2 January

Last Update: January 02, 2016

Annie, the Musical ...

In 1985 it has been the final performance of the musical Annie on Broadway on this day, it has been on stage for 2377 times.

The citations on the poster says it all, a positive attitude influences your surroundings.

No matter in which difficult times we are living it is always possible to bring happiness in the world. Over 2000 performances proves that people have a desire to hear the good news.

... and WA

We as members of the WA community, may share our positive thougths and actions with our fellow affiliates. Encouraging each other to keep on going on the long and thrilling road to succes.

Our results do not come overnight, but after hard work put into it; the reward will be greater, knowing it comes from our own efforts, rather than handed out for free.

Just as the actors of the musical had to work hard to reach the last performance, we at WA may continue to work on our future, to reach our personal goals

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BlessedB Premium
Yeah ! Perseverance the key, thanks for sharing Yonah.
ValerieJoy Premium
So true Yonah - An enjoyable read :)
kennick2015 Premium
Very true Yonah. A nice analogy.
RoopeshG Premium
Yes, and the most important part is not to give up,Sometimes, you work sooooo hard and it's gets tiring.....but not to give up.

The finishing line may closer than you think.
Then we can sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor, like how the actors enjoyed doing their last performance.
AngelBcn Premium
Nice way to present it . We shouldn't forget that it's a long way run and imagine where we can be 1, 5 or 15 years from now :)