Back from Heaven

Last Update: February 09, 2020

Costa Rica, Beautiful

It was everything I imagined and more! Even my husband had a great time. It took me 2 years to convince him to go there. And he is very glad he went. The above is a view from our beach, the waterfall was a hike to see, worth it.

As for staying away from electronic devices, it was hard. Everyone seemed to sit around the beach or the pool with cell phones and laptops. I managed to stay away for a bit, but did manage to keep in touch with family. It was a refreshing break and a relaxing holiday to get focused.

Now onward with my business with new energy and commitment and somewhat of a clearer direction moving forward. At least I hope. I hope that everyone had a great week while I was relaxing and I am trying to catch up with everyone.

We all need breaks from time to time, don't burn out! As this tree (on the beach) represents to me, we are all on our own paths but at WA we have the support of a great community to keep us moving independently and uniquely at our own pace.

Here's to a great year to everyone!!!


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Dave07 Premium
Glad you had a good holiday. I only had one day in Costa Rica and loved it too!
Makinitwork Premium
If looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing...
Ahimbe Premium
It always pays to relax and unwind especially when you interact with mother nature.
Have a great year too as you progress further with your business.
lucbizz Premium
Glad you had a refreshing break and a relaxing holiday. Welcome back! Staying away from electronic devices, it would be hard for me too , lol