Confessions of a Pinterest Spammer!

Last Update: May 11, 2019

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UPDATE: 11th May 2019

This is for anyone searching for Pinterest posts

After losing the apeal (I don't think they actuallyeven look at your site) I gave up because I didn't think there was a way back.

However, I read this post:

and Bushra posted this link:

and I followed the instructions and BAM! in less than a day my accoount was reinstated. I got the 'sometimes good accounts get swept up with the bad message'.

If you're in the same boat, give it a try!

Blimey! I've been suspended by Pinterest for spamming!!!!

They say:

"We wanted to let you know we suspended your Pinterest account because of some activity we believe goes against our spam policies.

On Pinterest, spam includes saving lots of unwanted or repetitive stuff, trying to game our systems, or posting fraudulent, deceptive or unsolicited commercial messages. We block spam like this because it creates a bad experience for other people on Pinterest."

Which is fair enough but I ain't been doing none of it!

I post ONE pin per day from my blog and schedule other people's pins via Tailwind.

That's it!

I Follow all my Followers back and Follow new people as Pinterest allows a couple of times a day.

I have, of course, hit the APPEAlink they so kindly included.

Anyone else had this problem? Do you know why? What happened?



"We decided not to reactivate your account because most of your Pins go againstour spam policy. You won't be able to access your Pins or messages, or sign up for a new account."

I have read and re-read their spam policy and simply cannot see how anyone could regard my pins as spam.

I have replied to the email asking for and explanation but don't expect one.

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Maybe there are thousands of people coming from WA pinning their boards so Pinterest is alarmed.

Not a MMO or WA niche with NO aff links.

Got it.

I once tried posting my website by pinning an image that led to WA signup on Pinterest. However, I was meet with a Spam Alert saying that my pin was going to lead to SPam and therefore I couldn't pin that image anymore.
I don't know why but I think Pinterest has an issue with WA links. Because i never get that alert from my other affiliate products which should be more SPAM prone that WA links

I just thought i had to share this to see if anyone has experienced the same thing.

Yes, that seems to be a Pinterest thing.

But I was only linking to my website and not to ANY aff promotions.

Maybe some of the pins from Tailwind tribes did but then they should have been banned, too, and before me.

Who knows...?

Yes, I've had this too. I've twice tried to put my WA blogs on Pinterest only to be rejected by the spam alert. My niche posts with affiliate links in the text are no problem.

This isn't a MMO niche and had no aff links - they all went to the relevant article on the blog.

Very strange.

I wish they’d give you a better explanation and an example of what exactly is the problem.
Hope you get an answer in your favor.


Thanks KyleAnn.

Yes, all these big compaines are the same. They do as they like without any necessity to explain their actions.

I'm starting to come out in favour of severe regulation! :-)

I know you well enough to know some mistake has been made by Pinterest and that is not right.

Thank you so much, that's very kind, I really do appreciate that.

Yes, as they say, there's a rabbit off somewhere.

Just have to see the result of the appeal.

That's too bad...wish I understood why they did that. I have many pinterest boards and need to build more. Hope my luck holds.

I hope to find out but probably never will.

Not had it yet but I don't use it much Ian, prefer YouTube and Twitter as that is where my stats say I should be :)

Twitting but not YTing. Not really been runing long enough to get usable stats

I do not know what Tailwind is but if it is an automated robot posting kind of service then maybe check if Pinterest have any policies against using bots, even if used sensibly.

It's authorised by Pinterest so no probs there

I see mmm. Then have no idea unless they have a problem with the content you promoting which is probably very unlikely. Let us know once you found out.

Will do.

Content isn't spammy

Sorry, can't really offer any helpful advice but good luck getting it resolved. Also, please do another post if you ever find out what the problem was.
Colette and Philip

Will do!

I don't have if that is suspension that will be back to business soon.

They didn't say

Unless they come clean and tell you themselves the actual CAUSE, you'll be hard pressed to find out. We have had many accounts of different kinds shut down over the years... and they all claim violation of user, community or spam policies. In some cases... admittedly, yeah... we were doing such and such. But MOST of the time... just natural activity like yours. So who knows?!

Yes, theya re a law unto themselves. But I mean, Pinterest!!! Really!

They say not to put all your eggs in one basket - don't ely on G or Bing or any one SM platform but our options are limited. Even building a list needs traffic from somewhere.

The most frustrating thing in these cases isthat you can't get to converse with a human!!!

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