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August 29, 2019
So, I was thinkin' that after I get a few dozen websites built, I just might open up a Road Runner Shoe Store. You're wonderin' why? Of coure, you are! Well, it seems that after struggling an' stressing for more'n a year, I have finally found my Road Runner Shoe; that thing that can help me conquer what has been holding me back. I only found the left one, though. I couldn't find my RIGHT Road Runner Shoe. I think the mouse took it. *Sigh* Now that I've found my Road Runner Shoe, I can
August 27, 2019
Ups I did it again! Two whole web pages published. I can DO This! I CAN do it!!! I jus' posted 'bout the South Dakota Tornado Season. Pics an' Everything!
Does this blog show off my smile properly? I noticed that my smile in that Actual photograph of me, flying, in the Little Red Wagon didn't show off any teeth. I've always heard that we should show our teeth when we smile, so I quickly amended that little pro'lem an' searched through the deep, deep trunk in our attic to see if there was a better photo of me.So... whaddya' think? D'you like the Real photo, above, where I'm smiling really big? (spoiler: Not really ME!) That thirty second smile I
August 15, 2019
We had a South Dakota Tornado, recently. It was the scariest tornado I've ever experienced because my kidddies all lived even closer than I do to the area where it touched down. 'Course, any tornado is scary, but when it's as close as this one was an' people you care about are near the center of the action, a person begins to realize just how personal summa' these situations can be. I'll be sharing more about the blackouts, the fear an' the damage on my website, very soon. Stay tuned for more a
No matter WHAT you read here, please do NOT consider it to be sarcasm (except in the form of fun), competition (except for the purpose of gentle teasing), mockery (with only a LITTLE thought to poking someone I care for), sneering (I AM, after all, HUMAN) or disrespect (except, p'rhaps, with a slight jab at my OWN failure to act when I should've). That said to clear up anyone's feelings that I may, in ANY WAY, be upset... lemme' just ask ONE tiny an' simple little question: "Ain't THAT a
August 09, 2018
I added this post to my Profile Page, but then, I realized that it may not be seen by anyone who has a'ready read that page. The reason is that the bottom of the page gets hidden from view, until a person clicks to read more. Thus, if you see this post elsewhere ~ ~ ~ that is why. Hmmm; an' now, I suddenly realized that I can't do that. Otherwise, one or more of the search engine Generals will tap me on the shoulder an' write me a ticket when he mentions that whole "Duplicate Content" thing th