On Page One After 23 Days

Last Update: February 06, 2018

Hi, you all, just a short one. I found my domain name ranked on Google search on the first page on 7th place after only 23 days beeing first launched. YEHHHHH!!!

I looked it up as a in cocnito user, what ever this means lol.

Asuperaffiliate.com, ok there are only 2.7 million competition sites lol.

I think I'ma gonna sleep well tonight.

I worked more than ten hours every day lately, thank you Google!!!

Thank you Kyle for motivateing me joining the super affiliate team.

Thank you my wife for backing me.

Thank you..... lol

Have a great time, it's worth it.

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Tygilbert Premium
That is awesome zappades,thanks for the post.
ChristianT1 Premium
That's encouraging news. Keep up the great work!

Zappades Premium
I'll give it all, it is encouraging. Although the keyword is a very low hanging one, 25 AVG and 5 QSR but still, a stare. and the affiliate university on the same page also only started this year.
Zappades Premium
Thank's yes, keep trafficking the site a bit more lol, that gives Google trust :)
beachwood Premium
Very cool! It looks like whatever you are doing is working! So keep on keepin' on!

keithgravlee Premium
That's great news!