How to write your blog posts for high rankings.

Last Update: March 20, 2014

So assuming you have found a good keyword to go after, (using a keyword tool), type it into Google.

Then have a look at what's on the first and second page.

What Google is delivering to you is what they think is the best results in the entire web for that keyword phrase.

Whether it is, or not, is debatable, but also irrelevant, because the algorithm thinks it is.

So at the very least you should cover the same topics and or sub topics.

Find out what's common between them all.

For example, if I want to rank for "how to tie a tie" (assuming the keyword difficulty says it's easy to rank for) then my research shows that just about all the websites on the frontpage cover the different tie knots, as in , Four in hand knot, half windsor, windsor knot, pratt knot.

So my article should cover the same.

Don't copy them, just take what's common and create your own based on your own interruptation.

All the research you'll ever need to write your article should be there on the first and second page.


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joyparker Premium
Very wise, thanks Frank.
bridget61 Premium
This is good info to know ..thanks
ricardo1 Premium
Frank, When I learned the alphabet soup technique, I realized that keeping things simple got me the first six ranks of Google back in November. This was before I knew of you. I like your approach, I will have to try it. Thank you!
Faraz Ahmed Premium
I am not sure, If I should just write about the same topics. What If I have a different view of it or I have a different twist to it? What about then?
affilicoach Premium
You can write anyway you want. Obviously, you should have your own twist, and definitely your own point of view.

What I'm saying is that most first page listings share the same key elements in common.

Find those and include them in your article.
Faraz Ahmed Premium
hmm. Okay, got it.
Deefoster67 Premium
that's fine Faraz... As a matter of fact that is EXACTLY what you should do. Do what Frank said AND add something that the other sites dont have. That is how you add value and how you will get found for other keywords as well.
SowAndReap Premium Plus
Thanks Frank, this is usable information for me.