My First Month Progress Report...

Last Update: November 18, 2013

Today marks my 1st month anniversary as an affiliate and a WA student so I decided to do a quick progress report to share with you guys and to have something to look back on.

Here is what I've done in 31 days:

  1. Signed up to WA and after 5 days I went premium
  2. Choose a sub-niche that I was comfortable with
  3. Purchased my domain name
  4. Created and customized my website to my liking
  5. Designed and uploaded a header for my website
  6. Added about me and private policy pages
  7. Added content to my pages
  8. Signed up to affiliate programs and added a few to my site.
  9. Wrote 1 review
  10. Posted articles in Street Articles
  11. Signed up to amazon and added items to my site
  12. Signed up to Ad sense and the ads are now live on my site.
  13. Created my facebook fan page, tweeter account and G+ account for my site.
  14. Joined forums related to my niche
  15. Completed 3 of the getting started course and half way through the 4th one
Over the last month, I've learnt so much from WA, WA family and from my own research. I never for once thought I can build a website and understand a few things about plug ins and codes. I even figured out most of the Adsense stuff.

I haven't made any money as yet but that is not my main concern right now. I want to have a very strong foundation and have everything in place before I start marketing on a bigger scale. I want to make sure my auto-respond is set up first so that I can start building my list. I will be working on this next week hopefully.

So that's it. On to the 2nd month.

Thanks for reading


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olujade Premium
Hood job Yuwn you have achieved a lot in one month and I see you making money soon.
Yuwn Premium
I am honestly not too concern about the 'making money" part right now. I am aiming for a strong foundation first and then money after.

Thank you for reading my post :)
boomergp08 Premium
Excellent vision Yuwn! Never focus on the money first. Always focus on building the foundation first for a building, a relationship, and a business cannot stand, grow and survive without a foundation. The money will come later.
Bald Eagle Premium
You have achieved hugely in just one month.
This sort go momentum will see great results just leave some money for the rest of us.
Well done.
Yuwn Premium
LOL I think there is enough money for everyone :) Thank you.
boomergp08 Premium
What, no mention of your doubts about being a writer? LOL JK Yuwn! I always knew you were a great writer. Your content has great character which obviously reflects your personality and that is what you want your readers to feel when they visit your website.

Wow! One month. How time flies when you are having fun creating content and getting your ideas out to the world! Many blessings to you as you continue on your journey.
Yuwn Premium
Thank you :) I am a little more comfortable with "content" now. I have to write 2 today.

Yep, I can't believe it either. Before I joined WA I didn't even think it was possible and look how far I've gotten. :)

Thank you for being m 'go to guy" when I needed extra advice
boomergp08 Premium
Anytime Yuwn! I enjoy helping people. As for helping you, I doubt you will need my help as much as you did weeks ago. You are confident, strong and focused, you have your mojo working for you now. :)

Your website is looking great and your writing style is very enjoyable. Keep up the good work Barbados!
numsi Premium
Wow !! that's some good stuff there Yuwn.Keep it up and you'll surely be on your way to success. Awesome efforts bring awesome rewards..;-).
Luv your site!
Yuwn Premium
Thank you so much :) I am planning on keeping my efforts up. Thank you for checking my site out
pcook410 Premium
Excellent start Yuwn! Now I'm eager to see what you'll accomplish in Month #2.

Yuwn Premium
So am I Pat, so am I. I am excited about all this