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Last Update: Aug 18, 2015


Hey guys,

I just wanted to say that I've read from other people before that they aren't too happy about the responses they got from the site feedback feature, in the siterubix section.

I was lucky the first time I tried it, when I was still very new to WA.

Now that I'm in my 3rd month I am looking for some constructive feedback or criticism but both times I've gotten very poorly written answers that didn't help me out at all.

There should be a minimum answer of 100 words or something plus a certain level or rank that should be able to comment on each other site.

I try to give back valuable and constructive feedback to my community but often get back 1 liners as a result.

Slightly unfair if you ask me ;)

Just wanted to point that out!


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In my opinion the "one liners" and other shallow comments come when people do not give the proper attention to the site they are commenting on. Proper attention in my opinion means that you thoroughly go through the site,visit every page, give special attention to some of these areas;
Layout: (How well is the site laid out in terms of design to arrest attention?
Navigation: ( how easy is it to find your way around the site?)
Article content: (are the articles engaging? rich? relevant?)
Theme: ( is the theme consistent throughout the site?)
Advertisement: how well is it monetized through proper ad placing but not overkill?
Feel: Is the overall sight compelling enough to stay or re-visit?

This format is not written in stone but I think we can agree that if most people used half of this as a guide and followed through, they would have to shorten their comments because they would have too much to write about.
Whenever I visit a site i try my best to do a thorough job so that I can do justice to the comments I place, and I try to be as constructive with my criticism as well, likewise I am open to that same kind of critique when others view my site.
Lets help each other by giving the proper attention to site comments because those comments determine to a significant degree,the rankings, and eventually monies our sites will earn.

Very well said Clyde. I think the list you just named is a very thoughtful and thorough one.
I too provide a deep analysis on all the points I can possibly think of. I try to put myself as the creator behind the website to see where I would put effective changes on my site.

And the fact that I am an outside observer helps to see things the creator can't. Therefore we should give back what we can. It only takes a few minutes of the day and it is hours if not days of work done with one feedback.

I like the idea that you have to be of some sort of rank to give feedback and comments. Except, maybe, that this is how people earn their rankings! (Maybe some kind of seniority ranking, like minimum of 4 months at WA?)

That sounds like a good idea :) I was thinking of something like that actually

Not sure what it is that some people believe is site feedback and why they believe it. I agree with you that it is unfair when they give 1 line or sometimes just 1 word in response. It should be part of the training that when you are giving feedback your answer should contain feedback on all aspects of the site.
There should be some kind of list of questions they need to answer in order for it to be of value for the person who really just wants to know more about their site and if it is or is not something people will read and respond to.

Well said San!
I think the list type of concept is a good start for improvement!

Good idea . . . like a form or outline.

There is a minimum word requirement within the SiteFeedback platform. There is also the opportunity to get further engagement and further feedback through the reply. If you are unhappy with the feedback that you get within the platform, I would recommend that you let people know and ask them questions pertaining to your site to initiate more feedback.

I did, thanks for the suggestion! Don't get me wrong, I think the feature is a good concept but some people seem to be a bit lazy with it!

Agreed. I ALWAYS follow-up with any feedback I receive with a reply. If it's a one-liner I try my best to bite my tongue, but I usually say something along the lines of "Thanks for taking all that effort to look at my site and leave a comment." (tongue-n-cheek).

If it's a comment that really "fails", I just wont' approve it, but I may get in touch with the person who made it.

People should begin to understand that the Site Feedback and Site Comments sections, though wonderful tools, are just a stepping stone to what comes next, audience participation!

Prepare yourself for the REAL comments that are coming. This is just a taste and way to build initial rank, but only a slice of the pie you're going to be dealing with in the future.

There will never be that "perfect comment" or "awesome feedback", in fact as your site builds traction, you may even be a lure to trolls and haters. Prepare yourself for how you're going to handle negative reviews and comments also!

Hi, Esteban. I have only used the SiteRubix comment site once. My experience was just OK. I may be wrong, but I think there is a 250-word requirement. As for limiting the ranking, I think that you need a comment from anyone who is viewing your site. You are going to have people from all over the spectrum looking and you need to know what the reactions are going to be. That being said, a quality comment is the most helpful. If someone is going to take the time to view your site, at least they can do is give you a comprehensive review.

I don't know if "qualifying" someone will help you on this issue, some probably are wanting to "ask" and have to "offer" first to build credits... that is probably some of the reason, other times the site is so perfect, even I have a hard time giving any offer of improvement.

If a site is really good I usually tell them which bits I really liked. But I still make an effort to write it out nicely and not just a quick line saying: "really like your site keep up the good work" type of comment. I mean I obviously appreciate everything I get but I could use a bit more than that :D

Telling people what you like about their site isn't helpful, so this is part of the problem as well. It is constructive feedback that will lead to people being able to improve their site, you can let them know that overall it is good but here are a few things that they can improve upon...

Makes perfect sense. It is meant to be a critique and not to preserve their ego. Criticism is a good thing if it improves something and is not a judgement call.

I have used the site feedback system only 1 time and it was to give feedback not get feedback.
I took the time to look over the site and wrote quite a bit in my response.
Perhaps in the future, WA will revamp the system similar to site comments where you will have to write a certain amount before your feedback is accepted by the system.

That's what I usually do when I give feedback. I take my time and write several points I feel are necessary to improve the site or which I found particularly good.

You have this right "-) to write several points that are observations you have for improvement or that you found good is the goal of the internal WA feedback thread. I'ts feedback that serves a purpose. Why write anything at all if it doesn't serve a purpose. I have always felt that a pat on the back is only as good as that moment in time, and too many pats tend to morph one's perspective. I'm the person who didn't look for awards in my career, just wanted to do my job and do it well and see the results in the people I served.

I hope you will give the Site Rubix comment feature a chance to serve your needs. It has given me good comments that serve my site well, even though in a couple of instances the commenter had no personal need or experience with the subject of my post. The idea is to create activity on our website with this new feature, not get feedback on if the post is well written, or organized, or has enough images or not enough, or to move something here or there. or change the color of the font....or whatever.

I like to think of it this way....the comments left in the SiteRubix feature are meant to go into our websites and to boost our activity there, not comments on how we are doing with applying what we have learned.

I hope this is helpful.


You're right Esteban, one liners are really disrespectful if you ask me so it's a pity that others have felt it ok to leave you just that.
Screams of "haven't read the post" and "copy and paste" to me....very poor!

That's exactly how I felt. Ah well just have to move forward I guess!


I am sorry you got poor feedback ; my experience with the comment feature in the siterubix section is on the contrary excellent. I always receive more comments than I asked for and people have so far made the effort to ask questions or share relevant and interesting thoughts.

I agree that this is a take and give thing and when people decide to leave us comments they should do it properly or not do it at all... but nothing's perfect...

I hope you will be more satisfied in the future!
Cheers =)

Hmm maybe I just got unlucky. Thanks for your insights :)


Understood :-)

In all honesty though, it is probably due to the fact that we are all working on building our sites and reputations that most of us just do not jhave there spare the time.

I notice that your name does not seem to appear anywhere... might that have something to do with it?


I guess we are all aiming for perfection but especially with tasks like these we should be taking the time to give and take. Otherwise the who concept is a bit pointless :)

As for my name I am a bit confused? It should be on my WA profile as well as at the end of every post on my website.



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