My 5 Month Journey.

Last Update: August 19, 2015

Well I never thought when I joined WA back in April that I would have my own fully functional website or that I would have enjoyed this learning journey so much! I'm very proud of my website and what I have managed to achieve around looking after a toddler that doesn't like to sleep!

There has been masses of information to understand and sink in - specifically widgets... I hate them and understanding some plugins - as setting up instructions are normally given in technical language! I still haven't quite completed the training, I'm now starting level 5 so just 10 more lessons to go and then I'm finished with the lessons... ready to start on another website then, catchup on the videos and training I've missed or may be Affiliate Bootcamp... I'm not sure which yet..

So, what have I completed on my website..

  • 31 pages of content
  • 12 posts

........and a notebook full of page and post ideas which I haven't managed to type up yet!

I've only just set myself up on social media and it's taken a while for affiliate programs to get back to me so I'm just putting links and banners on existing pages before moving forward again.

I aim to get this website down to a more manageable content writing schedule of twice a week and other bits as and when they arise in the next 3 months and hopefully I've have another site up and running smoothly by 6 months.

Any successes so far? YES! I have achieved building a website that I'm proud of but no successes financially.... I'm hoping that will change soon getting affiliate links on pages has taken a while! I'd just be happy for the WA subscription to pay for itself and to get Jaaxy again.

From posts I've seen in the last 5 months, it seems easier to start making money by promoting WA rather than your own niche.. would that be the case?

Secondly, I don't suppose anyone has seen any training on understanding Google Analytics? I haven't had much time to study this yet and I was hoping someone might have published some training on this?


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Zebsheff Premium
Good job Sammi, stay committed
dickw Premium
Hi Sammi, You are moving along well. Just stay focused. Don't let anyone rain on your parade....Dick
MoritzS Premium
That's really great progress!
Keep going!

I am at my phone now, so I can't get the link, but when you type "Google Analytics" in the searchbar on WA you will find quite a few trainings.

AnteS Premium
I am promoting WA and for me it is not any easier than promoting any other niche.

I guess it all comes to targeted traffic and how much your site is optimized for search engines for making into a number one spot on seach results for that particular keyword.

There is a faster way to get traffic with paid ads but I would not risk my money with it yet since I don't know whether that traffic will convert and if I pay and it doesn't convert then I've tossed my money into the wind. I am six months so far into the WA journey and my results so far are: 1 free referal, 41 posts and 61 comments.

I too hope that my website will soon start paying for itself but we'll see. I am giving this business a year to succeed.


TonyHamilton Premium
Sammi, congratulations!

Your site is amazing and it is just a matter of time now that you will begin earning an income with it as well. If you want to add a small banner for WA to your site that would not take away from your site and would potentially add some referrals and money to your bottom line and more than take care of your WA costs.

Congratulations again Sammi,