I want to run, I can't walk at the moment!

Last Update: June 09, 2015

As much as I'm loving WA, this week I have to say I've been struggling, really really struggling! Struggling might be too easier a word for a personal struggle!!

I'm in no way giving up, and I'm really happy with my ranking progress but I've hit a wall with content at the moment - I'm not struggling for it, I'm struggling making time to do it, be focused on the subject page/blog at hand... my notebook beside me is full of ideas, research to do and I've part started pages/blogs but I've no structure this week at all!! I want to run, I can't walk at the moment!!! In fact, I had to get some heavy, boring, time consuming quality research done and needed to get it down on a page and it's taken me about 50 revisions over a couple of weeks to do so - I've really had to force myself to sit down and not be distracted! I've done it bit by bit and it's far too large now but at least the information is there to separate down into smaller chunks on different pages! I probably shouldn't have asked for feedback on the page yet but I did!! I'm not happy with the photos, I'm a text person not a photo person... but I'm so eager to get any feedbacks I can on the site!

I have to admit, I completely underestimated the time it takes to do a website and research facts correctly, research keywords, source photos, learn how to use Wordpress, find money to pay for it etc etc - I'm enjoying it, loving the challenge, it's definitely absorbed me... and I love the community, I just don't have extra time to contribute/comment much or read everything with a toddler on hand that just wants to run around all day with mummy. I'm a single mum, so wearing my toddler out before bed is the aim of the day - no time for laptop working!! Don't get me wrong, my niche is my hobby/interest, well it's my life and how I survive - but I'm finding it so hard finding the resources I need to get it how I want it to be.

I've never used Wordpress, plug-ins or Google+ before (I spent a whole evening just setting that up) and I have to say I find the formatting of my website very frustrating so I'm spending a lot of time trying to re-format my page after bullet points or headers and can't! - that's my problem I'm a secretary by profession and part of my job is all about ensuring the layout of a document is correctly aligned, formatted and visually appealing! So it's really annoying me that I can't get it right! It's the failings of perfectionism!!

I also don't really understand the ranking system of websites, how detailed or undetailed pages and blogs should be - should each page and blog link up, yet contain different information - should they be short or long? how many should you ideally be doing a week and what does it takes to succeed to just get your web page paying for itself when you aren't actually selling a product..? I'm only on course 3, lesson 3 so I have a lot to learn yet and again running before I can walk..! I'm clearly overthinking it all and wrestling with myself daily, not to stop now, start over again and dot the i's and cross the t's before proceeding from here as I know I've forgotten to do a lot of things on the pages I've done already!

If anyone has any suggestions on plug-ins for line spacing/paragraph spacing - double spacing to single spacing (as I'm getting nowhere on that and the inconsistency is driving me mad despite my attempts to change it in the coding!!!) and placing photos - other than left-centre-right, then please let me know!!!!!

I'm also unhappy about the layout of my site on my phone... everything is nicely placed apart from the blogs. These are at the very very bottom of the page under the comments and I think they need to be higher up... I really hope it isn't a change of theme that's needed... (although the text size is far too small on my current theme so I definitely need a plug-in to change that!)

I know this mountain is very high to climb and I will reach a point at sometime (hopefully) in the next decade where I will actually be on the other side without realising it!

But at the moment, that seems years and years off!!!!!!!!!!!.

I'm sure many people have been in my position currently, so possibly a few days or a week off is what I need and start afresh with a new plan.... a less complicated/organised plan!

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womo2015 Premium
some helping classes: http://onlinelabguy.com/wordpress-dashboard-tutorial

You can find all nuances you mentioned above. Not long tutorial.
SheilaN3 Premium
I too have struggle with perfection in my site and word press is laid out different than any program I've used before. But playing with it a little each day I'm figuring it out. I am only in course 2 and not much has been cover on the use of word press but read a comment to another member having the same difficulty that it is covered much later in the course. The important thing now is just getting your ideas formed into content. Take a few days off and you'll come back with a fresh perspective. It works for me when I get to that point of frustration.
glycogen Premium
Yoyo you are probably doing awsome even though you don't realise it!
One thing: "should each page and blog link up, yet contain different information - should they be short or long?" They can be different lengths but should link up in some way to other content on your site. This can be added later if necessary.
BTW love your smile - don't ever loose that over any WA frustrations! Glyn
Nurudeen Premium
Hi Yoyo,

I am sure you will make it. It is a matter of time. You have the right attitude. It may seem impossible at first but with perseverance and hard work it is possible. Financial freedom is not free. It involves a lot of commitment, dedication , frustrations and never give up attitude. I wish you the best of luck.
jvranjes Premium
About your last paragraph, yes you are sure, many have been there.

Advise if I can: start with small steps, solve one small problem at a time, you will see progress, and you will realize that you can do it. Jovo