My Progress So far As I approach My ! Month Membership

Last Update: November 18, 2017

Really glad to be here and I`m moving at quite a satisfactory pace so far .Just some stuffs are very very new to me which I need to refresh again and again tilI Master it But I`m confident with the Program

Thanks to WA

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I am happy for you pastor
agnesmarshal Premium
Hi again my friend Yeshou i agree with Wayne66 , i to got overwhelmed as well doing both training at the same time, had to slow down and focus on one step at a time we will get there, i do remember the tortoise and the hare enjoy your awesome journey here at WA friend see you on the winning side
Wayne66 Premium
Ditto the previous comment. You have to work at your own pace or it will get overwhelming. I was there in the beginning when I tried to do both trianing programs at the same time. I was very overwhelmed and had to back off to one course until I felt more comfortable.

Remember the tortoise and the hare? Even though he was slower, the tortoise did win.

Keep moving forward,

DNicholas Premium
You're doing great. Remember, this isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. If you run at a pace you're comfortable with, you'll be around for the finish. Be careful not to burn yourself out. Looking good so far. Great job, see you at the top.

PaulChetwyn Premium
Good, I'm now following you
DebbieRose Premium
Good to hear. Take your's a lot to learn.
Skydancer1 Premium
Keep rolling. It only gets better

You are doing great.

BBurchett1 Premium
You're doing really well. Keep doing what you're doing because it's working!
Felynz Premium
Well done! Wishing you lots of success :)
jaedot888 Premium
Nice going..keep it up. Slow & steady is sometimes what's best.
frex6 Premium
Great, keep it going.
PatrickM1 Premium
Nice to hear. Well done!
Tbridges04 Premium
I know how you feel, me too. It can be a little frustrating, but I'm pressing on, I've prayed to LORD to help me understand and I know he will. Keep pressing on my brother.
bigrog44 Premium
That's great!!!
Phil-58 Premium
well done and congrats
you are making great progress
continued success
cheers Phil Browne
jtaienao Premium
Sounds like you are progressing well with the lessons. Keep up the good work my friend.
billarmstron Premium
Your doing great. Black Friday sale coming and its the best time to sign up for the year if possible .
DEversley Premium
Great! Keep on going!
LesleyAnnH Premium
Well done Yeshou.
I'm in a similar situation, in that a lot of this training is very new to me (like learning a new language) though I'm also very confident with the quality of training and support provided by the WA community.
Best wishes as you begin your second month with WA.
NickV1 Premium
Keep going I'm in the same boat.
coxscastle Premium
Keep pushing. You got this. Remember help is only a question away. Good luck.
miamibeach7 Premium
Step by step and day by day. Keep it up!
CowboyJames Premium
Sound like you are doing it proper and well. Keep it up.
Thanks for the update
Have a great weekend
SurfsideBob Premium
Keep rocking my friend!
bobrseno Premium
Glad to hear of your progress.
AlanJE Premium
Hi Yeshou, perseverence pays off, I wish you success. Best Alan
AJFlower Premium
You are on the right track. Keep moving forward. If you. Believe in yourself and consistently apply what you learn, you will achieve your heart's desires.

We all have to come down the learning curve before we become productive. Even when the affiliate commissions start flowing in, the learning process doesn't end. You will continue to grow. Your business as you continue to learn.

Best wishes for success and happiness in affiliate marketing,
Memorylaneuk Premium
It was all new to me too but it will all start to become second nature. Don't think you have to be an expert at everything though. When we get stuck there is always someone to help.
Congratulations on your first month at WA.
With Grace and Gratitude
jaallen Premium
I'm very happy for you.
You are a lucky man. You work and learn new things. This new you use. What could be better for an educated man.