IPad injuries - How to avoid it from happening to you

Last Update: August 14, 2017

Hi guys,

As a part-time online business owner/builder, blogger, and an entrepreneur, I thought that it was my responsibility to let you like minded entrepreneurs, know about what is working for me thus far, what is not working for me, what exercises I do before and after an online IPad session (which usually turns into a "typing marathon," over here at the "Wealthy Affiliate University of learning,") and simply just a follow up from the last post. I do not want anyone to experience this kind of pain, EVER!

Tips and tricks

First off, do not hold the iPad for an EXTENDED period of time. Place the iPad on a table which has a flat surface, preferably on an angle (this is where the original iPad case comes in handy,) but do not hold the device consistently by itself in your hands.

As a reminder this applies to your iPhone as well......remember to stretch, and crack whatever needs cracking in terms of moving and manipulating your skeletal areas. This is extremely important. IPads and iPhones operate much differently than a computer, however, computers cause different health issues all on their own, such as having Carpal Tunnel in the wrists etc.

I don't own an iPhone, but my husband does and he is complaining (slightly) about having pain and stiffness in his one shoulder. He is on his iPhone ALOT, whether he's texting or talking. Plus, if your always holding a device, (swiping and or texting,) I can see how this injury can become Chronic. But, I just asked him if he has pain still and he says very little because he applies the stretching exercises and pays attention to his body.

So, try your best not to sit for too, too, long, and always remember to keep your body loose, occasionally moving every 15 minutes and staying well stretched, EVEN IF YOU EXPERIENCE NO PAIN WHATSOEVER.

Try to do some exercises before and after your iPad/iPhone sessions. Such as shoulder and neck rolls, stretch your arms across your body, holding for 30 seconds, tricep stretches, arm circles while bending at the waist. and pressing your shoulder blades together. Basically making sure to just STRETCH and to stay limber.

It's also suggested to keep your core tight which promotes good posture.

What's that saying?, "An ounce of prevention is better than an ounce without." Something like that.

Last, but not least, and extremely important purchase an iPad stand as mentioned previously or an iPad case. The iPad stand works great, but there is a lip on it where the iPad sits, and it impedes the typing of the text. Some have this lip, others do not. As well the iPad stand basically is for watching online movies and great for in the kitchen when your cooking with an online recipe. (Leave this one for dinner and a movie night, so to speak.)

Where as the iPad carrying case has a wedge which allows you to adjust the height of the iPad and the iPad lies flat like an actual keyboard thus 100% of our time is sitting and typing. The iPad case does a body good!

As well with a iPad stand your wrists are somewhat bent and a bit higher up than an iPad case, is vertical, thus placing more strain on your upper body, neck and shoulders.

I own both of the products I enjoy them both.

With that being said, please manage to take breaks every 15 minutes, and making sure to place a pillow behind your back AND remember to STRETCH.

Happy iPad typing guys. Remember these injuries can be prevented by following a few safety rules. It helps! And that's what we are supposed to do.

So, if you know of anyone that has an iPad or an IPhone "guys and gals," as Paul Goodwin says, "guys and gals,"......"like, who does not own one of these devices?" Inform them! Send the below links to them, use them yourself, especially the YouTube video exercises. I just did the stretches from the below video link, and I've never had so much relief. I'm so grateful.

I can now hear my typing teachers voice reminding me of these tips. It's been so long since I've even thought about my typing teacher, lol, imagine that? What harm can an iPad do? It's light, it's easy to carry, " Oh, boy was I mistaken, lol!"

At any rate, I've found some helpful links that you can read up on and do take the time to read them and do watch the video tutorial because they can save you a lot of trouble in the future. Take this very seriously iPad and iPhone users because it's very real and can be very serious if not taken seriously. I believe this can be corrected with time but avoid this place at all costs.

Please continue to educate yourself!

Yes, educate yourselves because there is so much to learn. Knowledge is powerful!

We are in this together!






The YouTube video link would not take for some reason, so please do a manual Google search for the below video stretching exercises.

Stretch for fingers, shoulders, and neck for heavy iPad/iPhone users by Upright Health

Becky :)

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Swangirl Premium
I don't have an iPad and I don't do any work on my iPhone so I have not had these problems. I remember getting very stiff and sore when I did spend more time on my phone.

I do however have a desk job at a computer (I have two monitors to give you an idea of how much I am on the computer). I know I get SOOOO sore when I am tired and brace myself up on my arms during the day instead of sitting back. It makes my shoulders knotted up for days afterward.

I have a weak core which is a vicious cycle with my health problems. I have learned to tilt the seat of my chair up in the front just a tad and tilt the seat-back back a bit when I am working for a long time at the computer. This way I am not hunched over and killing my shoulders and I am well supported with good lumbar support. It is not how you are 'supposed' to sit but with all my health problems that affect joints, tendons, muscles and my spine, I have to adjust!

People really should take your advice about stretching etc. ! Good for you for sharing. I hope you are feeling better!
5-qpq Premium

It's always a pleasure chatting with you.

Yes, the phones and pads are great, and without proper care they really are rough on your body.

Everything that I could do wrong, I did, thus the result of a Frozen Shoulder.

It's interesting that you felt some stiffness and soreness when you spent periods of time on the your phone.

Thanks for sharing, and, remember to always take care of yourself.

Having a Frozen Shoulder is not nice, and hopefully it will unthaw. (And it sounds like you can relate.)

Even now, I'm sitting at the table, a pillow behind my back and I so want to have a different location such like the couch and not bother with any rules, actually. Unfortunately, iPad, phone, etc, don't care, lol.

My core is not that tight, either. I'll have to work on that one.

Until, next time Jessica!

Onwards and upwards, my friend.

MKearns Premium
The ergonomics of these devices are not perfect Becky!
5-qpq Premium
You got that right, lol.

WilliamBH Premium
Great info Becky .. Cheers, William.
5-qpq Premium
Cheers William!

Always, stretch my friend, no matter how you feel.

Take care of yourself!

RikaSF Premium
Great info Becky. Thanks for sharing:)
5-qpq Premium

I so hope your doing great! And your so very welcome. This blog is necessary and I'm happy that you were able to take something from it.

Remember, to always stretch and remember to move often.

markr0675 Premium
Hi Becky,
Yes knowledge is power. You are giving some great info here.
I'm sue this will help others. Good Stuff!!!! Who would have known the issues you can get from using these devises!

I hope you are doing better. You are right, surgery is NOT the way to go if it can be avoided, as you mentioned in before.

Wow! What a writer you are. I wish I had that skill.
Thanks for sharing this valuable info. People should really take note.

See you round :0)
5-qpq Premium
Hello, Mark, mark,

I'm almost tempted to switch my emails back, on, I really miss you guys, lol.

Yes, these devices can cause havoc on the body especially if you do not respect the rules.

I'd spend hours on the pad, like, in weird, weird, locations. I'd work on my bed for hours, play games for hours, lie on the couch, swipe, swipe, swipe. Yadda, yadda, yadda!

As I was telling Jessica, I broke all the rules, lol. There should really be a warning label on the devices, I'm not joking Mark.

I'm hoping with time that I'll be able to get the use back in my right arm. It really is stuck, darn thing!

It's getting much better. And by applying these rules, it's loosing up, but I really have to work at it. The shoulder always wants to return back to where it does not want to co-operate. I just hope it's not permanent. So, sooner than later would be just perfect. But, it's feeling better and has more movement, so I think that it's just going to take time.

Sometimes, I have to take a broom behind my back, while using the other hand and pull the injured shoulder to stretch it out. Sounds kinda grouse, but it really does do the trick. I have to break down the collagen that seems to have settled around the muscle. True.

It's not fun at all, so, please do stretch and move around even if you don't feel any reason too. Just to keep everything supple and loose. If your on a computer, do wrist exercises, Google about these things, just to be safe!

I hope your well and doing great you great writer that you are.

See, I feel I have to get up and move myself around for a bit.

Bye for now, my friend,

markr0675 Premium
I hope you turn on your email. I always love hearing from you Becky!
5-qpq Premium
Your a hard sell my friend and ditto!

Kindest regards,

markr0675 Premium
What? What does that mean Becky, lol!

:0) Luv ya!
5-qpq Premium
Your adorable and back at yah.

Wishing you a successful, awesome, (and conquering all your planed out achievements/dreams) for your week.

Becky :0))
markr0675 Premium
Thanks Becky! Not feeling it so far this week. We'll see !
5-qpq Premium

Just realized I have a notification button, dah, lol!

I hope your doing great even if this reply is 12 days old.

Becky :0)
markr0675 Premium
Hi Becky! Yes doing good. Total.revamo of my site has me busy, as does my job. My site is under construction right now so you cant see it. Hooe to have it back live maybe today. Check every now and then. Id love to have your opinion.

Hope you're doing well girl! Its always great to hear from you:0)
5-qpq Premium
And the same to you my friend. I'd love to see your revised website, keep me posted and let me know when it's secured.

With pleasure,

Becky :0)
5-qpq Premium
Yes, in addition, if anyone can do it, it would be you, man, your driven!