Smart meters, do you have one and are you satisfied?


I come from the UK and don't have a smart meter, but for the last couple of years now companies are pushing for people to have them installed.

In the last few weeks I see advertisements more and more on the tv pushing this technology.

Anyway I decided to research the topic on Smart Meters recently and come to a conclusion that these meters are not smart at all, well they are for the companies installing them, but not for the consumer like you and I.

"The roll-out of smart meters is one strategy for energy savings"

Really, and for who?

Why would governments be pushing for smart meters to replace existing ones?

If you think for the good of the consumer and to save us money then I for one do not fall for this at all. Governments rarely go out of their way to help us and that is a fact!

My research lead me to the US and issues that people have had which I found absolutely disgusting.

I found that installers were replacing existing meters without the permission of the house owners, and were breaking into houses to install them.

I found owners actually coming out into their garden to try and stop these companies installing these smart meter only for the Police to arrive and be arrested.

I found that deaths occurred where people happened to be living and sleeping near to.

An example of this was a college/university where the persons bedroom was next to a bank of these meters, where he was given 6 months to live and his parents had to watch him die.

Obviously in the short term the parents just thought their son had been dealt the wrong cards and unfortunately got cancer. It wasn't until after a few years later that the parents found out I think 9 students living in the same room died of the same condition and the smart meters were brought to their attention.

Can you believe nobody was held responsible for these deaths?

I found out that many caused fires and houses burnt down.

It took me less than 2 hours to come to the conclusion that these so called Smart Meters are "Not Smart" at all and are death traps.

The micro-waves that these throw off are a danger to everyone, and when you find whole housing estates with them fitted and you purchase one it's like giving owners a death sentence.

I found that in many cases home owners bills were doubling.

The idea behind these is to eventually link all your household products which would be very easy to do. Just look at mobile phones and smart tv's. They both have a unique address and have been shown to be used as listening devices. Any household electrical appliance could be used in this way.

Just look at micro-chips that are installed everywhere. In the US people are actually volunteering to have their families implanted with them, and the reasons that are given are, if your child was abducted then we could find them. Makes the family feel safe!

Anyway that one is for another day.

Everybody should learn to question everything and do your research thoroughly.

Here I am just trying to get a feel for what other members have gone through with this technology.

I for one will not have one installed but when it comes to moving house then that has to be a question to ask that a smart meter is not installed!

Have a nice day and I didn't mean to frighten anyone.


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"Smart Meter" is confusing to me, while it removes the meter reader job by transmitting your energy readings other meters as nodes and finally to a receiver; the transmission is intermittent and very weak. That being said there are ways to protect yourself by screening behind the meter to only allow it to send a signal away from your house. The problem is we just don't know how much is too much over what period of time?
I believe in being energy efficient to the point of using LED lights, Hot water heater timer, etc. in my home and now experimenting with solar panels. The Smart meter won't let me put excess power I generate back on the grid unless I get a another type of meter that I'm sure benefits the power company more than me. Just Saying, LOL.

Nothing confusing about "Smart Meters" when the governments are in on the act.

We are lied to over and over again but people still think everything is black and white.

I'm sure people are beginning to wake up to all this "BS". I mean take a look at 9/11. Years down the road just how many people actually believe the official explanation? Not many, I can tell you that for sure.

Hi Mick.

Just got a letter last week that said our area had been picked to be upgraded to smart meters. I did research and came up with some of what you did but I also see it is mandatory in PA.



We are talking about peoples lives here and therefore something should be done about it.

They all pee in the same pot.

If that ever happens here in the UK I can tell you for sure they will have to put me in jail.

Interesting read, we have just gotten the smart meters here where I live in Kentucky but not by our choice. The electric company is upgrading all of their meters to the smart meters so they do not have to come read the meters anymore.

I am not sure of the implications in the US of whether it is compulsory or not. It should be your choice because these are a serious health hazard and many reported that their bills have doubled in a lot of cases.

I will not be having one installed in the UK, that is for sure.

Hi Mick, thanks for sharing your research with us.
It's awful how the Government can control this way when it's your home and your money!

I agree, why would the Government be pushing for smart meters to replace existing ones! They have their own agenda as always.

Where I am they automatically get installed but everyone gets notified first. Of course 'smart meter' sounds great until the truth comes out. I feel bad that those students died because of this it's tragic.

Over time, I heard that they weren't good. I don't have my own home now but when I do, after reading this I'll make sure the home does NOT have 'that' meter there and that I'll never get one installed. But do I have the choice? seeing how they were automatically doing it anyway.

I'm going to share this information with my daughter, she lives in an older home built in the '60's and I'm not sure if she has one.

Thanks again for sharing!

Thank you Patsy and glad it helped.

We almost had one installed. Well, I tell a lie there, because Susan my other half almost had one installed until I stopped it.

When I say it is relatively new over in the UK they are making big noises now with adverts on the TV, and who knows, they might even try and pass it as a law that we all must have one.

The problem arises if and when you decide to sell your house and move to another. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration before purchase. Is a "Smart Meter" fitted?

A large percentage will not even question this move to this "BS" technology because the clever name change to "Smart" suggests that everything is going to be ok.

I question everything because if you do then you only have yourself to blame and not somebody else if things don't pan out.

What WA training should instill into everyone is that you "must" do your research first.

Maybe that will have a knock on effect!

Have a nice evening.

You are welcome and it did help thanks.

It turns out my daughter and her husband don't have one I checked! so I told my daughter to make sure she mentions when they sell the house next year that they do not have one, that it's actually a bonus not to have it.

I'm happy you were able to stop yours and I hope they don't make it law! Thanks again, I'm glad you shared this :)

No smart meter for me. I researched them and believe them to be detrimental to our health. I am also looking at getting rid of my "smart" tv. Great article, people need to be aware of what is going on.

Thank you Deborah,

As much as many people like to hide and insist that we live in a free world and everything is black and white, it isn't and until these people waken up then there is no hope.

I live in the US and have a smart meter. We don't have to pay for them, the electric company puts it in and pays for it. Our meters are outside so they don't disturb the customer.

I'm not saying that you have to pay for them, but is that the reason why you had one installed in the first place and the "BS" they gave you about how your life would change?

We didn't have a choice in the matter. The company installed the smart meter on their own. A letter came saying my location was scheduled for the smart meter and gave a date for installation. I never requested it - the company does it on it's own. I don't know if it is BS yet because it was just installed a month ago so really haven't been able to compare bills yet. I assume somebody lost their job - the meter reader.

Agree with you Mick, I wouldn't trust the dang things at all. I don't believe them to be safe nor smart. No microchips for my kids either, no way! Heck, we have a "smart washer" which is stupid as hell. I start it up, then decide I want to add a pair of socks and I can't even open the dang lid. I want my old washer back, and I'll stick with the electric meter I have now. :-)

Hey Bob, put a smile on my face.

I think I have mentioned before your role in life should be "Standup"


Good afternoon Mick,

Some months ago I wrote a post on smart meters on my health site. Besides not being smart at all it is also bad for your health.

Greetings from a cooler south, Taetske

Thank you Taetske for taking time to read and comment.

Have a nice day.

Your research is right on. Smart meters were automatically installed here on the US. I had to request reverting to an anolog meter and am being charged $20 extra each month because someone comes out to read the meter. However, my bills are still lower than before and my health is more heart palpitations. We have to stick up for ourselves.

Wow Mick. When will they do a body implant?

Don't quite understand your meaning Michael?

You read the post and picked up on a small paragraph relating to implants.

Do your research and you will see I am 100% correct on that topic, but that is not what the post is about. The comparison was only used to highlight how people are taken in and accept whatever they are told.

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