EXTRA LUNCHBOXES - CHALLENGE; could this save our hungry children? Inspiring post

Last Update: June 30, 2016

How easy is this....? Could this be the next global phenomenon?
Yes charity can be easy, and yes it CAN and should start from home... lets think more about what we CAN do.... and less about the 'problems or barriers to success'. Why not collaborate and create solutions from our own homes... grass roots ... solutions for local problems.

Who is guilty of overthinking problems?

LUNCHBOXES for Schoolchildren... CHALLENGE

Our schools LOVE the idea of sending an extra healthy lunchbox with our school children - Fairhaven primary in Te Puke have started the ball rolling... by putting a request out in their newsletter this week for ANY families who can or want to pack an extra healthy lunchbox for their child to hand into their teacher or office to be distributed to any hungry children... I just have to share this message received from one of our teachers today...

"You should have seen the look on the two kids faces when I gave them your lunchboxes yesterday! Could eyes get any bigger!!! They were so surprised and it was like they'd won a big prize. I don't know who they are even as I'm pretty sure they are new to our school. Thanks very much and keep up the good work - you've done amazing job of getting the word out about families in need. You people who are making the dinners are legends - Its in the newsletter and we'll see what happens from now on. Thanks a lot - its good work you are doing".

This is what it is about... 'NO BLAME - NO SHAME'... no one should ever go hungry in the bay of PLENTY... or anywhere in New Zealand, or the world for that mater.

... How easy is this to help feed hungry children in our community.... all we need is to save our ice-cream containers... Share the resources we have, and pack an extra healthy lunchbox - get your child to take to the school office for any hungry children... if every class provided 2 - 3 extra lunchboxes regularly wonder if this would be the most simplest solution to help families who are struggling at the moment. Remember the last days before pay is especially difficult for most families.

Welcome to share this idea with your own local community. I know a lot of countries have 'school cafeterias' but here in New Zealand it is parents responsibility to send children with food for their school day - unfortunately many families here and around the world are living below the poverty line, resulting in many families struggling to provide there own with the basic necessities of life; food, shelter, warmth, safety, and someone who gives a damm! Lets see who else can take up the EXTRA LUNCHBOX for school children CHALLENGE.

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Loubelle Premium
That's fantastic. Thanks for sharing
JudeP Premium
What a fab idea! :)
Ultimateless Premium
This is brilliant Tracey.....thanks for sharing!
Loes Premium
It' s a great initiative, but I am sorry it is needed, Tracey
zoeccess Premium
Thank you for this great idea!
4GoodBuy Premium
Thank you- collaboration again is the key, following with interest