Weight loss is nothing new folks! A short and fast synopsis all in one right here!

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I wanted to share with you my thoughts on this subject. I am 64 and getting older. Over the years I have "learned," noticed the used the word learn because I thought I knew everything I needed to know about losing weight or should I say get skinny.

OHhhhh boy was I wrong. Have you heard of the American Diet? Anybody?

It's very simple, this diet recommended by "I don't know who" said to lose weight you need to eat less and exercise more. Simple to understand right. I know us humans till this day believe that stuff. Why? Because when I go to work I go on a long straight an away road, and I see lots of big people jogging on the sidewalk. Yes I do see some who are slim, etc. I shake my head and in my mind I feel it ain't gonna work for them. In my humble opinion.

People in our society believes this fallacy, OK I cannot lie or half-lie, there are success stories but, to me, in the big percentage of things this diet does't work, sorry.

I can hear you say, "Frank now you got my guts stirred, I want to argue with you with my success story." Hold on there my dear friend, I'm talking about the majority. A guess on my part, 1 1/2 percent will make this a success story, but the majority, nope, no way, nada, waste of precious effort, why they can learn a better way.

Umm.....so why am I saying this. Ready? Here goes.

Remember what I said, eat less ( of any kind of food and exercise more) Well, that can't be true. Yes, that is not possible and hear's why.

Eat less does not mention selective eating. Yup, you heard it right. Did anybody say to you eat "certain" kind of foods and exercise? BET NOT MY DEAR FRIENDS. Big trouble for you if you did not hear this important advice and hear's why.

Because you ain't eating the right foods, sure eat less "appears" to make lots of sense. What kind of foods.

Now going forward it's all science folks. Not to worry I'll make it simple so you can understand. I hated science, but when dealt with my health and it does't work I get a little pissy. Enough of my anger. Please for give me, I get really involved in this subject because I wasted too much time I went on this stupid diet-plan and always gained back my weight.

Here's the science in case you wanna learn, if not please stop reading, but the truth must be heard. If you're not a Rocket Scientist rejoice, you can learn it right here.

Your body have 2 ways of getting energy so you can walk, run, weight-left, drive your kids to school and to fight with your neighbors, etc., etc.

The truth is folks and this is a biological fact. YOUR BODY IS ALWAYS EATING 24/7 remember this because like me, I forget. So please seer it in your brain cells. If you understand this it'll make it really easy for you to visualize what is happening to you.

1) Sugar foods,

such as Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, bakery -pastries, rice, potatoes, oranges, tangerines, teriyaki sauce, raisins, nectarines, grapes, Nestle's cocoa, Ghiradeli chocolate, etc. etc. The list goes so long it can reach the horizon, that has sugar.

Another word for the above is called CARBOHYDRATES. When consumed it immediately burns into energy but get these folks and this is a big get this. NOT ALL OR MAYBE ALL GOES STRAIGHT INTO YOUR FATCELLS. You can see it around the stomach like mines, around the arms, legs, face, better stop there.


There is this fat hormone you may be aware of it's called, insulin. Yep, bet you didn't know that's really a good description of what it is. When you eat carbs, please refer it to the above listings I shared. This hormone insulin that originates from your pancreas shoots into your system to clean out the sugar from the blood. Next it stores it into your fat cells, as a reserve.

"Reserve for what, you say???" For when you need it. This is the hint for you to get in your head. It will get clearer and clearer as I move along. Below will pull the cover off this secret not many people know or understand.

Another source of energy is from the fat you accumulated through your adult years. I was 117 lbs, 5'-8" tall. As I got older say in my early 30s, I was about 125-130 lbs. I got married and weight at the time 145 at age 36. When in my 40 I plumped up to 155-160, not healthy. At age 47 I was a whopping 230+ lbs. This is when I learned about how the body works. I had to. I could honestly be described by anyone who saw me as a "large guy." lols.

2) Your body gets energy from your body fat.

Nah you say! Don't lie to me Frank.

No it's backed by science folks no need to argue with me it's all there in science and research articles on this subject. You actually drain your fat by avoiding carbohydrates. Your weight will naturally drop off. No fad diet or pills needed. Just understand how your body work, that's all.

So what are these foods that fall into non-carbohydrate foods or non-sugar foods?

Here's my list, ready!

All types of meats, can be Vienna sausage, spam, fish (eat the skin), chicken, (eat the skin), eggs as much as you like (eat the yolk), cook with animal fat (keep the monounsaturated that drains from the meat, pour it into a cup and use it later to cook with) Bacon(keep the oil) and mix it with the left over oils. Pork, etc. you get an idea, does't your.

Veggies to eat on this no-carb diet. Cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, herbs and spices. Stay away from corn and carrots, remember this. They both have sugars in it. Have you heard of "High Fructose Corn Syrup" take a wild guess why it's called that.

Fruits? Anything that says berries at the end; Strawberries, blue berries, rasp berries, black berries, No cherries, grapes, the rest are full of sugars.

Oils? Animal fat, coconut oil, Use olive oil on salads, high temp breaks down the molecular structure of this oil. Avoid unsaturated fats like polyunsaturated fat (veggie oils), transfats-hydrogenated fats. Go study what that is, too long to explain here.

Sooooooooooooo how does it happen Frank? Well I guess I have to tell you. When your body gets free from eating carbs for 72 hours(3 days) your body goes into what scientist calls "Lypolysis Ketosis" no worries it simply means "Fat burning mode."

Where does your fat leave your body? Through your urine and breathe. No joke though your mouth. Warning when on this way to losing weight take a little breath freshener, will make acquaintances happy.

What are the side effects? AWESOME ENERGY, LIKE YOU'RE A KID AGAIN, EVEN LOOK YOUNGER, TOO. I'm 64 it didn't affect my looks, still ugly.

Your well-being will go out the roof, I mean sky-high, Your focus will be sharp at any age. Your emotions will settle down, not as emotionally off-the-handle. Your weight loss will be just the gravy. Again, your high-energy will be your top priority. ALL IS GOOD FOLKS, ALL IS GOOD.

I slimmed down to 165 lbs. Now too, remember it's a constant
struggle. My weight see-sawed between 180 to 195. Sugar foods are very
addictive and I can easily jump off the wagon.I hope what Is share with you will work for you, it did me.

Love you all my WA members, I do mean it.

To your health for 2019!


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Recent Comments


Hi Frank, great blog post :)
I stumbled across your article on here as I'm researching a fairly new product to the market (around Ketones) and wondered if you had any thoughts about Keto Diets and how they stack up compared to other weight loss programs. It would be great to connect with you and chat some more about your experiences with WA as well as how this fits with your chosen niche. Best wishes for 2019. Cheers, Karen

Karen you got good eyes. How you found this post is beyond me. Yes, I had a stroke 17 years ago and my Doc recommended the Atkins Diet. Boy did he get attacked.

Well guess what he was right and of course this was not new to the health industry as you might know by now, if not go check out Nina Teicholt, I think that's how you spell her name.

She has lots to say about the facts that are now being debunked by Researchers, Docs and people like Nina and Gary Taubes.


Good for you Karen, yes I am on Facebook on my Frank page. Connect with me there at Frank Uratani, I'd be happy to invite you in. I am sharing my experiences there on my Carnivore Diet.

So far nobody contested me, of course I provide lots of videos from YouTube by famous people. At least my famous people that played a part in my life.

Yes lets connect Karen happy to talk story with you.

I'm not a ketone product fan, but I just eat MEAT AND FATS.

My numbers are all good but one....my trigs have gone off the roof. I don't understand it. I will find out.

Thank you for posting Karen. Mighty fine talking with you!

Ohhh yes this place is the best place to create your website. Good support and WA members help a lot, to me.

How long have you been here? Anyways great talking with you and make it more often Karen!


Hi Frank,

I actually did a search for diets and your info came up. Thanks so much for your reply. I have just started on the Pruvit Keto OS supplement to support my get healthy efforts and have been stunned by the results. There is a 'community marketing business model' that I'm trying to get my head around, once I have done so, I'm going to write up a review of my findings on my MMO website.

Anyway, the whole cutting out of carbs and sugar has fascinated me as there seems to be a ground swell of evidence to support a low carb no sugar approach to food, and I've seen my son enjoy amazing health benefits by following this type of lifestyle, albeit sometimes I wonder if the Keto diets are quite extreme and restricting?

My approach has been more simplistic than that - just cut out bread, pasta, processed sugars, exercise daily, plenty of water, no soda or alcohol and taking daily ketones. At the time of writing, I'm 13 days into my 'experiment' and have lost 3.8kgs.

But even more importantly, is how much better I feel. I'm more focused, less 'sluggish' and have so much more energy. If this is directly based on making those small changes, then I'm sold!

Please reply with a link to your FB page, and I'll follow you there.
Here's mine if you are interested...

Great to connect and thanks again for all the information.
Cheers, Karen

Ahhh you have experienced 'epiphanies' very good! You are heading in on the right track. Glad you help guide your child towards this diet. This is amazing stuff Karen.

You are helping mankind to live longer, I have no doubt in my mind this stuff is for real. Surround yourself with information Karen, more info. more power to you.

Your job is to reach out to the world community as well as your family and friends. Most don't know it. You are fortunate to 'know' what is happening. You are now aware of the bigger picture and that is soo important.

Why? Because you and I and so many of the public have been, I would be so bold to say, 'Lied to!' Not that for some are intentional but maybe were simply WRONG.

Then again, the big Pharmaceuticals, Food Industries, etc., don't want what you know. Why? MONEY! You know that Karen.

A small problem we have Karen is most Docs don't learn nutrition as much as they would need to know. Yet they so easy to give drugs to TREAT people.

We have a problem.

Sorry Karen, I went into a tangent. We can talk story on facebook.
This subject is so important and you should do a website just for this Karen. More power to you! Good job!


Thanks Frank... just had a response from another member advising me that Keto is a fad and dangerous to be avoided at all costs. I'm still doing all my research and I'm tending to agree more with your thoughts, but how do you respond to negativity like that?

Good question, here's a video that agrees with me. His name is Butter Bob. Yes I like this guy cause those who don't know have vented on him. He makes a great approach to them.

Karen this is not new and it is not a fad. It is interesting who says this nonsense, to me, it's from those who are affiliated with the junk food industry (on their payroll) again Big Pharma, etc.

A famous celebrity Jilian Michaels who was on the 'Biggest Loser' TV show. Who preaches the Standard American Diet which is exercise more and eat less. NO WORK KAREN, ALL BULLSHIT.





There are some who would say we all need carbs. BULL, THE BODY CAN PRODUCE SUGARS EVEN IF YOU DON'T EAT IT.

They say it's dangerous because ketones are released. Another bull. They scare you with words that means 2 distinctly different things. Here are the 2 words.



The first is ketones it is released by the body, when sugar doe not exist. The body makes a metabolic switch. A safe process.

The second is when you abuse your body will tons of insulin released over a long period of time and the body becomes hyperinsulinism, which means the body no longer can clean the body and so the BODY ROTS AND ORGANS FAIL AND THE PERSON COME THIN AND DIE.

Karen those who don't know think, ketones and ketoacidosis are one and the same so they say IT IS DANGER AND IT CAN SCREW UP YOUR BODY MAKING IT DEADLY.

Simply Karen they don't know what they're saying. Don't tell them that but just agree and walk away. And quietly say to yourself,

Ohh another is your brain needs sugar, the first point I mentioned about your body can produce sugar can help supply the brain with sugar. GUESS HOW MUCH SUGAR YOUR BRAIN NEEDS TO HELP IT? Take a wild guess ONLY 3% SUGARS.

So Karen they simply don't know, yes you can call them
DUMBASSES. Please don't let your child read this, thank you!

Aloha and Mahalo from freezing cold Hawaii low 50oF and you thought you had it bad. lols =)


Did you ever read the backside of products what is inside? Especially the ones you may use to cook your meals.

It are not just the sweets containing sugar, no they even put it in products you can just scratch your head and say, "Why are they putting sugar in here, not needed, why adding?"

It makes it really hard to avoid eating sugars, it is if they want you to eat it...

Tolinoli, my long lost brother, long time no see. How's your flying saucer been? Anyways, wha??? Oils that have sugar, did I read right? No I didn't notice it.

But you're right and I didn't include the "not to include list" that can spread over a mile or two. Even anything that says "DIET, OR NON-FAT, OR FAT FREE) etc. should not be on this diet.

Why? The food industry, to me, did it intensionally to make the foods taste good by replacing it with 'sugar' and yes get you addicted to their product. NOT GOOD FOR THE BODY!

Why the replacement? Because it's all because when you taste foods that eliminate fat, well you get one lousy tasting product.

That's why NO or NON FAT made the food industry very happy.

Also the SODA INDUSTRY, that's for another story.

Thanks for coming,


Well done, Frank. Both with the weight loss and article that simply describes a ketogenic diet. I lost 20 pounds in 30 days last year doing keto. Unfortunately, I went back to my old carb-eating ways and gained the weight back. But I am back on track, losing 30 pounds in the last 12 months. Eliminating the highly processed carb-laden foods is the key along with more non-starchy veggies, healthy fats, and lean protein. Did I mention eggs? Lots of eggs for breakfast along with sugar-free bacon. My cholesterol number is now 161 and my HDL, LDL, and trig numbers are all improved. By the way, I am 69. So it can be done regardless of age.

It's way past my bedtime here in Hawaii 12:55am, but when I saw your message on my cell phone, I had to come back on my computer. Hate phones, fingers are too fat and I'm too blind to see, slow typing is not my cup of tea.

Anyways my brother, I just had to check you out. 69 and look not a age over 50. Thank you for your kind feedback. So far you are the first who knows what I am saying. I glanced at your name and saw GlenPalo! Did "Palo" mean Paleo? If not I would be surprised after your clear message of your successes on the diet.

I knew for sure this man "knows!" haha!!!! Good!

Proud of you my brother, see I suffered a stroke on eating bad foods. Btw, I didn't know bacon had sugar, yikes. No wonder I ate it this morning and didn't feel I lost any. I can tell, I bloat easily. Thanks for the heads up Glen, I do appreciate it.

I just followed you Glen, no biggie if you don't follow me, I don't care. I do care how you doing. I am so proud of you, this was not easy especially when you had to break habits so ingrained in us through culture, etc. Y'know what I mean!

OK, I must be honest I love rice with raw fish and shoyu. I'm Japanese what you expect!?? I'm sure you had to break some of your addictions too. Ahhhh, but when we do what a joyous experience ain't it Glen.

Mahalo and Aloha my brother from a different Mother. By the way thanks for your service on this great nation.


Thanks for the kind words, Frank.

lol. My family name has nothing to do with Paleo. ;) I am 2nd generation Finnish. Translated to English, it would be 'burn' as in Mr. Burns. Translated in Spanish it would be 'hit.' (same in Tagalog)

I gave up rice, which was difficult, and other starchy food items. This also meant no sushi. I have eaten rice most of my entire adult life. I am married to a Vietnamese. So we buy rice in 25-pound bags. I also gave up soy sauce, including Yamasa shoyu. So now I use coconut aminos as a substitute, which isn't too bad.

Wow I thought I would "YUK" you "raw fish." You come from the same back ground only different lineage. Just fine! lols!! OK, I know have a clear picture of you.
Well, thanks for that info about you my brother. Yes you did change your eating habits. lols!

Mahalo for a little bit of your history Glen. Take care and 'Happy Holidays,' if you celebrate American holidays! lols!


very well written post:) thank you

Why thank you my dear brother, mighty fine to have your positive compliments.

Mahalo and Aloha from Hawaii,


Is a nice change to see a post that took me some time read a lot are nearly like post it notes:) I do enjoy them too just not much to read:)

AWESOME POST!!!!!! Frank shalli I start calling you Einstien. I never looked at it that way but I may be half way there since I am developing my own line of spices to counteract high sodium in most foods that I like. Great job on explaining it to me.

My brother, you have no idea how your spices will blend in with this diet. Like a hand in a glove, it'll be great. Just to let you know This low carb diet is OK to use salt.

See Jerry, salt is beneficial to your health, no joke. When you go on a no-carb diet your body welcomes salt, preferrably sea salt/ mineral salts. Spices that you are working on is just fine, too.

The real problem is when you consume sugar foods, bad things starts to happen. Like heard of "BLOTTING" or "SWELLING" that's the cause.

Most Docs don't tell you that. Have you heard it from your Doc? Chances are you didn't. Why? Because they don't know, now you know. They send you to a Nutritionist and some don't know, too.

What a dilemma, we consumers don't know the real truth.

Some who don't know the heck is going on say,
PRESSURE, Bullshit! Don't believe until you know the real cause,
that's the sugar.

See Jerry sugar stiffles the kidneys to hold water, a scientific fact.
So when you introduce salt, now that's the PERFECT STORM.


I thank you for your compliments, but rest assured your spices are a welcome too. Why? Because you can make meats taste aweful

Take care my brother!


I use one half teaspoon per 3.5 ounces. It tastes great. I have my salt and it seems to be the right balance for my blends.

Great Jerry, wanna get another caricature of you when you decide to go on the diet, let me know.

How you look when/if you want to is nowhere how you will look now. I will show you proof, with a new caricature of you.

I'll put you as a sea diver with a big catch in hand.

Let me know my dear friend, Jerry!


Thanks for sharing, Frank.

Thank you big Roger!

You're welcome, Frank

I had 28 aunts and uncles and six parents/grandparents. They all ate a very, very high fat- low carb diet. What I call "country diet". Lots of eggs, bacon, gravy,full-fat cheese, veggies seasoned with bacon grease, lard (no margarine), and full fat dairy. Their average age of death? About 91.
Sugar, stress, processed foods, fast food, smoking kill you.
Fat is your friend, and so is cholesterol.
The Standard American Diet (SAD) is perpetuated by Big Medical and Big Food to get you sick, then Big Pharma jumps in to get you taking statins and other drugs that you don't need.
Low-fat just means they take the fat out and put sugar in. Slap a label on it says "low-fat" and the lemmings swallow the lie.
I have a ton of blogs coming soon along the lines of this post and a website dedicated to the subjects.

Make a living, make a difference.
Go Keto!

Good luck - its a great niche (although very competitive) so you should do very well in it.

Wow you know it then. You have family history, to back you up.
No belief here just facts please. Good one my brother. Thanks for coming. hee hee. Yes society were fed a big fat lie.

Y'know how fat became the enemy donchaa, Tommy? It started when President Eisenhower suffered a heart attack. America search "high and low" for answers, along came a Minnesota Physicist named Ansel Keyes came famous.

This freakin' Rat Fink, convince America that we must eat less meats and fats and eat more carbs. He made sure he made it "high-carbs" no matter it still makes one fat.

This was the standard theory that brain washed us to eat less fat.
His hypothesis were full of holes. He cherry picked his evidence. He went to countries that shared his theories, excluding ones that contradicted his studies.

He was known in the military service and you probably heard of it called K-RATIONS. K for his last name Keyes, were food prepared for the military packed food. Go look at what they ate.

70% were carbs and a mere 30& or less were real food- meat but soaked in brown gravy, another carb filled with flour and water.

Thank you Tommy, appreciate your input.


Being a Nutritionist helps when you are a Certified Personal Trainer. Few trainers, like American doctors have a clue about nutrition.

Keyes was a moron, but yes you are right. I have a whole series of blogs coming out on the Keto lifestyle and The Great Cholesterol Myth.


Yes, I agree. But because the real truth about diets are so waxed over, most don't know what is real. I was in hospitals for small minor surgeries and so I have had meals. The meals, boy there's room for improvement. Lots of sugar foods, etc.

Hope a nutritionist recommend the meals, I would question them myself.


Hospital food in the cafeterias usually decent. I don't know where those meals they give to patients originate. They make K-rations seem tasty.

Make a living, make a difference.


Bwaha haha ha, You come from experience Mark, nice. If they are required to feed patience this kinds of food, we are in big trouble.

They allow sickness of anykind to thrive. Wow! I'm not sure but could it be that they were prescribed to by "NUTRITIONIST?"

Our future are in the hands of a lie!

imho! I appreciate you coming by my friend, thanks!


wow, all I can say is, if you haven't made a website about this, you should.

It is being filled with content as we speak.

the never ending debate over weight loss.

Now I am not an overweight person - well maybe a kilo or so but definitely not on the obese side and never have been.

I could dispute your claims for days on end except to say that it is way less complicated than what you have written here.

It's a total lifestyle change that is simple to switch to, healthy and easy to maintain.

Diets don't work - end of story.

Yes you may lose some weight but eventually people go back to bad habits.

Just the other day I was watching a YouTube video of a typical street scene in New York City (love that city) taken in the early 40's.

What struck me about the video is that of the thousands of everyday citizens just going about their daily business (and oh my goodness they were well dressed) NOT A SINGLE ONE WAS FAT!

There I used the "F" word.

So ask yourself this - why in the early 1940s and prior were so few people overweight?

And again the answer is simple - processed fast foods, convenience junk!

In writing this I did a quick check on when:

McDonalds first opened - April 1955 (3 days before I was born so don't blame me!)
KFC opened in September 1952

Potatoes and rice (carbohydrates) are not to blame.

Look at Asian cultures (especially those living in rural areas) where the staple is rice. Overall they are not overweight people - but as you move closer to big cities things start to change, both in physical appearance and in health patterns.

Here's another thing to consider - this one about oil.

It takes about 5 kilograms of olives to make a litre of olive oil. By extracting the oil and discarding the fibre we are chucking away the bulk of what nature intended for us to eat.

Let's put this another way - how much space does a litre of oil take up compared to 5 kilograms of olives?

Now do you think your stomach will get fuller with 1 litre of oil or 5 kilograms of olives?

Olive oil is NOT good for you it simply isn't as bad as other oils.

If you're interested in watching a video - go to YouTube and search for "No Oil - Not even olive oil - Caldwell Esselstyn MD"

The trouble with most people is we are so indoctrinated and believe that certain things are quite normal or hereditary that we accept the rubbish that is dealt out to us.

A final note - look at the animal kingdom.
Seen any overweight lions recently, gazelles, bison. monkeys - you get the picture, they eat what nature intended them to eat.

Good health and perfect weight is available to all of us.

But you have to be prepared to accept that the world might not be flat.

Great point Bald Eagle, you have answered some of my points with agreement. just to let you know my dear brother, I was born in 1954, before or near them food companies came along. Why I posted that blog you just read, I suffered a mild stroke when I was 47 years old, that's 18 years ago. I contributed it to my eating habit, I called it a disorder. You may disagree that is fine.

Again, I was 47 years old, slurred, blurred vision and left eye not in unison with my other eye- weird, I was 230+ pounds. When my co-worker notices I slurred he immediately told me to go to emergency or to my family Doc. I believed it was due to being fat! I went to see my Doc and he said he wanted me to read "Atkin's Diet Revolution" a paper back book. Was he worried about him being sued? Y'know even Docs can be blamed for blasphemous recommendations. My brother back in those day there were no such words like paleo diets, Ketogenic dies, etc. Back in the days
people were scared of being sued like Bob Akins himself, a heart surgeon you preached his diet to the world.

Now Bald Eagle, I had no choice, I listened to him and I don't wanna die. Worried, hell yeah. I had an 11 year old daughter and any advice at the time, I followed diet religiously, never mind my concerns of eating too much red meat, a "no-no" at the time in society. Low and behold I lost down to 165 pounds. Not too shabby.

I had no idea my health benefits came back. It worked for me and of course "DIETS DON'T WORK AS YOU BELIEVE" that's quite all right but given the tons of information coming from where ever angles they come, this works for me. Did it go beyond my "belief system?" You bet my brother.

I made sure in these 18 years I discovered a lot, not by books or theories, I used my eyes and look around. I went to supermarkets and made a game for myself. I tried not to look at the person, but to observed what was in their carts. When I saw what they bot, I looked and "felt" that's why they'er fat or thin.

I know you don't have that problem of weight loss, but I don't wanna go into statistics B.E. but if you look around you, I will take a guess for you. You'll see more obese people than not.

Mahalo and Aloha for your views my brother. Thank you so much for you views. Much appreciate it.


We're pretty much on the same page here Frank.
Seems to me you changed your lifestyle quite drastically. Well done to you.

3 years ago I would have bet I wouldn't be alive today and then I changed my eating habits (permanently - not as a 6, 8 10 or 52 week diet) to Whole Food Plant Based No Oil.

Now my concern is living beyond 99!

Seriously if you had a stroke watch that video - if for no other reason than to eliminate it.

All the best my friend


Americans started eating processed food and eating grains. End of story. Human bodies thru evolution have learned to process protein and fat. Carbs and grains entered the picture and heart disease and obesity soon followed.


Sorry Mark mixed you up with Tommy another friend. But you nailed it on the head Mark, we evolved to eat processed food. Grains entered 10,000 years ago. Seems like a long time? Not really, mankind set foot on this land over 1.3 million years ago. So to compare when this foods were introduced it's less then 1/100s of our existance. SMALL! Carbs were, I believe, less than still considered new to human diet. Thank Ansel Keyes that idiot scientist who convinced humans to change there ways, and yet the reality knew more than he did.

Thanks Mark, for more info in my arsenal.


Going to try and finish my first blog today and post it monday.
"From Carnivorous Rabbits to Statins: The Great Cholesterol Myth". Great title huh?

nice I agree, on most of it, lol Well written

Thanks Lenny, I got back on the diet with a little tweeking. I am doing Keto by only eating meat/fat/water. Started on Dec. 1 till now and will continue for 3 more weeks. I lost 23 pounds today Dec. 18-Hawaii time, which makes it 5:44 pm. Have eaten 6 ounces of meat and water with chicken base broth.

Over a pound a day for 18 days.

frank =)

That's good for short term. But from what I have read it's not good for a long term diet. Too much meat is not good for the kidneys and can cause gout. just a couple of facts that I have read

Yes I know the problems, thanks. I have 2 books, you might want to hear these two. 1 is Dr. Hyman, he's on the 'Paleo Life" and "Magic Pill" on Netflex, he's got a book out 'Eat Fat Get Thin" pretty interesting. The other by a science writer/investigator his name is Gary Taubes, he wrote 2 books, "Good Calories, Bad Calories" and "Why We Get Fat and what o do about it." a more layman's style book the previous is a historical study of food and diets. Gary eats bacon and I think eggs.

Just today I met up with a 'Zone Diet" Specialist and she says exactly what you said.

I told her that did she know about the 2009 study at the Stanford Medical School on the 'A-Z Diets' that compared 4 diets. The Atkins, Zone, Ornish (vegan) and the Standard American Diet to make it short, he thought his diet the Vegan Diet would be the winner.

The Atkins win out. I know Lenny about it and my thoughts are if I feel I have done enough to release my fat weight, I will start to bring good-carbs back in my meals. Right now I have a few more pounds to go. My family Doc said to lose the weight to say 155, 1/2 of my meds I might possibly eliminate.

Now that is a goal. At the rate I'm going, I can see a horizon.
I think I can reach it 170 minus 155, my goal is 15 lbs. When I was 193 4 months ago my kidneys were weird. Doc checked me out but don't know the problem. I will see my Doc in a few weeks, with some blood tests I will find out if this drastic weight will play out good or bad.

Thanks for you concern Lenny appreciate your questions, I am taking it seriously.


I'm late on your "return" sorry brother, hey are you done? You should that was 3 days ago you wrote the above. I'll go check it out, brother! I know the answer Mark, but I'll go over your site and read it.

Thanks Mark,


Follow your doctors advice
Once you get to the weight that you want to be then balance comes into play. Eating balanced meals and exercising is the best medicine from what I read. I have studied diets for years, most work well at first but are not meant for long term. Vegan is tough too a lot of people try it but they have to make sure they get your protein. the worst thing we eat as Americans is processed foods. Foods that are stripped of their natural vitamins, good carbs and minerals. Then we try to put it back in mechanically or synthetically. I am going to write a post on this soon , on how bad our food supply is. Most people would be shocked and some wouldn't believe it at all. I just heard the other day about how some food got on store shelves with the wrong labeling, and old fish being sold under the wrong name. Wait for my post I will tell the the truth.

Good health to you Frank sorry for ranting

Quite right about the highly processed food we eat today.

On the protein side of things I always smile at those who say Vegans/vegetarians run the risk of not getting enough protein.

My answer to that ticks over in my brain as I ask myself where do cattle, sheep and chicken (the animals you eat most) get their protein from?
Then if you consider the biggest mammals on earth, elephants, gorillas, buffalo, hippos etc. Mmm ... imagine how strong they would be with a a bit of protein added to their diets.

A final note on Vegans (of which I, as a Whole Food Plant Based, No Oil advocate, am one). They too are susceptible to eating junk food. Just because it isn't meat or dairy doesn't mean to say its healthy. Cauliflower dipped in batter and deep fried is not healthy.

I think the reason that some find it tough to switch is because quite frankly they don't know what to prepare for meals. We are so programmed to have meat on our plate that filling that gap that is there is hard initially. It's like Joey said in "Friends" to someone who didn't have a TV - "What do you point your furniture at?"

No animals have been sacrificed for my Christmas dinner and it feels pretty awesome to be able to say that!

Have Merry Christmas all you WA dieters and followers of this thread.

Throw in some good salad greens and make some homemade dressing with olive oil/vinegar. Chef salads are a Keto staple of mine. And buy a rotisserie chicken, throw it in some chicken stock with some onion, celery, snow peas to enliven the chicken broth.

Great I'll send my $4.99 Costco roast chicken. Not sure I can put in an envelope. Ahhh no biggie, I'll just force it in.

No telling how it'll turn out on your end. Enjoy!

frank =)

Been busy with some projects around the house. Not much writing time this week.

I went over this blog and review these responses. I am sorry I didn't see what you wrote thoroughly. At the time I didn't understand about Statins. but now April 28,2019 I now know about Statins. Dang it Mark Statins are freakin' bad and huge side effects. I been taking it for 17 years. I am not taking it cuz I'm in great shape, with the help of eliminating sugars.

Thanks Mark NOW your post resonates with me now.

The GREAT CHOLESTEROL MYTH is exactly what it is my dear friend!

Take care and Aloha and Mahalo!


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