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May 09, 2018
Hey guys!!!OK I am beyond excited! I had to share it with you guys. Earlier tonight I went to go look if I could start creating training with the pep talk that if it turns out I can't then it's not going to affect me like the countless times before, but what I saw was that I can!!! I am so happy right now I can't breathe I have been looking forward to this day ever since I saw for the first time that I can create training. And here we are. I know that most of you know what I am feeling right no
April 19, 2018
THANK YOU ALL.You guys have made my life at WA really enjoyable, I could not have asked for a better place to be, you guys seriously rock. You guys have been with me through thick and thin so to speak. Trough fun and terrible times.You guys are my life even if you don't know it yet. I guess you could say I feel sentimental lolbut on a serious not When are a few people that has me laughing so hard that my stomach hurts. My little ABS tag team you know who you are, Debs thanks for all your advice
36 people that have reached out for helpGood day everyone. I realize that I have not reached out as often as should when it comes to blogging. But I have some good news. 36 people that have reached out for help ever since my last blog post about me wanting to help traumatized people so I thought hey why not share what I did for them. Obviously what we talk about is confidential so that will not be discussed but the questions that I get is what I will mention though. And then shed some light on
April 05, 2018
THE FIRST MONTHNearly everything was new to me I felt a little lost and confused maybe at times trusted and annoyed with myself but I did it I just kept going through my training and made sure I understood everything. Yes, there are times during the first month that you will have to go back and find something but I always had the peace of mind knowing that there are others here that will help in case I didn't know what to do.Everyone wasn't joking when they say everyone is a community here in W
I'm doing this for you all so let's hope this will get a reaction. since there are a few people here that asked me in a pm to give them a teaser I will do that just for you ok. I love you all lolChapter 1Due to the fact that my parents split up months ago, the state saw fit that my father would be the person to look after me. Much to my dismay. I have to go live with him, who isn't exactly a father figure, he's probably the worst person you will ever encounter. You're not allowed to show any em
Are we wasting our time? lulu and Liz walked in the park just chatting about random things till Lulu asked. "I wonder if we are wasting your time on hour new business?" Liz couldn't understand why her friend would even think such a thing in the first place. "Are you kidding me right now? have you stopped and think for a second how much it will cost to go through training as in-depth as we are going through then how much a platform in itself cost?" Liz couldn't believe what she's hearing, there
Wealthy Affiliate Rocks read on to see why.Good day and welcome!For as long as I can remember I've been looking for a way to not only work for myself but have my own business and guess what happened? Yeah you guessed it I failed miserable, not because I didn't put work into it but because I never got what I deserved. Yes life isn't always about money, life isn't always easy or fair.You work so hard for your boss that you feel like pulling out your hair right? Just to have him/her to tell you th
this has been by far the nicest path I have ever walked in my life. WA is by the best platform, I have no regrets never had the feeling you normally get when your sceptical about something. All you feel is love for everyone.The help I have received this far here at WA is outstanding. I honest appreciate every single one of you thanks guys. If it wasn't for Kyle, Carson and you all as well as support I would have never ever make it this far.And now I would just like to tell the new comers that i
how to create a review that will stay with you for a very long time is all up to you. Yes at times it might feel overwhelming since we now that product might not be ours and here today I'm going to try and solve this.For weeks I felt nervous about this but found an easy way to do this.In this case it will be cameras. What I tend to do is find a product that people love and find what it is people love about it through product review comments.I then go see what this product entitles for example t
March 06, 2018
good day and welcome to all the new members here at WA. I know that times we don't always get to all of you but we are trying.Anyway I just wanted to give you guys a little advice. Don't worry if you can't get affiliate programs right away.Once your site is up and running, maybe if you have 15-20 posts like I have and your Google master tool and Google analytics are up and running, then only will you get affiliate programs.I am only telling you this from my experiences throughout the past month