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Hi to all members and the team at WA.I haven't been around at WA for some time after having a great start last year but due to health issues that have stacked up to hit me all at once I wasn't able to devote time and it took all my strength just to keep my websites updated and plodding along.I have one more operation pending and hope to be able to recuperate quickly and get back to being a regular member/contributor on here.For the time being whilst waiting on the Dr's I aim to devote an hr or
Hi everyone,Just thought I,d drop by as I,ve been a little quiet of late here at Wealthy Affiliate.It,s not through choice, I was taken ill and spent some time in the hospital diagnosed with some blockage in the kidney, hopefully a stone but possibly something else.I have a pre-opp assessment tomorrow and then just waiting on a date for an operation.I will still be active on here as much as possible before the opp and as soon as possible after I get out of the hospital.I still intend on keeping
As some of you will know WordPress is in the middle of developing a brand-new editor called Gutenberg, which will present an entirely new way of publishing content: using a block level approach.Wordpress 5 will be the first major update release for 2018 and plans are to release Gutenberg with this update. It is currently available for developers/testers as a plugin.I have looked at the previews of the new Editor and think it'd going to be a massive step forward.I have included below some resour
Ask yourself the above question and really think about your answer.For me, I have an income from an offline business so I am not desperate for the online income as I know from running a business for nearly 40 years it is going to take me time to get there.I have researched many memberships and decided on WA to help me achieve my goal.I have given myself 2 years in which time I want to be making at least the same as what my offline business brings in, which isn't a fortune but is a decent income
I have a number of domains, all purchased before I found. WA and bought via Go Daddy then hosted at Hostgator.Since joining this family I have pointed all my name servers from Go Daddy to WA and moved all my websites from hostgator to WA , then cancelled my Hostgator account with the money saved there paying part of my WA membership.Today I purchased my first new domain from Wealthy Affiliate directly, I was looking to buy 3 as I wanted the .net, and .uk. Unfortunately the and .uk
I joined Wealthy affiliate about 6 weeks ago and during my first week set myself some short and long term goals to reach within WA.One of those goals was my rank as a member here at Wealthy Affiliate.I will say here this was not a major goal for me as I fully realise rank here will go up and down but alongside major goals which are longer term and very important to me to attain I wanted to see my rank here rise.I forgot to write down my starting rank when I joined but I do know it was way above
February 10, 2018
Facebook constantly change their algorithm which they say is " To Provide A Better Experience For Their Users"Recently Facebook made a big change which you may have heard about or seen discussed. They called this their "Meaningful Interactions" update to their algorithm.In this update Facebook said they would in future prioritize posts that lead to conversations especially between friends and family.Facebook was originally created to allow friends and family to interact in an online social port
Why Would You Host Your WP websites here at Wealthy Affiliate (WA)First off you can host up to 50 websites at Wealthy Affiliate, that is split between 25 of your own domains that you have purchased and installed a Wordpress website on and also 25 "Free" domains. A free domain is a domain here at Wealthy Affiliate and will end in siterubix domain is ideal if you are starting your online journey or you want to design and build a website before going live on your own do
At the start of the year I was doing some in depth research into online training, website creation and top class website hosting.At the time I was looking to move my websites to another hosting company and also looking for an online training membership site to keep up to date with all the changes in SEO, Social Media, Wordpress etc.So I was looking for:The best Industry Leading Hosting provider with excellent customer service.A membership site which was highly rated by its existing members.Trai
Due to a change of schedule with my offline business I have been able to allocate the time today to work diligently on Wealthy Affiliate and I have just completed Course 5.It has taken me about 5 weeks to do this but it was well worth the time invested and I have come a long way with my sites. They are not new sites as I have brought them over from another hosting company to WA but they are 100% improved since taking the Certification training and all have Google and Bing Webmaster setup correc