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Last Update: Feb 11, 2015


I have some new recipes up on my page. I would like you guys to take a look around my site and tell me what you think.

Is the design good? Do the pictures look appetizing? Is there something about Egypt or Egyptian culture that you would like to know? Or any other general feedback is welcome too.

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yes redbird, i'm still working on shrinking pics

Recipe had on the site with Lamb sounds really delicious. Can the picture be shrunk down than once click on will enlarge them to see for the audience viewing. Does anyone know how to do that ?

There are many ways to do this, but the easiest may be just clicking on it and then it should have dots at the corners of the picture. Then you can click on a corner dot and move the mouse to change the size.

But that can't be done with "set featured image" images.

I think the second and third pictures are a big too big, you may want to resize it. ;) But, other than that, the food make me hungry ... yummy .. ;)

I got hungry looking at your site. Left you a comment. Some of the images are a little big but that's minor. YES, the pictures look appetizing......too appetizing. LOL.

Will do.

The site looks great, Heather. The one thing I would suggest on the main blog is to use smaller imagery, so that users can see more blog entries more quickly to find what interest them. Then, when they get to the article page, go with the bigger imagery ... cuz the food looks amazing! Otherwise, coming along quite nicely. Great job!

Yeah. I had tried and was just told a possible solution today. I'll work on it soon. Thanks for feedback

Thank you

real good

Hi Heather, I comment here, because I can find the recipe. Great photo of the egyptian salad, and it says under it; " as promised on our here is the recipe............" but been clicking and looking everywhere and not able to find any

You g should click on the title of that post. After that the pictures go to the recipe and the names in the paragraph

First time I clicked the title, thats normal, but then I expect to get to the recipe... I would never have thought of clicking those two small photos if you haven't told me...not sure if that is a good solution....???? Might be more people out there as me that won't find it.....

It can also be found in the my recipes page

I wish I could edit this! I think I'm on the first page of google under several keywords... I hope it's not just a fluke.

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