Google's URL Shortner

Last Update: January 15, 2016

I was recently using to hide my link url's, but have now moved over to Google's short URL. Reason being is I didn't realize until a couple days ago that you can track the links in pretty good detail and you don't have that ugly link which a lot of people these days know you're hiding an affiliate link. It's nice especially if your doing any online marketing for affiliate offers etc....

Anyway, hope you all have a wonderful Friday evening!

~ KB

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Business4me Premium
Thank you for the insights. I was unaware of this.
paulgoodwin Premium
Thanks man interesting to know
Rean Premium
HI AffJac..
Thanks for sharing. This will come in handy.
Battersea Premium
Thanks for sharing. This is useful.
All the best.
Maxiam59 Premium
that is some good info to know thanks for sharing all the best Max