4 Figures in 1 Year. Finally! (Quick Update)

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Hi WA fam,

This is a quick update on my Amazon niche site.

(I posted a detailed income report on my actual website.)


On October 29, 2018 my Amazon site that I've been working on turned 1 year old.

I was using the "best of" strategy thanks to Dylan's posts/training (@dylanrieger).

  • Traffic: dropped to 200-250 after Google Birthday Update
  • Amazon clicks: between 35-75
  • # of posts: 48

You might be wondering:

How much I made in the last few months?

May 2018: $172

June 2018: $178

July 2018: $270

August 2018: $325

Sep 2018: $522

Oct 2018: $1585 (Thanks to some real high end sales in my niche.)

Gives you perspective, doesn't it?

It feels SOOOOO good to finally be making 4 figures and it took me "only" a year!

Patience, work and proper knowledge on SEO pay off.

Advice for newbies:

- Follow the training.

- Connect with people, ask questions.

- Do the work and be PATIENT. It's a business and it takes some time to take off.

Dig your way to success!


I will likely stop posting monthly income reports, unless I hit some new big milestones to motivate fellow WA'ers.


Let me know if you think whether 1 year is too long/little to be making $1500+?

We all want quick results but I've come to realize that 1 year isn't that long, especially if the first 6 months a new website is in the "Sandbox Period".

And I can only imagine what income I would've made if I had more energy/time to work on my website.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts in the comments and I wish you success on your journey!

- Zarina


To clarify:

I've been here at WA for 3 years but my website that brought me 4 figures is 1 y/o. So, when I started my Amazon site I already had the foundation.

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Congratulations Zarina! This post is no surprise for me and glad you have reached a new milestone! What an October, tripled your income!

That's good you're using this site as your case study for your bootcamp site, it's perfect. But build it into your landing page/WA review, not just as a separate post, where all your visitors need to go to.

Wait a minute, you only have 48 posts in total on this one year old site???

Grace knows about my whole surgery situation and I am certain she didn't mean it in a bad way :)

But yeah last year, I have no idea how I managed to pump out content, I was literally crying every single day for a few months straight. But on the other hand, working on this site even a bit saved me from falling into deep depression. Wouldn't wish it to my worst enemy.


Good thing is that I am feeling a lot better than before and now can invest some $$$ into more physiotherapy, massages etc. to speed up my healing process!

Hi Grace, thank you vm!! You're one of my favourite WA members and it means a lot to have your support :)

Yeah, I definitely need to write a review (I don't even have just a separate post on WA yet). Ugh, I have no idea how you found so much energy to write articles every day! I feel like I am spreading myself thin even though I barely do any work on WA site.

And yes, it's 48 posts in total! But they are certainly high quality, always over 1500+ word for individual reviews and 3500+ for best of posts. Some articles have more than 6000 words.

That's the beauty of using Dylan's strategy, especially if you find low competition keywords!

Can you imagine if I had as many posts as you do on your WA site? (When I publish 500 posts, we'll know for sure haha).

I definitely meant:

"WOW!! HOW ARE YOU MAKING $1.5K with ONLY 48 POSTS??!??!?"

I had HUNDREDS of posts before I broke $1K.

Seeing successes doesn't get old for me, I'm still just like you trying to keep building so seeing such amazing success, I get just as excited as I did when I first started here at WA.

You've also grown to be one of my WA faves, so that makes a difference too. ;)

I've been changing my strategy on my WA site the last couple of months since Vegas, and it's not doing well... well expected drop in everything because I don't want to write product reviews anymore.

It just makes me wonder why I keep going on a competitive niche when I could be just making a new site like yours.

I freaking am able to write a lot so I can dominate any less competitive niche with the way I write so I don't know what I'm waiting for.

I guess there are still things I want to do with my WA site, I want to bring it to a point that I can have conversion rates of 12 - 15% but this may take me another 2 years to do.

I'll just have to start another site slowly I guess, like the way you have done, 4 posts a month.... I can do that right?!

Yeah, I think I remember you saying that you don't want to write reviews anymore since there are some dangerous scammers out there. Honestly, I never liked writing reviews maybe that's why I never really pushed with my old WA site.

Still would be nice to make it to Vegas though!

Honestly, I think you'll kill it with Amazon niche site! 🙌

Dylan's "best of" strategy definitely works, I have a few posts ranking on page 1 but I am fairly certain all those huge sales were from the most ranked post (in position 0 with snippets).

What I am trying to say is that even if you have 1 post out of 50 ranking in position 0, it makes a huge difference and makes 1/3 of the traffic.

You definitely can do it and I will be happy to share everything I learned with my site! 💪

Congratulations Zarina, great to read about your last few months results and success.
This is great inspiration and a boost for me and many others. I just can’t wait to be writing about my similar success at my 1 year anniversary.
All the very best for the next 12 months.
Regards Rob

It's important to do the work though (and have proper guidance). I was at WA since 2015 but only last year started taking my website business seriously and had a certain strategy... I followed Dylan's training, if you don't know what I am talking about:

Congratulations Zarina, I'm so proud of you. You're so young but have that "never quit" mentality which is starting to pay off nicely. I think one year isn't long at all to start reaping the benefits of your work. My daughter was here two years and didn't make a dime.

You're making good time Zarina, hopefully, you'll be making 5 or even 6 figures within the next year. "YOU GO GIRL"

I encourage your daughter to check out Dylan's training: His posts were really the fuel that helped me get started with this site. And once you see small progress you want to keep pushing further.

Thank you for your support, Florencio!

Excellent, well done. This is a great post to all, but especially for the newbies to WA. The challenge in affiliate marketing is to keep going, because everyone can get there with time and effort.They just need to follow the training here at WA and ask questions. Now build your pile into a mountain Zarina. Good Luck -Age-

Exactly. Thank you, Age :)

The moment an email about this pop up on my phone, I feel like Wowww... I know you are making money entirely from Amazon. A little bit different compared to others that making money with WA.

So, after read this, really motivate me to keep doing.

Just a few question, do you sell amazon products that less than $20?

I'm planning to do Arduino/electronics blog that cost around $1-5 per components.

So, a project might cost around $20-50. And I know that average commission from Amazon like 4%.

After doing some calculation, it is not really profitable.

So, should I just stick with this niche?

Hi Muhamad,

Yes, while I have WA site, I decided to focus on Amazon niche site for now to make a consistent income.

Nope, my niche is pretty expensive, medium-high end items (from $500 to $5000). Because of that I can make only a few sales but have higher commissions.

If you have cheap products, it'll take you years to have LOTS of traffic and make that much money.

You'll need hundreds if not thousands of sales of low priced items vs. 100 sales of high end items to make $1500 (like I did in October).

I strongly recommend you focus on a niche with at least $200 per product. Unless you are willing to put it a lot of work and be super patient to break 4 figures. What you can do is stick with the similar niche but choose more expensive products to list.

Personally, when I started my site I purposely looked for medium to high end products niche. It happened to be one I enjoy too.

Just my 2 cents. :)

In same niche but find a little bit pricey product... hmm ok...

I also like electronics product like smartphones, laptops, especially high end laptops. But there are already tons of them in the Internet. Hmm

Yeah laptops is a competitive niche, but if you get even 1 post ranking very well, you can get good commissions. I am fairly certain most of my sales were from 1 highly ranked article.

Great job. Congratulations Zarina

Thank you

Awesome Results ;)

Keep it up the good work!


Obrigada, Pedro! Good to see you :)

That is awesome Zarina. Congratulations and continued success.

Thank you, Michael.

Great results. Congrats!

Thank you!

Congrats Zarina!

Greta, admirable achievement!

Keep up the good work!

Thank you, Zsolt! :)

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