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Last Update: April 04, 2014

If you worry whether the commas are in the right place, if all the words are spelled right, if your blog is understandable, or if you unintentionally plagiarized, try a free website to ease your mind and sharpen your copy.

Spell Check, Grammar Check, Plagiarism

PaperRater.com is a one-stop content checker. Its handy features include checking:

  • if the copy is plagiarized
  • to make sure words are spelled correctly
  • if the grammar follows standard rules

Grammar suggestions are underlined in green so they are easy to spot. You can easily disregard them if you don't agree with the change. The conversational English we use in blogs is often not strictly according to the rules. You may want to keep your own wording, but it's nice to know someone (something?) is looking out for grammar standards.

PaperRater.com also checks your choice of words and the overall style of the content.

Pride of the professors

The site is operated by linguistic professors and graduate students. It was originally aimed at students and teachers, grade school through university. Bloggers and freelance writers quickly discovered this high level and free service.

The method the site uses to analyze content is impressive. The service uses a complicated set of rules based on natural language processing, artificial intelligence, computational linguistics and data mining. The website proudly proclaims that PaperRater is the most powerful writing tool on the web.

I'm certainly won't argue with that. And did i mention it is free?

Day 5

I found my first affiliate offer for the site I bartered for. Actually it fell into my lap. Over the weekend I'll get my campaign together. Gee, that sounds so cool. Like I know what I'm doing. Hmmm. And I wrote some copy for it.

Having problems?

Grammarly, a for-pay content checker, advertises on any and all websites that deal with spell checking, grammar checking and plagiarism checking. If you click the ad, you will taken to a 7-day free trial page. This isn't what I'm talking about in the post.

Apparently it is easy to click in the wrong spot. The ad is cleverly integrated at the bottom of the site, making it difficult for visitors to tell what's what. Don't click the orange Try Now button. That belongs to the ad. It is not part of the PaperRater.com setup.

Here's how to get your content checked for free:

  • Click the "Use Now Free" button in the middle of the page. This will take you to the
  • PaperRater free "Analyze Your Paper" page.
  • Just paste in your copy.
  • Then answer what education level the author is. For bloggers and affiliate marketers, it's useful to click the grade level you are aiming at. Many marketers choose sixth grade.
  • Choose the type of paper, which for most of us is "article/blog."
  • Do the captcha.
  • Click the box that says you agree to the Terms of Service.
  • The click "Get Report."
  • You're done!
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paultaza Premium
Amazeing the tools out there !! I keep coming across new tools to help with internet marketing, this one PaperRater is fantastic .
Thanks so much I will use this as I am a rotten speller and dyslexic probably spelt wrong.
Affiliateer Premium Plus
It's just anazing what's out there. The internet community is generous, for sure.
softwind Premium
Hi Mary. I just went to the site and it is free. They show a pricing page just as a comparison. However; it is completely free per their statements. So no worries about misleading anybody. :-)
Affiliateer Premium Plus
Thanks for checking! I just updated the blog above. Apparently kws123 clicked the Grammarly ad by mistake. I listed the steps to getting the content checked so it's easier to understand.
kws123 Premium
I entered a page where it says try it free and it asked me to sign up for seven day trial so I assume it's not free after that.
Affiliateer Premium Plus
That's a Grammarly AD, a for-pay site that sticks ads on all types of content checking websites.

Use the USE NOW FREE button in the middle of the page. It takes you to the form titled "Analyze Your Paper" where you paste your copy.

You might want to go back and give it another try.
KWS123, don't click the "Try Now" for Grammarly, scroll a tich lower to "Get Report", which is the free plagiarism check you're looking for.
Hth! :)
kws123 Premium
Not free...
Affiliateer Premium Plus
Are you sure? I've never paid. In fact, I've never seen a spot on their site to even make a payment if I wanted to.

Please give me some more info. I don't want to mislead folks.
softwind Premium
Hi Mary! I will check out the PaperRater in the morning! Sounds like a nifty little tool! Thank you for sharing with all of us! :-)
Affiliateer Premium Plus
Most welcome! Thanks for stopping by.
Hello, and thank you for your suggestions and assistance!
I copied and pasted your post into PaperRater and received the message that all was well and good! That makes me leery about what their standards of plagiarism are...or am I off track here? :)