 pm US Pacific Standard Time is when the live events happens or you can wait about 12 hours then (under the same tab) the recorded version will be available to watch.

3. “Live Chat” tab on the left side - if you cannot find your answer in any of the platform’s resources you can always ask in the member’s 24/7 “Live Chat” (please remember these members just like you).

4. “Help Center” - Issues with billing problems or membership inquiries should be addressed under this tab. This is where you will submit any ticket for site support also. Here you will also locate your premium coaches Carson, Kyle, and your referral affiliate.

WA is a “NO SPAM ZONE”, they consider posting your Domain name/URL/Social Media links/links to your own blogs/logo/company name without being asked to do so, as “self-promoting or spam” here, and this action is not allowed anywhere on the platform. Here is a link the Kyle’s posted copy of the WA rules: There are a couple of spots that you are allowed to openly post your Domain name or URL (but no logo’s or company names are to be posted anywhere on this site) on the lower far right of your profile page there is a spot just for them (not in the profile introduction itself) you can also post your social media links there on the lower right area as well, and then for your URLs there are 2 platforms which can be found by clicking the websites tab on the WA home page and they are site feedback, and site comment.

What most members do is put all there personal links in the lower right hand corner of their profile page then when you ask someone to look at your site they will know right where to go to find the link as long as you are both following each other.

Once again Welcome to this wonderful community!

Affiliate marketing is our priority: where content is KING and consistency is the KEY to your SUCCESS

If you’re looking for some more advice for the newer members, I recommend you check out my blog about golden eggs the link is located on my profile page. I think you'll find it to offer a wise list of things to concentrate on in your journey toward your success.

Helping you, achieve your success,

bella2018 Premium
Hi AJTrimble1! Congratulations on your decision to upgrade your WA membership to premium status. I did the same about a month ago and I can truly say that I have no regrets. I came to WA as a complete "newbie" with no idea as to how to create a website. Since that time I have been able to create a site and actually have it ranked by Google! Trust me, if I can di this, then I know you can as well. There is much to learn but there is always someone there to help you out then you get stuck. The support you get is great and there are many WA affiliates waiting to help you. I wish you much success in your endeavors here with WA!
AJTrimble1 Premium
Thanks. I have dabbled with these things for years, but found it was often more frustrating that it was worth. I will be the first to admit, trying to go it alone using YouTube videos only leads to failure.

I truly cannot believe how simple everything has been here.
free4life Premium
Welcome to premium, this is such a wise move on your part. 
Let me tell you why; 

1) you have just taken a huge step towards securing the future you want.
2) There is no better training available 
3) The community here ROCKS, but you already know that 
4) It shows just how serious you are about making a change Keep up the great work, so glad you found WA

Blessings ~ Frank & Tina (free4life)
keishalina9 Premium
Hi Aj! .. Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Premium! .. 😊
AJTrimble1 Premium
Thank you.

It has been an absolutely fantasic experience thus far. Even had a slight "hiccup" with a site and Support got back to me within minutes, and after trying a few things and a couple of false starts, they had me back up and running in less than 10 minutes.

After going through a few other hosting services in the past, which often left me more frustrated than not, if this is the level of service we get here, I'm in for life! :-)
keishalina9 Premium
you're welcome -- wonderful to hear of your experience -- appreciate your sharing ... all the best, cheerio ... 😊
j52powell Premium
Thanks a lot for the follow, AJ. All success to you.
AJTrimble1 Premium
And you, sir. Although I am new, and your knowledge far exceeds my own, I always like to help when I can. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.
j52powell Premium
Will do. Thanks a lot.
j52powell Premium
Congratulations on making the move to premium. There are many talented and helpful mentors for us here. Good luck progressing quickly toward your goals.
AJTrimble1 Premium
Thanks Joe. I just looked at your bio and, I must say, you REALLY need to expand that thing! lol. Holy cow... I was immediately drawn into your history, and when I was done all I wanted to do is read more. It looks like you could tell exciting stories for days. :-)
j52powell Premium
You're very kind, AJ.
Kyle Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)
AJTrimble1 Premium
Thank you, sir. I am enjoying the training and am impressed with your knowledge.

I am looking at something to do with business analysis and project management. I just finished your niche lesson, so I'll know more after a little research.

I especially liked the "alphabet" technique you shared; it never even occurred to me to do research that way... wish I had know that little trick in college. lol
Kyle Premium
Excellent to hear Aj, sounds like you are making some good progress. As you continue to move forward within the training you are going to truly see your business take shape.

If you do need anything going forward, just let me know. ;)
MMacLeod Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!