My Thoughts on Google Right Now (Spoiler Aleart! Google is Almost DEAD to me!)

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So, I haven't been blogging on WA for some time, like almost a month, and I come up with "sad" news (not really, but I think you get what I mean).

So before I get into this post, I would like to say my reason for not blogging here on WA, and that is I have been mad busy, and I caught a cold 2 times in a row. Crazy, I know, lol! So that is why you haven't seen my blogs lately.

Now to the topic. Google, are you a friend or are you my enemy? If you haven't been under a rock lately, there are a lot of discussions about if Google is even reliable at this point. Ranking in Google has been almost as hard as running 100 marathons, lol!

I know that people are saying that Google wants, that or this, etc. But from my experience, Google HATES me, it is like they want to k!ll me. And I am not alone.

This is a bit controversial, but I just have to tell you what I have been doing the last month, (quietly, lol) and what I with my own experience seen how things are. So I speak from my own experience, so don't come at me and tell me that Google wants this or that, I am just telling you what I have experienced.

Let's Talk DA (Domain Authority)

This is a topic that is people are mixed about, some people say it doesn't even matter, and some say that DA does really matter. Someone who is on the DA side is a well known member, Partha, who left sadly. :(

But which side am I on? For now, I don't know, ok? But how things are looking, I am more on the DA side. Since I haven't seen a low DA site rank in page 1 EVER! Seriously, nothing below a DA of 70. Ok maybe some websites had like a DA of 50, but HOW AM I WITH A 1,1 DA WEBSITE GOING TO OUT RANK A SITE WITH A DA SCORE OF 50??

That is a question many say the answer is IMPOSSIBLE! But for now I am not 100% on the DA side yet, I am working on a little test site, and I will share with you all the end results to see if there is a way to get around this high DA sites.

So, why am I saying this? I don't want to discourage anyone, or say that it is impossible to rank in Google, or that we all are going to fail our business. No, that is not what I am saying here. I just want to bring it up that Google might not be a reliable source anymore, it is sad, but it is also reality. High DA sites are kinda taking over.

So, how do I know that Google is almost impossible to rank in right now? Well, you can just take a look at my sites stats.

I wrote an article around "How To Get Started With Real Estate Investing" and with a week or so, I started ranking, on position 100+. TERRIBLE! "But maybe your article just was bad". I will tell you that I made that article as good as I could.

SEO, user experience. I made everything! Internal, and external links, SEO friendly in general. But not only that, I made sure it was helpful, I even had one of these "key points" at the top. There wasn't 1 thing I was missing for great user experience, and in terms of SEO.

What is something that am I lacking here? 2 things, time, and authority. SEO takes time, of course, but I also don't have authority. So I won't be ranking that high. And I have a few articles around real estate investment to show Google that I know a thing or two about real estate investment (topical authority).

Now this is 1 example out of 100, pretty much every one of them kinda has the same results. I won't get too much into detail here, but the thing is, I have articles that have around a year to rank higher.

The Solution!

So if you are someone who hasn't gotten that much love from Google, then there is a way around this Google problem. Think like this, it isn't Google that pays you, it is people. And Google is just a source for you to drive in traffic to your website, and then maybe you can make a sale.

So, we need to change your source of traffic here (if you aren't really generating traffic through Google). Now there are a lot of places of doing this. Just name ANY social media platform, all of them can be a great new source.

Personally, I like Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, Medium, LinkedIn Pulse and Facebook. And yes, I recommend you doing multiple platforms, to kinda maximize the amount of traffic you can drive in.

It doesn't need to be 10, perhaps just 3. For now, when it comes to Reddit, and Quora, just go around and answer questions like if it is WA. It isn't hard at all. Post helpful content, and comment, it is very simple, and you can gain a lot of traffic out of it. That is what I know for now on how to build up traffic from those platforms.

And don't promote your website the first thing you do, you will want to have a good amount of post and comment karma on Reddit at least. Quora, not so sure, lol!

Pinterest, or Facebook. There are training here on WA you can watch.

That was the end, I have a few things left to say. Firstly, I hope you all are doing well, secondly, if you want to argue against what I just said, I won't respond, I won't even listen, so it is pointless. This is what I have seen and experienced, and you can't argue against it, ok?

(Also quick disclaimer here, you shouldn't stop writing articles on your website, keep it going, just don't have Google as your main priority.)

I wish you all my best! :)

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Google dead???

I was checking my stats this morning whilst having breakfast (it's still hard to break a habit of a lifetime)!!!!

And noticed I had SEVEN impressions on Friday for a five month old site with nearly 200 posts on it and a DA of ........ 2!!!


But seriously Jonathan... we need to diversify and using SM is unfortunately the way to go!!

Enjoy what is left of your weekend buddy!!! :-)

Yeah, it is so HARD TO BELIEVE, and to break a habit, lol! Google is basically dead for me.

I haven't seen so low stats from Google, but it still isn't good, I mean not even 20 impressions a day for my main website. IT IS A YEAR OLD! Come on Google!!


Yeah, SM is the way to go from now on sadly.

Thanks, and enjoy the rest of this new week, buddy! :)

That's a habit which is ingrained in me and I will never stop Jonathan!!

No matter what others say about it!!



Great to hear from you again buddy and enjoy everything moving forward ok and have fun whilst doing it!!!



We will never stop checking stats!!


Thank you, and enjoy and have fun you too buddy!!!


Absolutely Jonathan and enjoy the rest of your week my friend!!


Hi Jonathan

I think the best approach at this point is creating an email list since nobody can take that traffic away from you.

Long form video is great because you don’t even need a website to create an income.

I agree that posting to Web 2.0 sites like Pinterest, FB, X, UGC platforms, and Medium are still viable options.

Frank 🎸

Yeah, I agree with you. An email list, and long form videos. I personally don’t have experience with videos, but I should start learning.

Video is where it’s at, especially for the newer generations. They do as much stuff as possible on mobile devices, mostly smartphones.

They favor video and short form written content.

AI will set a new standard for the delivery of concise data.

Yeah, I agree. Thank you a lot for saying that, I will start making videos, after learning a bit.


You're welcome, Jonathan. 😎

Frank 🎸

7 years ago, my camping web guide made it's initial appearance on Google. Took me forever to find a link to my home page. However, within a short time, I moved up with towards the top of Indiana camping searches and was quite surprised. Showing was the title to my guide...linking to my home page with a nice bulleted list of some pages within the guide. On top of that, there was a square image from the top of my home page placed beside my home page title. It screamed of "authority".

Back to the future in May of 2024, all of that is gone. Surprising to me because the content and appearance of my camping guide is better that it ever was. Navigation is top notch. Alas, Google does not seem to care anymore.

What I notice now, from one search to another regarding camping in Indiana, there seems to always be one or two camping guides always at the top of each page. And they are "Sponsored".

I think it merely boils down to money.....regardless of one's seems to rule.

It makes perfect sense to me as I have seen explosive growth on the Internet over the last 10 years. Google simply cannot put everyone at the top of a search.......unless you pay the bucks.

It is what it is.

Yeah PPC have a much better opportunity right now when Google is idolizing money.

It is what it is, we all need to stop having Google as our main priority.

Like you said, it is what it is sadly. :(

You have said anything wrong here Jonathan and agree with you.

These days they are rewarding high authority sites most of which have crap content. Sre some got penalized with overusing AI the wrong way which was great but these days it is the true content creators like us that are gettng ranking and staying in the graveyar.

i am not liking Google much either as you know I have already posted about the DH who ruined Yahoo when he was head of search there and give it time but this time I hope he ruines Google they deserve a kink up the @#@ .

Google is only concerned about revenue hence the want for people to pay for ads and more.

They don't care about website creators they never did and the E.E.A.T. guidelines are a joke if they were serious about that then why are many of these authority sites up there when then don't follow those guidelines themselves.

They just hash out unhelpful content full of rubbish they are not that useful plus they are too broad of a niche or are we just told the wrong way to do things?

Now with SGE coming in the US and soon around the world it will get worse with their AI taking over the top spots which will hit us even more.

Money is the talk that is all they care about it was never about user experience just revenue under the disguise or E.E.A.T.

Time to give Bing so added juice and as you said go more with other social media.

And yes I missed Partha heaps and wish he would return never should have left he is too valuable here.

Hope you are getting better as well


Didnt you follow Partha? Thought I there, no? He had a whole new explanation on what to the actual story is now on google ao.
He remains active!

What do you mean active last post I saw from here was on the last day saying goodbye to all. will have to check it out

I just went over there and read it. I had issues signing in there but finally got through.

I just keep posting, writing my little heart out. checking keywords and using sources and resources that are available to me. It can be discouraging, but I keep on chugging along because of the hope I have that my business will be just what someone is looking for!


The thing is that there sure are people interested in your content, you just have to have that content spreaded out on socials, because with a low DA, those people interested, won't find you anymore on Google.

Truth! I asked Google what was going on with it... LOL... it didn't know either!



There sure are people that would love reading your articles, and want to learn from them. You can almost test it if you import your articles from your website to One of my articles that I imported was loved inside of Medium, I got a lot of engagement. But Google didn’t catch up.

Cool. Thanks for the tip!


Your welcome! :)

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