Its been one year already.


Hello Wealthy Affiliates,

I hope you guys are doing great things within your online businesses. I also hope that your bank accounts are overflowing every month from your affiliate programs, Shopify Stores, Drop Ship Stores, niches, etc., and that your email lists are growing daily.

While I was surfing the internet for some “Affiliate Programs,” I came across a review by a person who’s name is Nathaniell. And yes, he is here within the very walls of Wealthy Affiliate.

So, I was looking for a review on JVZoo Affiliate Programs and such. Actually, it started with Bitcoin and went from there.

Anyway, back to Nathaniell’s story. Nathaniell has been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2010 and is making a lot of money per month. (Which I did not think anyone made any kind of money with Wealthy Affiliate.) (Other than dribbles, drabs, here and there.) Boy, was I wrong! You can check out his name by doing a search. Google his JVZoo review and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, between surfing and reading Nathaniell’s achievements and receiving my one year anniversary badge. I was asked if I wanted to share with the community and I declined.

So, why am I writing a post to you telling you about my one year anniversary? Because I’m proud of it, lol. I am still here and I’m not giving up.

Moving forward

Yesterday, I met a wonderful youtuber and we talked mostly about blogging, online businesses, Bitcoin, so on and so forth. We also talked about why I felt stuck and why I’m still in the same place as I was a year ago from today. Funny how I would get my one year badge today, lol. And yes, I do have content on my website. I just think it could be better. See, there it is again. That thought. Those thoughts. These thoughts:

“I’ll never be as good. I have to take a copywriters course to be as good as other’s. 2000 words. How is that going to happen? I have to take a blogging course. Oh my! How is this going to work? It’s not good enough. Yaddah, yaddah, yaddah, and, blah, blah, blah. I want my website to be perfect and I don’t want to fail! (I really don’t.) (I find I’m always comparing myself to other people’s blogs and websites.)

So instead of trying to walk before I learn to crawl. I need to crawl before I walk. Meaning that I’m trying to start off from an advanced affiliate marketing level when really I just need to take action and stop comparing myself to other’s. And start from ground zero instead of the very top.

I listened to my excuses to the point that it paralyzed and overwhelmed me: That was what our conversation was about. Sonia helped me recognize my pain.

Do you believe in serendipity? I do.

Between talking to Sonia yesterday, reading Nathaniell’s JVZoo review today. Which led me to search for him within Wealthy Affiliate to confirm his identity and my insecurities. (by the way he is still going strong eight years later I might add) and last but not least receiving my one year badge. I have to say “yes.” I do believe in serendipity or maybe I should call it synchronicities. Its been a good day.

At any rate, I hope that whoever is struggling as I have with their online business is that you: “never give up.” Whether you are a Premium member or starting out with your free one week trial. Complete the training lessons and exercises within Wealthy Affiliate.

If you miss the mark one day, get up and try again the next day. For just as the sun rises and sets. As long as you’re alive. There will always be another tomorrow.

Success is on your doorstep.

Again. The question of the day. Do you believe? I do. And one year later.

Bye for now.


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Congrats on the year mark! I have some good success with promoting Jvzoo products. And, I think you are great and definitely as good as anyone!

Hey Mansfif,

Thank you and my instincts tell me that you are part of my story. It’s a real destiny breaker for fabulous nut, lol, and I really appreciate that.

It’s been a good day.

Your Wealthy Affiliate friend,


Hello, there!!!

I was leaving a comment on someone else's post, and saw your face! I was like, "Is that Becky???"

I appreciate your honesty, Becky, and showing us that it's OK if things are not always peaches-n-cream.

Great to see you, again!

Hey Veronica,

For once I’m speechless, lol. How did you do that? Haha.

Thanks for the comment and for stopping by to say hi. It’s very personal and it is appreciated.

Now I know why you are VeronicasLuv...cause you is love.

Your friend,


Awww.... you always made your way to my posts and gave me encouragement, so I wanted to send that right back to you.

Look forward to seeing you around on the platform more often, Becky.

Hi Becky.
What a lovely post.
I think you have touched a lot of hearts with this.
You are so right about the time it takes to get the success.
I began, struggling to cobble together 400 - 500 words and felt I was doing OK. Now I look at those early posts and think "yuk!" It is time to do them properly. Now I take on a 2000 word post and aim to finish it in 2 days. It is remarkable how we acquire the skills by just "doing it."
Do I believe. Oh yes!
See you around in a year with a smile on your face and some pennies in your pocket.

Hi viyee,

Thank you and I do believe that the more we practice the easier it will become.

Just by doing. I really like that. I so hope to talk to you soon.

Your my piece of inspiration. Sometimes it just takes that missing piece to pull it all together.

Thank you so much for sharing your story.



Thanks, Becky my sister great post by the way. I really like what Pernilla has to say. Ya I know I am also in the one year mark Thinks have been very touchy lately. We will see if I can recuperate my Domain Name. But I was able to get back in. Your email came at a time like magic right when I needed it.

Hey Linda, Is that you, lol? I’m so happy you’re back and I truly believe. And you showed up when we needed it too. Again, serendipity and synchronicities are real and have perfect timing.

Thanks for stopping by to say hello.

I have missed you and you have been missed.

Welcome back, Linda - my friend and my sister.


Hello Linda!

How wonderful to see you too again! Have been missing you around also. Hope you and your family are well.

How's your onine business going? I can recommend Bo's training, you see the link I told Becky about in my comment.

All the best,
:-) Pernilla

Becky and Pernilla have missed you too. No thanks needed two great WA friends in one day couldn’t get better.
always a better way sending my love Linda

PS never worry about your writing Just write with you heart as you do with your friends here at WA that goes two the both of you

You got that one right, girlfriend. Keep on, keeping on.


Hello Dear Becky!

Happy happy WA anniversary!!!

Wonderful to see you again! Have been missing you!! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Thank you for inspiring me to keep going!

I've felt pretty much like you - I've felt stuck over and over again, especially the writing part. I didn't know exactly how to go on. At the end of 2017 I thought - now something has to happen and, I sat down and did some heavy brainstorming. I wrote a new strategy plan and made a plan of how to restructure my website.
In January I joined BoTiptons GoGetter-Training and that's the best thing I could have done. Bo is awesome - I have learned so much and it's so good to have his guidance. Now my redesigned Website is up and running - so happy! Now I'm going to work on my writing skills.

Nathaniell is for sure a role model, amazing online career. We can learn a lot from him. I've been following him since I joined, but now I really have to take a closer look at his trainings and posts. Earning 10'000$ after 18 months here at WA - then I've still got about 5 months to go ;-)

Becky, I wish you all the very, very best on your continued journey to success. Yes, let's be brave and walk through the door and embrace the success that awaits us on the other side.

I do believe!!
:-) Pernilla

p.s. I do recommend you to follow BoTiptons Trainings, if you haven't already.
Sharlee has done a great Index on all his trainings:

You’re amazing Pernilla...

I believe too and thanks for the information.

PS. I’m monitoring my email consumption. Haha... (Wink, wink, lol.)



Hi Becky,
Yes Nathaniell is one of many making an amazing income here. There are more!

I am glad to see you pop back up. You have been quiet!

Guess what? We just adopted another kitty! She is a 14 year old calico girl but is VERY healthy and spry. I would never guess her age. Poor thing sat in PetSmart for 3 weeks and no one wanted her due to her age! She is gorgeous and SO loving and sweet and inquisitive. She is polydactile too on all 4 feet.

Don't give up! Start asking questions here if you are stuck. Get input, don't struggle alone!

Not everyone who is successful writes 2,000 word posts either. There are many different formulas that work here. I am not super successful but I can see how it works now...after 3 years! It does work, but it is directly proportionate to how much time you put in and how consistent you are.

Your friend,

14 years old. You’re so special Jessica and that kitty found a great home. Her owner’s more than likely passed away. Do you know her history?

The hamster is doing wonderful. He is strong and extremely healthy, Jessica. I am so grateful for the “Pet Alive” product. You have no idea, or maybe you do.

Thanks for dropping a note and stopping into say hello. I really appreciate it because I do “believe” in destiny.

Jessica, I took a picture of my hamster. He says “hello” and “thank you” for helping me breathe better.

Am I not the cutest healthiest hamster ever, lol?

Awwwww! He is adorable! Thanks Becky.

The kitty is Sphynx. She lived in the same home all her life we were told. Her owner must have had her as a kid. He got a job away from home on the North Slope (Oil fields) and couldn't keep her so she became his mother's cat. The mother is now moving to Seattle to live with her new boyfriend who has large dogs. She was worried the long trip and dogs would be too stressful so she gave Sphynx to the rescue group. She loves my husband so much and prefers him to me. We were told she had a male owner so that makes sense.

She got stuck behind the washer this morning...good thing I was home late and could rescue her. You would think we had a young cat the way she investigates everything!

Cool and now she has a home for life. Lucky girl. The hamster is called a Black Bear hamster because he really looks like a little bear. So cute!

Destiny and friends,


Very pretty color! Thanks Becky and great to have you back!

Thanks Jessica. It’s great to be back my friend. Absolutely. Becky

Hi Becky!!! So good to see you here again. Good words you share today. This is the very thing that I've been thinking about.

Great to hear from you! Congratulations on your 1 year. Just had mine a week ago or so as well. Aren't we the lucky ones!


mark, it’s always so great to hear from you even if you left me in the smoke, lol.

How can one year fly by so freakin quickly?

Question? What did you mean by: This is the very thing that I've been thinking about? Fill me in? I’d like to hear?

Again, super great to hear from you.

Love yah!


Oh, just that I'm still here. Struggles like everyone but not giving up!

That’s the spirit my friend.

Have you read some of Nathaniell’s posts at all?


I don't think so. I'm not as active in WA as I used to be. I do like running across old friends here like yourself, and saying a few words.

Well than hello again my favourite person. (No joking either.)

To find him go to the Wealthy Affiliate’s search bar and type in Nathaniell. His name and picture are the first one that appears.

He looks young and has short dark hair.

Check him out and read some of his posts. It’s all full of tips, tricks and other great reads. I like him.

Let me know how it goes. Get back to me. K?

I just checked it out and his face is the first one to appear. His recent post is something about seasonal websites.

Talk to you soon.

Your friend,


Wow, you are right! He does have some really good stuff. Well, he did the time and now is reaping the benefits. Nice that he shares his knowledge with us. I will definitely be reading more of his posts and training.

Thank you Becky!!! You are AWESOME!!!

Talk about good reading, I KNOW, lol. It’s really tasty. Have fun my friend. And you’re even more awesome and I’m happy we met.

I believe mark. I believe.

Your friend,


P.S. Talk to you soon.

Hi, Becky. You wrote a great post here. Your style is open, honest, and engaging. Just remember, even Nathaniell started at the beginning. We all srart there. You’ll do fine if you believe in yourself and keep moving forward. All the best.

Thank you so very much for your kindness. It’s been an uphill battle some days. But anything worth having takes work.

Rome was not built in a day and thanks again for your kind words and stopping by to respond.

We really do need each other.

Anytime that I may be able to be of support give me a shout.

Kindly and respectfully,


Yes, we all begin at the very same place. Even our friend Nathaniell. Have a super awesome night or day. Depending on when you receive this reply.

Thank you for sharing your 1 year experience and your ups and downs. It all helps.


Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

I’m about to listen to some Wealthy Affiliate training. Maybe write a bit of content. Who knows. One thing is for sure. I believe.

Wishing you great success.



I believe. Great blog.

I found Wealthy Affiliate in 2013 - but never really got started until 3 weeks ago tomorrow. I do have multiple streams of income from affiliate marketing - before I came back to WA - so I know it's possible.

I want to 10x my income so I can retire my husband, pay off bills and travel in style. We all have dreams and places we are in our business, our goals and our thinking.

Negative thoughts are like poison. Focus on your goals and keep on plugging along. I am cheering for you.

I believe too.


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