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Yep, another year down, and I have once again been invited to Vegas!This would be my 4th consecutive invitation to Vegas, since I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2013.I still haven't attended a conference yet, mainly because I live in New Zealand (yep, the home of the Lord Of The Rings), which would be quite a trek for me.It was this time last year, early June, actually, that I posted my last update.I'm a little bit late with this years update, but nevertheless, here it is.I'm a little disappo
June 08, 2016
Boy has time flown since I posted on my WA blog last. The last time I posted was when I made Vegas last year - 2015, and although I couldn't attend, looks like those who did, had a great time and learned a lot.I had been waking up the last few days noticing how close I was getting to single digits on the airplane icon. And when I woke up this morning, I saw this. Congrats, you have made Vegas!Yep, the airplane turns into a car.Here's a fun fact.If you look at my previous post, you'll see that I
This is the second year I have made Vegas, and whilst I wasn't able to attend the Vegas event last year due to my work load with other projects, I was truly grateful to both Kyle & Carson for the opportunity, and most generous offer.I never actually got around to celebrating or acknowledging the accomplishment last year, but this year I really wanted to make a point of doing so, for two reasons.1) It ensures I acknowledge the work and effort that gave me the result, which means I will contin
So I was compelled to write this blog post today, because I feel that this is a topic that can hold a lot of folks back from promoting WA. So when I first started my online journey, I used to watch other marketers talk about how they made $10K in this business and $20K in that business and I thought to myself. "How in the world am I going to convince people to follow me" "I don't have an Income Story to tell" "I've made $0 dollars in 1 month" Anyway, if you've ever had these thoughts, then I'
So assuming you have found a good keyword to go after, (using a keyword tool), type it into Google. Then have a look at what's on the first and second page. What Google is delivering to you is what they think is the best results in the entire web for that keyword phrase. Whether it is, or not, is debatable, but also irrelevant, because the algorithm thinks it is. So at the very least you should cover the same topics and or sub topics. Find out what's common between them all. For example,
What is up my peeps. I'll keep this post short. If you're struggling with terms like keywords, indexing, ranking, finding a niche, keyword research or maybe you're feeling technically challenged, then pause for a moment and hopefully this post will help to give a little perspective. So I was watching a movie called the Google Intership, starring Vince Vanghun and Owen Wilson the other day. And there was a comment that was said in the movie that made me think about people who are struggling
November 10, 2013
So first of all, excuse my ammature attempt at putting together "The Money Bell Curve" graphic above. I was caught in the delimma of either providing information or spending time creating a graphic. Anyway, I think you will appreciate the message that it represents irrespective of whether the picture was done by a pro or not. The Money Bell Curve One thing that you're gonna find when creating your business online especially if you're new to affiliate marketing is that there is just so much