What makes a "Great Writer"? A poem for our friend ZouZou.

Last Update: November 24, 2014

What makes a "Great Writer"? A Poem for Our Friend ZouZou a.k.a. Josep

Forever Free

Our journey is our Own

to lay our seed,

to water our garden,

and cater our need.

We share our mind

the soul provides.

Searching our hearts

for the child that hides.

We open our arms

to fulfill our dreams.

Opening our heart

to let in the beams.

We look to that Sun

for our guiding light,

feeling it's warmth

will surely make it right.

For throughout our time

we are forever free

to live, love and share

and always Be!

Dear Joseph

You have inspired....and you have challenged!

You have confronted. ...and you have been humbled!

You have contributed....and you have scrutinized!

And you have always, always, always "owned" your own value and opinions with all your beaming heart! That is what makes a "Great Writer" to me!

You have utmost deepest respect and admiration. I wish you safe journey on your path....may your heart always be your guiding light!

Sunshiny smiles

To my Wealthy Affiliate Community....What do You think makes a Great Writer?

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Debbi26 Premium Plus
That is a fantastic poem and a nice tribute. I can't pinpoint, at the moment, what makes a good writer but I think you both have whatever that is. ~Debbi
wootten Premium
Thankyou for the compliment Debbi.....so glad you enjoyed it!
Sunshiny smiles from Amanda
kholmes Premium
What a wonderful poem and gesture for ZouZou, nice job. :))
wootten Premium
Thankyou Kim....so glad you enjoyed it!
Sunshiny smiles to you!
KatieMac Premium
what a lovely poem to a friend
wootten Premium
Thankyou Katie...much appreciated!
Sunshiny smiles to you
jonw Premium
Tough question, Amanda. I do know that as I was reading your work above, shivers(good ones) were running up and down my spine. That to me is an indication of a great writer. (-: J
wootten Premium
Very good point....great writers induce emotions....good and bad! Uplifting and contributing to our experience and challenging our boundaries!
Thank you for sharing your good vibrations Jon!
Enjoy your day and sunshiny smiles from Amanda
jonw Premium
Thank You Amanda. (-: Jon