Does this blog show off my smile properly?

Last Update: August 16, 2019

Does this blog show off my smile properly? I noticed that my smile in that Actual photograph of me, flying, in the Little Red Wagon didn't show off any teeth. I've always heard that we should show our teeth when we smile, so I quickly amended that little pro'lem an' searched through the deep, deep trunk in our attic to see if there was a better photo of me.

So... whaddya' think? D'you like the Real photo, above, where I'm smiling really big? (spoiler: Not really ME!) That thirty second smile IS enough to show off some teeth, though... *Sigh* That is, if only there WERE some teeth.

Actually, since my dad was an Air Force photographer, taking pictures behind The Blue Angels as they "Took Off", when I was small, it jus' stands to reason that only one photo of ME was ever taken, when I was a baby. Sadly, I do not have a copy of that picture. However, I have seen it an' I liked it. It showed that, even as a baby, I was very determined.

In that one photo, I have grabbed a large strip of wood from the side of my crib an' I am Ripping it off the crib with my teeth. Uhm... that is to say, I was ripping it out with the same kinda' teeth that the baby above has. *Groan*

Yup! I was definitely Determined. I apparently had plans to escape that cage an' find my freedom... even as long ago as that.

Oh, yeah! An' that comment 'bout my dad bein' an Air Force photographer? Yup! It's true. An' he only ever took one picture of me, as a child. The reason is the same as why the children of a barber have long hair, the family of a cobbler are barefooted an' the tailor's kids dress in rags. You've heard how that works, right? Heheh

Until the next time, keep a hug on!

~ Yaya

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KayOSmith Premium
Yep! Like your smile 😊
YayasHome Premium
Thank you so much for your kind reply. I sincerely appreciate it.

Take care!
LoreleiH Premium
Awww! It sure does! 😁
YayasHome Premium
Awwww! Thank you! You are a sweetheart.

Have a great day. :)