Slow Down

Last Update: April 11, 2019

Take your time, don't rush

6 months ago (or nearly anyway), I launched myself into the training once I had found the WA platform. Like most of us I had spend month after month jumping down rabbit holes only to find that what money I had was far more important to the custodians of those holes than any intention of teaching me how to make some more. So, understandably, as in most of us here, I was eager to get through the training as competently (but as quickly) as possible and get my first meaningful site out to the big wide world.

I had my niche sorted and lots of reasearch completed, I just needed a platform and the guidence to help me get my message heared and maybe get some financial reward for all of the hard work that i had already put in, and was prepared to invest further.

I got through the training and got my site up and running, in prety double-quick time. Since then I have grown my content, although not quite as much as I would have liked, but illness sometimes holds me back slightly on this count. However slowly but surely my site has gained traffic which continues to grow, ever so slowly (but the month-on-month growth is there). Like all of us I would obviously prefer that growth to be faster, but I can live with it.

I was lucky enough to be selected for the Super Affiliate Course, and as part of that I decided that rather than take the soft option and used my current site for this purpose, as it isn't really a relevant platform for me to easily market WA, I chose to do the Boot Camp, and start another whole new site dedicated to the task of marketing WA.

I decided to follow through the full boot camp lesson program, and it wasn't long before I came across something useful for my first site. During the lesson on SEO optimisation, I realised that I couldn't remember how I had filled out the Home title, or Home description.

So I went back into my site and (suprise, suprise) I found that I had initially given these to sections little (if any) thought, and they were not exactly the most relevant to my site or contenet, so I removed and replaced them with something much more fitting and catchy.

I thought nothing of this until the morning after. When I went and checked I found that a large proportion of my posts are now on page 1, or 2 and that my site rank has more than halved!

The moral of this story is that, if like me you rushed through the first couple of weeks than it will do you no end of good at some point to go back over and recover your steps. But if you are new here, there is no profit to be made from rushing, save yourself time, by taking your time and doing it right.

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Linda103 Premium
Good advice.
Hudson Premium
Excellent advice Adrian, Thanks.
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Great advice Adrian, thank you.
Selenityjade Premium
Excellent advice!!
Sam-K Premium
Yes , doing it right is key . That is just what i was thinking to do in my 1 month old site . i had 4 posts , they are not optimized , i wanted to do the optimization now , then i thought to myself let me do some more post , later on i will go back and optimize each post .