thanks to everyone here.

Last Update: April 19, 2018


You guys have made my life at WA really enjoyable, I could not have asked for a better place to be, you guys seriously rock. You guys have been with me through thick and thin so to speak. Trough fun and terrible times.

You guys are my life even if you don't know it yet. I guess you could say I feel sentimental lol

but on a serious not When are a few people that has me laughing so hard that my stomach hurts. My little ABS tag team you know who you are, Debs thanks for all your advice and friendship. Cath you have Stepped in as a mother to me. Team ice cream you really feel like a sister to me.

Philip you are seriously the rock that keeps me going. And as for the rest I really hope that I get to know you guys even better in the future. And then Kyle and Carson sometimes I wish that When was an easier way to get to know you guys other than live chat.

Then to the people that don't know me Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to be you have no idea what you are missing. The people here are the party you want to be at so to speak we aren't just work we know when to have fun together and when to be serious.

Now a thing that I see a lot of people outside of Wealthy Affiliate say is that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam let me set you straight!!! This is NOT a scam this is a place where people work hours upon hours to get When business where they want it to be.

That includes myself i personally put in 18 hours a day on this platform and feel happy doing so. Don't say things like it's a scam if you have' not tried it. Please have some respect, come in her try it for yourself and see what happens in 6 months then we will have that discussion again.

We will then see how you feel. I don't mean for this to come across as nasty but really!!! These are people at WA that has been here for years. Do you really think people will be here for up to 15 years if they did' not make a well-deserved pay check? NO.

WA members you rock do' not let other people tell you otherwise! When, they do send them to me I will personally set them straight for you.

Love you all to bits.

As always

kind regards


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Acoetzee29 Premium
Thank you. :)
JerryMcCoy Premium
Fantastic post
Acoetzee29 Premium
Thank you Jerry. :)
alexander11 Premium
I enjoyed reading your post. I agree with you on your feelings about Wealthy Affiliate.
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Awww thank you. Yes I'm very protective of what I hold dear.
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Love your post and I agree with how you feel about WA!
Acoetzee29 Premium
Awww thank you. Yes no one touches my home so to speak lol
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