Just a quick Hello as I've been away a while.

Last Update: May 02, 2018

Hi to all members and the team at WA.

I haven't been around at WA for some time after having a great start last year but due to health issues that have stacked up to hit me all at once I wasn't able to devote time and it took all my strength just to keep my websites updated and plodding along.
I have one more operation pending and hope to be able to recuperate quickly and get back to being a regular member/contributor on here.
For the time being whilst waiting on the Dr's I aim to devote an hr or so once each week to WA to keep myself in the loop and help out whenever I can with questions from other members.

I must say, this being the first time I have logged on and seen the new interface I think it is very impressive and will spend a little time getting aquainted today. A big thank you to the team here at WA and all who have contributed to the design and research, I know how much behind the scenes work must have gone into this.

That's it for now, hope to see you all a bit more often soon.


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VickiG Premium
Welcome back Andrew, sometimes we have to take a break it is good to see you come back and join us again. I wish you the best in Health and here at WA in all your success.
JohnWT Premium
Welcome back and get well soon.
accad Premium
I hope you are well enough this time.
Nadja3 Premium
Welcome back. I hope things are sorted out and you can stay with WA.
DirtLife155 Premium
Best wishes and God continue to heal you and prosper you. I am a week old newbie... and I was hot and heavy for thre days...then I had to go home to S Carolina and help my mom moved.... She decided to give up her home and the house I grew up in .... My mom bald her eyes out on my shoulder 3 times.....I am 50 and never recall that happening....thats a huge reason I am here to bless my mom as she has been my hero my life with all she gave up as a mother in a hellish abusive relationship. Now I have to re-think and step up and make this work